A Day in the Life with Brooke Carrico

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Today we wanted to share with you one of our favorite social influencers known as @brookecarrico on Instagram! Brooke is sharing her favorite Idieh Shop products with us today and we are so excited to introduce her today.

This past year has been one of the most exciting and most successful for me. I have become someone people look up to and inspire to be (so I have been told) and today you get to see why! Everyday the first thing I do is well, check Instagram! Instagram may seem silly to some but it has made me define myself in a positive and beneficial way. Today you get to (finally) see the face behind the camera and how it is done. My essentials for everyday-instagraming is My Style Profile and everyday to-do list (which is pictured). My life may be interesting to some and to others it isn’t so much important. One thing I have learned from Instagram each and every day is post impact people, for example,  a picture of flowers – it can make someone’s day! Your instagram defines you and shows who you are make it bright, fun and YOU! Which is my primary goal of my Instagram success!

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Favorite Idieh Shop items Brooke loves?

Thank you so much Brooke for sharing a peek of your day with us!

Now tell us – who do you love following on Instagram?

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