4 Ways To Update Your Resume & Make It Stand Out [Road to #GirlBoss Series]

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4 Ways To Update Your Resume & Make It Stand Out [Road to #GirlBoss Series]

Hello again!  It’s Amanda from The Color Coded Life here. As I’ve mentioned over the past few weeks, this whole “career path” thing has been on my mind. Since I know many of us are in a transitional stage in our lives and often looking for something that fulfills our passions, I thought I would offer some of the best resume updating tips I have found from the web. You can read the full articles by clicking on the titles, but I’m giving you a cheat sheet version here.

(1) The Way To Make Sure Your Resume Is Always Updated

This idea was so brilliant, I didn’t know why I didn’t think of it first! You keep a “brag” folder on your desktop, and every time you have an accomplishment, you write a quick summary of it in there. That way, when the time comes to update your resume and add those experiences, you won’t have to stress on trying to remember all the awesome things you did.

(2) 7 Reasons You Should Update Your Resume Right Now, Even If You’re Not Looking for a Job

This article from Brazen lists and provides detail on why you should keep a close eye on your resume, and review it often. The reasons that stood out to me the most were, first, that it gives you a confidence boost to be reminded of your past accomplishments. I know I often forget what it is I have done or where I might be going. Reviewing where I have come from can help keep me on track. Another reason that I loved was that reviewing and updating your resume helps you develop a clearer idea of your strengths. The day-to-day grind can cause us to lose sight of where we plan on going and what we are good at. This review stands to give you that clarity of purpose back.

(3) How To Keep Your Resume Fresh During Unemployment

Obviously, being unemployed is no fun (though it IS fun to call it “funemployed”). However this article gives some great tips on how you can keep your resume on point, even if you’ve been unemployed for awhile.

(4) The Simple Trick to Upgrading Your Resume Bullet Points 

This last tip is truly fantastic and something I implemented right after reading this article. They suggest that on those resume bullet points, you use them to provide context for your accomplishments and help explain how you were able to achieve them. The article explains how to do that – but it was definitely one of the most genius things i had read for updating your resume.

I hope these four tips help lead you to be the ultimate #girlboss that I know you are! Feel free to let me know if I forgot anything or if any of these worked for you in the comments! You can also tweet me at @colorcodedlife or visit me at The Color Coded Life.

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