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My name is Shira Rosenbluth and I’m a social worker by day and a style blogger by night for A Sequin Love Affair. Psychotherapy and fashion are a pretty random mix but I love being able to use my more serious, compassionate side just as much as my creative, colorful side! I started my blog because I wanted to share my love of style as a form of self expression and spread the message that you can dress in a way that reflects who you are regardless of body size or budget.

So what does a typical day in the life for me look like? On my day as a therapist, it’s pretty typical and routine. I wake up and catch up on Instagram and emails because, priorities ;), then have a coffee the size of my head (and a big egg white omelette with veggies) and go to work where I see about seven to 12 clients depending on the day with more coffee in between until about 7-8 pm, then go home and crash.


But on my Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m not working as a therapist and I have more flexibility and free time in my day. Besides scheduling photo shoots and meetings for blog related stuff, I have been making it a priority to exercise. I go to classes (running, power yoga, spin, barre, advanced pilates, TRX, etc) because classes push me to work out harder and stronger. It also helps to be corrected on my form so I know I’m exercising properly and it’s usually more motivating to do it with a group of people working their butts off too! How fun is my Get Your Ass To The Gym racerback tank?


It makes me smile every time I wear it and it’s definitely my workout necessity! Lately, my go-to workout has been power yoga. Most people don’t necessarily correlate yoga with intense exercise but my power yoga class is a killer in the best way. And it’s amazing to see how much stronger I am just a couple months in. It’s so rewarding!


My days can get pretty hectic so I’ve been loving my Get Stuff Done mini notepad  to help me organize my appointments and things I must get done that day! I’ve been pulling it out on my morning subway commute as it’s the perfect way to get myself somewhat organized before the start of my day.

PicMonkey Collage

And on another note, my polka dot phone case has saved my phone from tragic death on numerous occasions while keeping my phone looking fun and fabulous! I kid you not; I’ve dropped it face down on concrete more than once without a scratch to my phone so I am truly in love!

Thank you idieh design for constantly coming out with new designs and quirky prints that put a smile on my face and get me through my day more efficiently but also with a whole lot more fun and personality!

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