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Trend to Try: Tassels

Tassels Fashion Trend

Summer Fashion Trend: Tassels

Tote: Big Buddah / Sandals: Loeffler Randall / Earrings: Baublebar / Necklace: Baublebar / Scarf: Forever 21 / Dress: SUNDRESS / Bucket Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Bracelets: Gold & Gray / Heels: Missguided

TGIF everyone! Confession time: I have got a serious thing for tassels right now. From something more subtle like a trim on a scarf to this vibrant orange dress, tassels are everywhere! I like them because they add a fun, trendy vibe to even the simplest of outfits. Just stacking a few of these wooden bracelets with jeans and a white tee instantly transforms your look. They almost have a beachy aesthetic making the trend perfect for the upcoming summer season. I plan to be rocking this look all week long: the adorable tote from Nordstrom at the office, and the flirty pink heels for happy hour.

Is anyone else crushing on tassels? Have a great weekend!


5 Must-Have Apps for the Creative #GirlBoss

Every #GirlBoss has their arsenal of apps to keep them on track and help them remember every little thing (I get goldfish brain frequently–I’m telling ya!) There’s an infinite number of apps out there and honestly, I get really confused sometimes on trying to pick out which one is best for me. How many downloads does it take to find the perfect app?! Probably like 5. Instead of having to scour the app store, try these top 5 apps every creative freelancer and business owner need in their life!

Girlboss Apps

1. VSCO Cam (Free)
This will probably always be my #1! If you’re an Instagram junky (like me!) you need this app for minimal, yet impactful, photo editing. Curated filters that enhance the natural characteristics make your photos look like a pro photographer took them. I’m seriously obsessed, and if you haven’t gone over to the VSCO side, you definitely need to test it out.

List Making Apps

2. Post It Plus (Free)
I consider myself a list junky. If I don’t physically write it down, it never gets done. When I’m at work, my boss and I scribble tons of notes on post its and place them everywhere. I LOVE this app because all I have to do is snap a photo of those notes and they digitally organize them for me! I can edit, add, and organized into different categories. It’s a fun app that puts a fresh perspective on the traditional to-do list.

Brain Break App

3. Luminosity (Free)
When need a digital detox, I turn to Luminosity for a pick-me-up! Does anyone else feel like their own brain turns to mush when they stare at a screen too long?! I love Luminosity for a break from social media and all of the work-related issues currently happening. Cultivated brain training “games” that sharpen your memory and attention strengthen up our very important organ.

Photo Editing App

4. Over ($2)
Not everyone has the luxury of Photoshop at their fingertips–this app the next best thing! (Maybe even better…) There’s tons of fun fonts you can choose from to create fun, design savvy text overlays. All you do is pick a color, font, and size to your liking! It’s fun to play with and great for adding character to cool snaps.

Doodling App

5.  Paper by Fifty Three (Free)
Doodling, drawing, illustration… Paper is perfect for ALL of it. I like to roughly sketch prototypes and ideas out before moving on to make sure I understand my idea on all levels– it’s always great to a have visual! I love this app for doing just that when I’m on the go, either on my phone or iPad. If you’re meeting with a client, it’s also a great way to go over and conceptualized with them during a meeting.

What’s your favorite app to help you stay on track? Until next time! Xo, Sami from The Unexpected Type.

The Confetti Foundation // Birthday Fairy


As kids, what’s the one thing you always looked forward to, year after year? The time when family & friends came together to celebrate YOU. When you couldn’t wait to blow out the candles so you could stuff your face with cake. Your birthday! But, imagine being in the hospital during your yearly celebration and having to give up the balloons, the time with friends, the candles, and let’s be honest, the presents. Enters The Confetti Foundation.


The Confetti Foundation brings birthday celebrations to children who spend their birthdays in the hospital. How amazing & full of love is that?I don’t recall when I first discovered this adorable organization, but one thing’s for sure is that as soon as I heard about them, I KNEW I had to get involved.


As my organization of choice to give back to in 2015 (and plans for many years to come!), I recently partnered with the Confetti Foundation to become a birthday fairy. As a birthday fairy, idieh design sponsors birthday party kits and delivers them to my local children’s hospital, Phoenix Children’s Hospital.


Seeing joy replace the children’s current pain, if only for a few moments, makes my heart smile from end to end. Nothing brightens my day more than witnessing the children and their families have the chance to feel “normal” for a short time to celebrate a well-deserved birthday boy or girl.

I encourage you to find an organization to invest your time, talents and treasure in. Find something that makes your heart smile a little bigger. You never know the impact you could have on someone’s life. (If you want to get involved with this amazing organization, there are tons of ways to give back – big or small.)


“Minted Bronze” – A Swim Look

My name is Emily and I’m guest blogging here from my blog Lovely Deseret! Summer is almost here I’d hate for you to get caught without your swim trunks! Luckily for you, my mind’s swimming with summery ideas starting with this mint ruffled one-piece swimsuit that I styled with floral galore!

A mint one-piece swimsuit styled by modest fashion blogger Lovely Deseret photographed by Diana Putnam Photography

Has everyone else discovered the magic of swim coverups?! Depending on how you style each suit with kimonos, sundresses, shorts, or rompers, they can look completely different! I styled this swim look mint one-piece suit with a fringed floral kimono from Adorn It (a super cute online boutique!) I paired it with this Trendy Touch flower crown which is absolutely darling on it’s own but I love it with this kimono since the pinks totally compliment each other. The pink-tint in my sunnies added a nice touch and tied the whole look together!

My amazing photographer Diana Putnam Photography and I shot these pictures at The Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was such a blast I can’t wait to go back with the hubby and some friends for a beachy lakeside BBQ!

 And then my Musbags exploradora-size tote is the ideal beach bag and of course it's Guatemalan textile goes with everything!

 And then my Musbags exploradora-size tote is the ideal beach bag and of course it's Guatemalan textile goes with everything!

A mint one-piece swimsuit styled by modest fashion blogger Lovely Deseret photographed by Diana Putnam Photography

I found this ruffled mint-colored one-piece swimsuit (similar) at Victoria’s Secret near the end of last summer, (which is a BOMB time to buy swimsuits, how can you say no to $20!) The ruffled bust is adorable and the cinched seam on the bum is a super cute little detail. I also love that the back is open making this the mullet of swimsuits: conservative in the front and bikini in the back!

 And then my Musbags exploradora-size tote is the ideal beach bag and of course it's Guatemalan textile goes with everything!

My Musbags bag is seriously my favorite bag I’ve ever owned! (I have a special place in my heart for Guatemalan textiles since that is where I lived for a year and a half as an LDS missionary!) This particular bag is perfect as a beach bag because of it’s “Mary Poppins” size! (Exploradora size)

A mint one-piece swimsuit and guatemalan bag styled by modest fashion blogger Lovely Deseret photographed by Diana Putnam Photography

I also never go to the beach without my Rainbow sandals. I’ve seriously had this pair for over 5 years! Beware, they’re super uncomfortable for about 4 days while you get the brand new leather to conform to your foot, and then they are perfect forever!

A mint one-piece swimsuit and guatemalan bag styled by modest fashion blogger Lovely Deseret photographed by Diana Putnam Photography


I wear one-piece swimsuits (or two-piece tankinis or tall vintage bikinis) because they are my way of trying to dress modestly even while swimming. Modesty is important to me because I respect my body and want to keep it covered while in public, something I personally decided to do once I got married. (However, I totally bust out the teeny-weenie binikis when I’m on vacations with the hubby in our own pool space!) Whatever your reasons are for wearing a one-piece, they sure give you a lot of room to play with a fun print or style and you can still have that “ow ow” appeal.

I packed this suit for vacation to southern California last week! You can follow updates of all of the fun things I did on my instagram!

If you’d like to continue reading and see more of my pictures by Diana Putnam Photography, you can see the full version of this post on my blog HERE.

‘Till next Tuesday!


Inspiration to Spark Your Imagination

Floral Inspiration

Today is all about inspiration! As an artist, I often get the question, “What inspires you to paint what you paint?” I love how there are so many answers to this one question. Do you ever sit and really think about what inspires your creativity? I can say my obsession with Pinterest, my love for magazines, Instagram and my environment all play a large role in my colorful art!

pinterest inspiration

Pinterest is definitely the and I have no idea how I lived without it before it blossomed. I can proudly say that I have almost 200 boards and over 12,000 pins. Being a visual artist, pictures are my world and being able to have a visual representation of almost anything at my fingertips is absolutely amazing. I love the idea of secret boards because this is where I store a lot of my more specific creative ideas. For example, if I am working on a project for a client and she sends me a wedding photo, I make a secret board to share with her so her privacy is protected but she is also able to view our rockin collaboration. I encourage you all to categorize your creativity and check out Pinterest if you haven’t already.

Even though I love Pinterest, I sometimes miss the physical aspect of holding a photo, so this is when I turn to magazines. Reading a magazine is a process that takes you on a journey and when you get to the end you want more.

Magazine Inspiration

Before I had a tablet, about once a week, I would sit in Barnes and Noble with a 2ft stack of magazines and explore. I would write down my thoughts in a journal, to free my imagination. The book store was a place which allowed me to exit my everyday living space, in order to really let me focus on my ideas. Find a space where you can explore your thoughts without interruption and I promise you you’ll be surprised with the fabulous ideas you can come up with.



Instragram is where I am inspired by other locals. It is where I come up with collaborative ideas. I think it is so important to work with others because it can take your creativity to whole other level, where it couldn’t go solo. I know it can be scary to approach another with your ideas but be fearless and it will pay off.

environment inspiration

Lastly, my environment has really been a noticeable influence in my recent work. I have learned to embrace the Arizona desert and now I find such beauty in it. You can always find a connection between your creativity and your everyday life. The connection may not always be obvious but it celebrates you! I encourage you all to find outlets that inspire you and go to them when you need a pick me up. We all have had a creative dry spell but knowing where to look for a boost of inspiration will have your self-expression running wild again!

Keep Creating,


Expand Your Reach Podcast

Office Space

This month, I did something I never thought I would do. Something a little bit terrifying (okay, a lot a bit terrifying), but super rewarding. If you guessed that I had a dance off with Usher, the answer is – not yet, but that’s still on the list of things to do.

I guest starred on a podcast! I was interviewed by Dana Malstaff, founder of the Expand Your Reach podcast. Dana is a creator, innovator, strategist and a downright kick-ass #girlboss who loves Harry Potter just as much as I do.

Office Space

During our time, we chatted about my ‘why’ (& the journey I took to discover it), if I could do anything in the world what it would be, and how my dream of idieh design came to life.

For more on my story, and maybe a thing or two that could add to yours, check out the podcast here: The Story Behind a Rad Brand with Heidi Bartlett 

You can also download the podcast here:


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