10 Genius Makeup Tips and Tricks

Emily Skoczen • beauty

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I am always searching for different ways to apply makeup and to make my beauty routine easier. So, today not only will I be sharing my top 10 genius makeup tips and tricks, but I will also be sharing why they work or what the benefit is.

Trick #1: Use Oil During Makeup Application

This has been all over Insta lately and I have seen some brands even making some new oils specifically for this reason. Although I didn’t want to splurge on those products, so I used what I already owned. A face oil can help you blend your foundation so much easier and it also adds hydration to the skin as you do it. If you like the dewy look this is the way to achieve that. It leaves the skin looking fresh and glowy. You can do this by dropping 3-4 drops of your face oil onto a damp beauty sponge and blend the foundation using a dabbing motion.

Trick #2: Use a Pre-Makeup Face Mask

I recently tried out the When Glamour Base Sheet Mask and loved it! This is a trick I would use for a special occasion or when you have some extra time on your hands. Use this face mask before you do you makeup for smooth skin that is prepared for makeup. After using this mask your makeup will look much better and stay longer as well.

Trick #3: Eye Makeup Remover

We all have those stubborn eyeliners, mascaras and even eyeshadows that don’t want to come off. You can try a makeup wipe but it might sting and it could also be irritating. A quick solution is to use coconut oil. You can easily rub this over your eye and rinse with water. Not only will this moisturize the eye area, it will also take off all your water-proof eye makeup.

makeup face mask

Trick #4: Hairspray for Flyaways

I never leave the house without taming my little flyaways with a toothbrush and some hairspray. Simply spray the toothbrush (not the one used in your teeth) with some hairspray and brush on those frisky hairs. You can also set your eyebrows from moving around throughout the day by brushing the toothbrush on your brows.

Trick #5: Double Tasking Bronzer

For a quick eye look, you can sweep your bronzer into your crease and blend it out towards the brow bone. This gives more dimension to the eye and looks good with any eye color. This will also save you time in the morning by using your bronzer to bronze the cheeks then, add to the crease.

Trick #6: Facial Spray

Since I purchased 2 new face sprays I have been experimenting with them finding new ways to step up my makeup game. I recently started spraying my face after I apply any cream products (before blending them in). For example, if you like using cream contour after you apply the cream spray your face and then blend the product in. This will make the contour easier to blend in and help it to not look caked. You can also spray your beauty sponge before blending products in instead of wetting it under the sink.

Trick #7: Foundation Color Matching

If you shop in-store for makeup, especially foundation, don’t match the color to your face or your hand. The face is normally not the same shade as the neck and the rest of the body. This is especially true if you self-tan. Swatch the foundation on you neck instead. This skin color is most of the time the shade you whole body is and that is the shade you want your face to be as well. Try to find the best lighting in the store as well so the colors aren’t altered with bad lighting.

ELF Matte Lipcolors

Trick #8: Secret Sharpener

If you own any of ELFs Matte Lipcolors you would have seen the colored tip at the end of the stick that shows the color that you are using. Little did you know that is you pull that off there is a secret pencil sharpener built-in! This is awesome if you are on the go and need to sharpen a lipliner or if you even just want to sharpen one at home!

Trick #9: Eyes Before Face

To avoid the possibility of cleaning up the fallout on your foundation, do you eyes first. This way you don’t have to worry about removing your foundation after loose eyeshadow gets under your eyes.

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Trick #10:  Layer Your Blushes

I found this trick from Kylie Jenner on her app. She layered 2 blush colors to create a natural flush on the cheeks. First, apply an orange blush and then apply your normal pink -colored blush. This is flattering on any skin tone and looks like a natural flush.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 great tips for makeup application!