5 Ways To Up Your LinkedIn Game

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5 Ways To Up Your LinkedIn Game

Hello lovies – it’s Amanda from The Color Coded Life!

So, I will admit – I was late to the LinkedIn game. At first, I thought it was kind of creepy to have all of your work and personal info out there. (For reference, I don’t put any of that on my personal Facebook account). But once I realized that friends were getting jobs and making connections off of LinkedIn, I decided to give it a try.

Like a typical Type-A person though – I didn’t want to just throw some random things up there and hope it worked. I wanted to make sure my profile was on point. So here is a list of the top 5 ways that work to up your LinkedIn game.


(1) Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

Obviously, it is never a good idea to plagiarize someone. Let’s just put that one out there. BUT, it IS a good idea to look at people in the industry you’re either in or want to be in and see how they write their summaries. What information do they include? What do they not include? Is it written in first person or third person? Look for those key details and see how you can craft your own story using those standards.

(2) Personality is key

Depending on what your field is – you can show a lot or at least a little personality in your LinkedIn profile. Though I don’t have scientific proof (bonus points if anyone can find some for me!), I feel like the millennial generation is a lot less concerned about being super formal when it comes to the job world. We seem more concerned with seeing whether we like someone or we like what they have to offer. So showcase who you are! Share your strengths in the best way possible. Make a self-deprecating crack at yourself (keep it appropriate, of course), while highlighting your amazing attributes.

(3) How much personality depends on your field

The tip above depends upon what industry you work in. If you are still in one of the more traditional fields (medicine, law, etc), you will definitely need to tone it down. Unfortunately, there is still an aversion for anyone too “out there” in some of the more formal fields. However, if you are searching for a more creative job or if you are someone who knows you don’t want a more traditional field – then really let your personality shine! It will allow you to attract the type of views, companies, and recruiters that you would want to work with.

(4) Dress for the job you want

This is speaking metaphorically of course – but dress your profile for the job that you are interested in having. If your current industry is not where you want to continue, emulate those that are in the area you want to move towards.

(5) You never know who your friends might know

Be sure to connect with friends (key word – FRIENDS) who are in a wide variety of fields. Don’t just stick with people in your own current area. You don’t know who someone else may have a connection with. Just because they are in a science field and you are in law, doesn’t mean that they might not be able to connect you to your possible dream legal job. So make sure you are tapping into every friend link you can.

I hope these tips help make your profile the bomb.com! (Do people still say that? hahaha). If I missed anything, let me know in the comments!

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