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Hi Lovelies, Sami from The Unexpected Type here! I’m always on the lookout for unexpected items to add to my work desk to give myself a little more design inspiration. I have this terrible habit of wanting to change the entire design of a room COMPLETELY and get super impatient if it doesn’t happen pronto. I knew it was time to find some pieces that were universal and could seamlessly transition into any room design–whether I’m going with a poppy color palette or minimal neutrals.


(inspiration via apartment therapy, stephanie jovski, and the clueless girl)

Cue the cool look I can’t get enough of: lucite and acrylic! This look can totally swing towards a mid-century modern design or fit into any Anthropology-esque designed space. I feel like theres a bunch of great products you can score for a steal (Acrylic pieces can get pricey!) and I had to round up some of my favorites.


 1. CB2 Format Stacking Boxes – Set of 3 for ($29.95)
I love these stacking boxes! You can move them around and display them separately or all together if you have a smaller space. They’re perfect for paper clips, pens, small craft items, and sticky notes. These are also great for jewelry and hair accessories!

2. Russel & Hazel Acrylic Accessory Organizer ($22.00)
Russel & Hazel have the most amazing selection of lucite pieces! This accessory organizer is great for displaying on your desk or throwing in a drawer as an organizer. Notepads, knick knacks, and pencils have never looked so chic!

3. Russel & Hazel Arcylic Pen + Pencil Holder ($38.00)
I love a great cup for pencils- but I feel like they end up getting crowded together and when I pull one out from my cup, ten additional pencils come right along with it. This pencil holder is super cute and shows off your 14 stylish writing tools!

4. Sweet William Chair in Clear ($94.99)
Ghost chairs are everywhere. I see them on Pinterest, on Instagram, and now in my dreams. (Kidding!) My first search for these ended up in options that are on average $600–YIKES. I found this great design for just under $100, score!

5.  Meelano M10 Rocking Chair in Clear and Walnut ($99.99)
Another great chair option! This was my first time coming across a modern rocking chair, especially one that was acrylic. This would make a great addition to a living room with a white throw draped over the back and a geometric-patterned pillow.

6. Tory Burch Lucite Letters ($95.00)
Everything is 100x better when your stuff is personalized or monogrammed. I adore these Tory Burch letters, which make great bookends and look amazing simply on display.

Even better? There are a bunch of acrylic pieces from the 70’s making a comeback at local thrift stores; they make great places to shop at for eclectic home finds. What do you think–are you loving the lucite look? Until next time! Xo, Sami.


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