Adding A Dark Background

Rachel Eskandari • art DIY


Hey! This week I want to show you how adding a dark background to your pieces can totally change the composition!

When I think of a white background I think: clean, crisp, modern, simple. A white background keeps the focus on the foreground or star of the show 🙂 White is very trendy right now in designs of all sorts.

This week I wanted to shake it up a bit and throw some blacks, grays, and indigos in the mix. I love dark colors but I tend to mix my brights with darks. I recently did a small series of cacti paintings for a local art store, Moonage Tempe, and I decided to experiment with dark backgrounds.

I feel like there is more mystery in painting dark. I love the contrast between the green and black.


Above, you can see the difference between using a white or black background. This piece looks completely different because the white background makes the highlights pop and the black background allows the shadows to come forward better.



I challenge you to experiment with different backgrounds because sometimes white just won’t do your painting justice! Tag #pinkpuddlediy and #idiehdesign we would love to see your work!

Sidenote: These 3 pieces are now available at Moonage Tempe. I highly recommend you check out this shop if you are local to Arizona. You will find all kinds of goodies made by awesome locals!

Keep Creating,


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