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3 Easy Steps to Better Reach Same Sex Weddings

Hi friends! Today I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Cicely. She’s the face behind, a resource for planning the modern union, including a place to go to snag ideas, create conversation, find allied vendors and provide inspiration for LGBTQ and straight couples planning their wedding. Her heart and passion is contagious and she’s here today to educate you on how to better reach the same sex wedding community. Take it away, Cic!

Photo Credit: Sergio Photographer

I cringe when I see words like bridal fair, bridal party, groom’s side, bride’s side, bridal party and phrases like “It’s all about the bride” or “It’s the groom’s day, too.” I could go on and on about the overall world of wedding copy when it comes to marketing to engaged couples. If you are a business that embraces the new demographic of two grooms or two brides then you better listen up. It’s time to overhaul your thinking when it comes to all things same sex weddings.

Here are THREE easy steps to have more inclusive language to all couples, same sex and straight. Let’s get to it!

 same sex wedding tips

1 // Stop referring to your clients as brides.

I hear the term “bride” used plenty within the industry when we talk about the clients that have hired us or generalizing about clients even when there is a second person involved. I understand that in the past the bride has been the one more involved than her counterpart, but with the amazing changes in the laws today we need to stop generalizing and stop using gender-specific terms when referring to our clients.

same sex wedding tips
2 // Start referring to the engaged as engaged couples rather than bride and groom.

This is similar to the above in terms of generalizing as it’s no longer an industry where we serve only a bride and groom couple. If you’d like to open up to all couples, same sex or straight, remember to embrace the words “wedding couple” or something similar and make your marketing material gender neutral.

LGBTQ Community Wedding Tips
3 // Put yourself in their shoes when speaking, writing, and creating.

This tip is huge because if you did this, and only this, you would ultimately cover all of your tracks. I challenge you for 2 hours to scour the internet as a gay man or woman and look at wedding websites. Do you feel welcomed and celebrated? For the majority of the wedding industry we talk a big talk about being more inclusive but have yet to take the time to really look at all of our marketing materials and make the necessary changes. It’s time to start talking to our LGBT community and encourage them to invest in having an amazing wedding day!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.27.21 PM

TOTESMAGOTES! 5 Tote DIY’s to Make this Summer

ID - tote bag diy2
Tote bags are on the rise, have you noticed? Oh sure, they’ve always been around lurking in grocery store check out lines or at the beach shops, but now they’re making an OFFICIAL fashion statement! They’re super chic with any #ootd and make a perfect accessory for a trip to the market. With that being said, there’s also been a huge influx of DIY’s to customize and create your own. With summer officially here (YAY!) it’s a perfect time to make your own super cool tote everyone will be gushing over.

ID - tote bag diy

(from top left to right)

Homey Oh My DIY Beach Tote
For the ultimate beach babe! I don’t know about you, but breaking out the sewing machine is a huge turn off (sorry, sewing is not my forte!) Lucky for us, there’s amazing creatives out there who know how to hack a bunch of projects without having to sew a thing. I love the stripes on this bag AND it looks like she could have bought it for $50!

Style Me Pretty DIY Rope Bag
 I loooove this bag! It’s so ridiculously chic. With some basic sewing skill and a handful of rope you’ll be totally and completely styling at the beach and the market!

Freutcake DIY Painted Totes
Nothing beats black, white, and gold– ever. This bag is great because all of the materials are seriously cheap and easily found. You can grab the tote bag from a local craft store along with the paint. This style would make a great Summer gift, too!

Sewbon Leather Tote
If you are as big of a Clare V fan as me– this one is definitely your you-go DIY. Gold, leather, what else do you need?!?! The instructions are foolproof and really detailed, so if you’re new to working with leather, this tutorial will make you a pro.

Creature Comforts Popsicle Tote Bags
Cool off with these amazing totes donned with POPSICLES! These are the epitome of summer cuteness. Add your name with a fabric marker in calligraphy for a customized touch.

Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments beloe!

Four Ways to Banish Breakouts

Frustrated young woman squeezing acne

Let’s face it ladies, breakouts cramp everyone’s style.

The vast majority of the women who come to see me for help with their skin have a few things in common.
1) they’re breaking out.
2) they’re busy (ain’t nobody got time for bad skin).
3) they’re rockin’ their life (grinding at work or growing their biz, sharing their passions, and have a jam packed social life that slows down for no one).
4) they want to live their life with their held held high & would rather not have to be hiding any pimples.

While acne is incredibly multifaceted, here are 4 easy ways busy #girlbosses can banish biz related breakouts.

Frustrated young woman resting head on hand

Tip #1: Stop touching yo face!

Next time you’re working take notice of where your hands are. Almost every woman I work with, whose job entails a lot of reading or computer time, says they’ll inevitably rest their head on their hands at least a few times a day. Working towards breaking this habit will help reduce exposure to bacteria & unconscious picking of current breakouts.

cell phone & lap top

Tip # 2: Wipe yo screen!

Our phones are filthy. Take a moment to really think about all the places we rest our phones and all that we touch before fiddling with them during the day. Now, think about where you place your phone when making a phone call. Right. On. Your. Face. Ick! I can almost always tell if someone uses their phone on their right or left side simply by analyzing the condition of their skin. Check out these super cute screen cleansing wipes for a stylish way to keep things clean.

wash hands for a cleaner face

Tip #3: Wash yo hands!

It seems simple really, but sometimes we get so busy during the day that we barely take a moment to breathe much less wash our hands. If you’ve been shaking lots of hands during meetings or touching lots of doorknobs while running from place to place, try to remember to take a quick wash break to reduce the amount of daily dirt & grime that might end up on your skin (especially, if you haven’t mastered tip 1 yet).

woman washing face

Tip #4: Wash yo face! A.S.A.Y.G.H.

(As Soon As You Get Home)
Let’s keep it real, no one’s perfect. Everyone has a day that is so busy that they completely crash before washing their face before bed. We know we shouldn’t, but it happens. How I personally avoid this potential breakout causing distaster is by washing my face as soon as I get home. Before I get something to eat, before I sit down, before I answer those last few emails, or pack up the day’s product orders. This way I can never let myself get soooo tired that I’m tempted to crawl into bed without a fresh face. Are you wondering what this aesthetician (who formerly struggled with a massive case of acne) uses to wash her face? My absolute FAVORITE cleansers which are quickly earning cult status amongst my skincare clients are Refreshing Daily Cleanser & Gentle Gel Cleanser. Have you tried either one yet?

Ciao for now, 


Wink! And You’ll Miss the Best Cricut News Ever

Guys! I have a secret that I HAVE to let you in on. It’s a secret that can be literally in your hands TODAY. You heard me. Today.

If you’ve been following the What’s the big idieh? blog, you may remember some of my posts highlighting the Cricut such as the DIY Bow Baby Shower or the DIY Heart Birthday Bash. I love that with Cricut everyone can share ideas and projects, while letting out your creativity from the comfort of your own space.

Now, for the big news! Cricut Design Space is now mobile. You heard me. There’s a Cricut Design Space iPhone app that allows you to create from wherever your heart desires. {cue confetti!}


Whether you’re in the school pick up line waiting for your kiddo, or sitting in a doctor’s office, you’ll have time to plan your next project at any moment! You’ll have 50,000 images and ideas at your fingertips at any given time. You can design when you want, where you want.

And, it gets better. You can use the camera on your phone to spotlight the design on your canvas, wall, t-shirt, or other surface to visualize before you start your project. Amazing right?!

In celebration of this app, Cricut asked me to create a signature phone decal, and the best part, it is FREE. (Wink!) You heard me. It’s all free and it’s all yours.


You can use my template to add a spunky design to your plain phone case…right now! MAKE IT NOW.


If you’re not the DIY type, but still want to show your playful side when you chat, text or surf your favorite blog, head to the idieh shop and get your Wink! phone case ASAP. You won’t want to answer your call without it.


Make sure your communication is as flirty as ever with the Wink! Phone Case.

It’s so easy to create with CRICUT EXPLORE

For more projects, visit my Cricut Design Team project page.


This post was created in partnership with Cricut. All content and opinions are that of my own! We only promote brands we heart.

How to Afford an Epic Vacation on a Less Than Epic Budget

Hello my loves!

Amanda from The Color Coded Life here and I’ve been spending the last week dreaming of amazing getaways. The only problem is, those types of getaways can cost a pretty penny.

However, I’ve gathered info from those in the know about how to get around that seemingly insurmountable hurdle called a budget.

One of the best tips is the secret of the “shoulder” season. Knowing when a destination’s “shoulder” season is will help you avoid the crazy additional costs that come with going during their peak times.

The shoulder season refers to the time between complete off season in an area and their peak time. By going during this time period, you will save money but still enjoy the perks of in-season, such as better weather, etc.

Here are some seriously stunning locales and their corresponding shoulder seasons:

Thailand - How to Afford an Epic Vacation on a Less Than Epic Budget

Hawaii - How to Afford an Epic Vacation on a Less Than Epic Budget

Image Credit: brockeninglory

Barrier Reef - How to Afford an Epic Vacation on a Less Than Epic Budget

Mediterranean - How to Afford an Epic Vacation on a Less Than Epic Budget

Caribbean - How to Afford an Epic Vacation on a Less Than Epic Budget

Aussie Outback - How to Afford an Epic Vacation on a Less Than Epic Budget

Now it’s time to start packing!




P.S. Shoutout to Travel + Leisure for the info on the shoulder seasons!

5 New Ways to Build Mood Boards!

Oh, that’s pretty. Sparkles? Sure! Stripes? Why not? Blue, green, red, orange, teal, black, blue, chartreuse. Wait– things just got totally out of hand, didn’t they!? When I have an idea in my brain, I keep turning it over and over until it grows into the Frankenstein of ideas and nothing seems to really be cohesive anymore. Which is why mood boards are my number one MUST have/create for any #GirlBoss!

Mood boards have definitely come a long way. What was once simply tear outs taped into a notebook (and still may be for some of us!) has evolved into beautifully designed graphics that capture the essence of an idea seamlessly. Crazy, right? I’m still a huge fan of tangible goods since we’re so technologically advanced, and I’ve had my fair share of figuring out which mood board methods is perfect. I’ve brought you five innovative ideas to spark your creativity and get your ideas together!

ID - mood boards

Vertical, horizontal, crossing corners– you name it. A simple piece of twine and some cool clothes pins can become a string of ideas that blend into one grand scheme! Another plus, this totally doubles as a decorative asset to whatever space you’re building your mood board in.

a creative mint | urban outfitters sunday evenings | agnetha home

ID - mood boards2

If your workspace constantly changes from room to room, this ones for you! A wooden panel is a blank space for so many things– but is still extremely beautiful and inspiring when unfinished and raw. Tape, nail, or string your ideas even across a board if you’re afraid of committing to a wall.

sarah widman | the collector | the crafted life | a beautiful mess

ID - mood boards3

You know those cool $1 pant hangers Ikea has? They make a pretty rad way to hang up your ideas and switch them out in a snap. Paint them gold, washi tape them, calligraphy them, or just do it all! I love this idea. If your taste is minimalistic, I recommend trying wire hangers; they’re so chic!

hello helloold and new blog | pinterest | apartment therapy

ID - mood boards4

I love this look! These are cool because they look really trendy and super effortless even though the wires and structure can be messy and organic. Tuck and wedge photos and tears through the spaces to create a really innovative, 3D type of mood board.

apartment therapy | caroline poirot | decor dots | tendenser | sfgirlbybay

ID - mood boards5

You might be over the chalk phase, but I think it’s going to make a completely comeback in a really stylish way. I love the classic feel of a chalk wall, it’s something very nostalgic and new all at once. Paint a panel (like our wooden suggestion above) or an entire wall. Stock up on bright washi tape and start brainstorming!

the chic site | upcycled treasures | emmas blog | | babasouk

Feeling inspired yet? We challenge you to try a new type of mood board opposed to creating a new Pinterest board. We think you’ll be surprised!

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