idieh design [ahy-dee-uh]
(yes, it’s Heidi spelled backwards) is a wedding stationery, brand styling, apparel and office accessories boutique for the ridiculously rad & creatively chic.

If you walk the line between girly and gangsta,
you’ve come to the right place, sweet cheeks.

With a bold style that’s inspired by offbeat patterns, electric color, playful textures, quirky quotes, and the odd pudgy-shaped heart or fancy frill, showing your stripes has never been so fun.

Our Mission



Wedding Stationery

Wanna leave a paper trail of pretty for your guests? Rock your romance with stylish wedding stationery that frames the heart of your story. Ooh la love.

Brand Styling

You’re so legit—isn’t it time to show it off? Let’s put your brand story on display with some serious eye candy, boss babe. Dress your brand to stand out and create content that screams you.

Idieh Shop

License to leave your grind behind. These apparel, paper goodies and desk accessories will spunk up your everyday and feel like a fist-bump to the heart.

Say What?!