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Tuesday Tricks

Hi friends, Caelen here! Today I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite tricks to keeping a neat office space. Keeping an organized office space is one of the most difficult things for me, because I feel like I always have so many different things going on at once. Can you relate?

This week’s tricks will help keep your space, (and brain for that matter), tidy throughout your week! What are your office tricks?


  1. Between so many different client files and images on my computer, my desktop becomes bogged down really quickly. Thanks to the Cloud from Cloud File Solutions, I get to keep all of my files off of my desktop, while still easily accessible in a cute metal cloud perched on my actual desk!
  2. Who knew a tape dispenser would be something to get excited about? The bold colors and shape of the tape dispenser from Poppin make any desk come to life!
  3. I wouldn’t be able to get through the day without my Life Planner from Erin Condren. If it’s not in the planner, it doesn’t happen! I love how each day is separated by time period and using the life event stickers makes it much easier to keep track of everything.
  4. Sometimes I feel like my desk is a hub for clutter with supplies everywhere! That’s where the Fabric Cubes from Target come in. Not only are they super cute and come in a bunch of fun colors, but you can store them so easily with all your stuff inside!
  5. Writing becomes so much more enjoyable when you have Flutter Heart Pencils from Betsy White Stationery. The hot pick color with gold foil hearts are so adorable. What’s writing without a fun design?
  6. The Let’s Do This Weekly Desktop Planner from idieh design makes each week feel just a little more manageable. I love having that week’s agenda right in front of me so I can keep all of my meetings and appointments straight!

Small Business Branding // This Love Weddings



Faith of This Love Weddings, a wedding planning company in the Twin Cities, contacted idieh design with hopes of a brand overhaul, including the launch of a new name. Faith was feeling disconnected from her current brand and was struggling to attract her core audience. She wanted to infuse more of herself in her brand presence. And, while she knew the emotion and feeling she wanted it to exude, she wasn’t sure how to get there. After an intensive design process that asked the hard questions causing Faith to dig deep, we discovered many “ah-has” along the way. From refining her proposed color palette, to realizing her love for hand lettering, and, with a bit of resistance, realizing she had to go a little outside of her comfort zone, we ended on a solution that wasn’t anything close to what Faith had envisioned in the beginning, yet she couldn’t have wished for a better solution in the end.

I asked Faith to tell me about her branding experience and why she chose idieh design:

I can honestly say there’s no brand similar, locally and nationally to what I created with Heidi of idieh design–it’s truly “me”. It’s fresh, clean, airy, polished, vibrant, and unique. Not only did I rebrand but I also reintroduced my brand under a new name. It was amazing how she was able to rise up to the challenge to create a brand and site for “This Love” without incorporating hearts yet invoking a heartfelt feeling. Heidi could see my love for hand-lettering and thought to bring elements of it into the life of my brand. As a result of her work my brand has placement in the minds of wedding professionals I love working. Within 3 days of launching the new brand and site I received an inquiry from my ideal couple (an out of state couple hosting their wedding day at a premier Twin Cities venue)! Heidi is undoubtedly creative and her constant feedback throughout the process allowed me to visualize (and obtain) my ideal couple.

Thank you, Faith, for trusting in me and, let’s not forget, you are the sweetest to boot.


Interested in working with idieh design on your new brand? Contact me here!


We’re excited to announce that idieh design is looking for contributors for our blog, what’s the big idieh?

The position is open to all, BUT high fives if you have a current blog, social media is your BFF, and have some experience in the blogging world. Familiarity with WordPress and quality photos are a plus, too!


Don’t see your topic or category here but think you have a great idea that fits? Please submit it!

How many contributors are we looking for? 

We are looking for 4-8 contributors, depending on availability and schedules.

How often do you need to contribute? 

Ideally, contributors will post weekly or bi-weekly, on a set day. However, we are open and willing to be flexible to work with your schedule. (You will need to know how to use and check Google Calendar.)

Is this a paid position?

Not at this time, but who knows what the future holds! It’s a great opportunity to gain more exposure and to collaborate with idieh design. Your headshot and bio will be shared on our Meet the Collaborators page.

Interested? Email us for more details:  //  Caelen, our Editor of Awesome, will be helping to review all those that apply.

PLEASE NOTE: When applying, please make sure you send us your blog link or past writing experience. Please let us know what category or categories you are interested in writing for as well. Please write CONTRIBUTOR  – YOUR NAME in the subject line.

Please give Caelen 72 hours to reply if you have a question. However, if you don’t hear from us, it means you weren’t selected. We may not be able to respond to all emails, but that doesn’t mean we don’t adore you! We will announce contributors in an upcoming post within the next few weeks but will email the selected contributors prior.

email to apply //

Friday Favorites

Casi here from cupcakeMAG! I’m just stopping by to share some of my favorites with all of you today. I hope you’ve all had an amazing week & ready for the weekend. I know I am!

This week’s Friday Faves are all about some essentials I just can’t quite live without. So here we go…..what’s on your list?


  1. Get Stuff Done Mini Notepad because it’s essential to get through the week and my to-do list is forever growing.
  2. Even though I’m sporting yoga pants most days – accessories are a must. This Square Druzy ring from Wrenn Jewelry doesn’t leave my finger.
  3. I’m all about layering necklaces these days and it starts with this Gold Bar Name Necklace from Bip & Bop. LOVE!
  4. OSEA is my life-line. I can’t list all of my favorites but their Sea Vitamin Boost is always on my desk. Always.
  5. Nickel & Suede’s Gold Digger Leather Earrings are oh-so-stylish and go with everything. Everyone needs a pair!
  6. You know what they say – hair up, bra off for the weekend. She Does Justice has the cutest turbans around. I’m obsessing over these brushstroke print.

Call for Submissions

Want to be featured on the idieh design blog, what’s the big idieh?

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Do you have an adorable home, a yummy recipe, or are you killin’ it in an amazing studio? We want to hear about it! We love sharing new  + inspiring content to be featured on the idieh design blog. We would be over the moon to share your story & inspiration on the following topics:

  • Fashion
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  • Recipes

We can’t wait to receive submissions for all of the super awesome things you’ve been working on!

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The Power of {YOUR} Story

When’s the last time you’ve disconnected from social media, turned off the TV, and just interacted and chatted with those around you? With all the distractions in the everyday world, we sometimes forget the power that our stories can have on others. The stories don’t have to be over-the-top or extraordinary. They could just be simple chats in passing that could change someone’s day. Never underestimate the impact (big or small) that can come from us simply sharing our stories and immersing ourselves in simple conversation with others.

I’ve wanted to share this touching story for over a year now. It is a little long, but I hope you find the time to take a break and soak it in, because it definitely touched my heart and I have no doubt it will do the same for you.

To set the scene, my brother-in-law’s sister, Chandra, shared this story with me over the phone, and I then asked her to put it into written form so I could share with all of you. Enjoy (and grab a tissue)!


pictured above: photos of quilts that Chandra’s grandma made with love

Late July of 2013, my brother and niece came to Oklahoma to visit the family. Unbeknownst to all of us, they weren’t coming alone, but showed up with the newest member of our family, my adorable nephew, Lane. It was a wonderful trip! We were so glad they were able to come and spend time with the family. My Grandma was especially excited to see them and to meet Lane, her only great-grandson, for the first time.

During that visit my brother mentioned to Grandma that his sister-in-law, Heidi, had noticed some of the quilts she had made and sent to the family as gifts. He told her how Heidi took note of the exquisite artwork and detail of her quilts and how it reminded Heidi of her own relationship with her grandmother growing up. You see, Heidi’s grandma had taught her to sew, among many other skills, and she was well aware that my Grandma’s quilts had been made with love.

My brother told Grandma that Heidi’s birthday was coming up and she would probably really love to have one of Grandma’s quilts. Grandma was a master quilter; she quilted for decades, making special quilts for all her family. She had a closet full of quilts (stored in pillow cases) that she had produced over the years and was more than happy to give one away to someone who’d appreciate it. That day we picked through dozens of quilts to find one for Heidi and with much indecision we finally made a selection.

The story of Heidi and her grandma sewing together made me think that I needed to have my grandma teach me how to sew and quilt. So, that next week when I was visiting Grandma I asked her if she would teach me how to quilt. She readily agreed to take me under her wing and I’m not sure which of us was more excited about it. Right away we got busy talking patterns and ideas. She brought down a giant stack of old sewing and quilting magazines she’d kept. Some were over 40 years old! 

Over the next several weeks, we picked through tubs of fabric Grandma had accumulated and together we started my project. She showed me how to design, measure and cut. She showed me how to stitch, pin and piece. She gave me hints, tips and secrets; most of all she gave me encouragement and praise with a sweet smile. She chuckled a lot, all while having the biggest, brightest smile on her face. Grandma told anyone who would listen that her “granddaughter was learning to quilt!” She didn’t hesitate to tell everyone she knew about “the Quilting Duo.”

But, little did I know that within that short time, I would receive the best, most precious gift, the gift of time and memories with my Grandma, because, shortly thereafter, my Grandma passed away.

Life is short and memories are precious. Had my brother not told me about Heidi’s grandmother story and asked about a quilt, I may not have been encouraged to take advantage of the time I had left with Grandma. If it were not for Heidi’s interest in Grandma’s quilts, I may not have begun quilting with Grandma. I’m so thankful that I had those last few weeks to quilt with her. I’ll always remember her beaming smile when she saw my quilts pieced together. For Grandma, I will finish my quilts as best I can and remember her with every stitch.


pictured above: Grandma & Chandra

And, just like my story inspired Chandra, her sweet & touching story inspires me each time I wrap myself up in her sweet Grandma’s quilt that I was gifted that very year.

Now, go share you stories. You never know who you might just inspire.



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