5 Must-Have Apps for the Creative #GirlBoss

Sami Davis • branding girlboss

Every #GirlBoss has their arsenal of apps to keep them on track and help them remember every little thing (I get goldfish brain frequently–I’m telling ya!) There’s an infinite number of apps out there and honestly, I get really confused sometimes on trying to pick out which one is best for me. How many downloads does it take to find the perfect app?! Probably like 5. Instead of having to scour the app store, try these top 5 apps every creative freelancer and business owner need in their life!

Girlboss Apps

1. VSCO Cam (Free)
This will probably always be my #1! If you’re an Instagram junky (like me!) you need this app for minimal, yet impactful, photo editing. Curated filters that enhance the natural characteristics make your photos look like a pro photographer took them. I’m seriously obsessed, and if you haven’t gone over to the VSCO side, you definitely need to test it out.

List Making Apps

2. Post It Plus (Free)
I consider myself a list junky. If I don’t physically write it down, it never gets done. When I’m at work, my boss and I scribble tons of notes on post its and place them everywhere. I LOVE this app because all I have to do is snap a photo of those notes and they digitally organize them for me! I can edit, add, and organized into different categories. It’s a fun app that puts a fresh perspective on the traditional to-do list.

Brain Break App

3. Luminosity (Free)
When need a digital detox, I turn to Luminosity for a pick-me-up! Does anyone else feel like their own brain turns to mush when they stare at a screen too long?! I love Luminosity for a break from social media and all of the work-related issues currently happening. Cultivated brain training “games” that sharpen your memory and attention strengthen up our very important organ.

Photo Editing App

4. Over ($2)
Not everyone has the luxury of Photoshop at their fingertips–this app the next best thing! (Maybe even better…) There’s tons of fun fonts you can choose from to create fun, design savvy text overlays. All you do is pick a color, font, and size to your liking! It’s fun to play with and great for adding character to cool snaps.

Doodling App

5.  Paper by Fifty Three (Free)
Doodling, drawing, illustration… Paper is perfect for ALL of it. I like to roughly sketch prototypes and ideas out before moving on to make sure I understand my idea on all levels– it’s always great to a have visual! I love this app for doing just that when I’m on the go, either on my phone or iPad. If you’re meeting with a client, it’s also a great way to go over and conceptualized with them during a meeting.

What’s your favorite app to help you stay on track? Until next time! Xo, Sami from The Unexpected Type.

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