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Small Business Branding // Imoni Events


Jenni Thye of Imoni Events, a wedding planning company, reached out to idieh design when she knew it was time to elevate her brand and invest in someone who could clearly communicate her style and story behind her business. While she didn’t hire me for logo development (as she was already in the process of collaborating with a calligrapher on the main concept), I provided Jenni with feedback and art direction in developing her logo. She then passed along the calligraphy to me and I added the finishing touches to give the logo a cohesive and polished look. From there, Jenni created a Pinterest board full of color palettes, patterns and more! Through a compilation of inspiration, many chats over drinks, the new logo, and a full understanding of her initial branding questionnaire, we were ready to tackle her overall brand (& website).

The Imoni Events brand is soft & sweet with a touch of whimsy. It exudes a sophistication that speaks to the girl that most days than not prefers a casual tee with jeans and flat, but isn’t afraid to go all out and dress to the nines, all while owning her classic style & taste. The Imoni Events brand utilizes playful textures & graphic elements that convey a very approachable and sincere environment as the company prides itself on providing a safe, secure, & on-your-side experience that allows each couple they encounter to be present in the moment on their wedding day (and leave the stress of planning & execution behind). Imoni Events is your wedding confidant. Imoni Events if your friend.

I asked Jenni to tell me about her branding experience and why she chose idieh design:

Heidi is super creative and easy to work with. She not only listens to what you want, but she gives good feedback on ways to improve your initial ideas. She is organized, keeps to deadlines and is in constant communication. It was an experience that I will cherish for a long time and I LOVE my new site. She is above and beyond the best web designer I have used in the past ten years. To this day she is tweaking little things to make it perfect. I can never thank her enough for being so great! I am very thankful we found her and decided to invest in such a talented company and designer. Thank you, Heidi!!!

Thank you, Jenni, for being so organized yourself and a gem to work with!


Interested in working with idieh design on your new brand? Contact me here!

Music, Makeup & Mayhem | Vol. 20

Each Monday, I bring you the jams I’m rocking out to (music), what I can’t live without in the world of cosmetics, clothing, and art (makeup), and my recap of last week’s daily happenings (mayhem)


MUSIC (weekly jams)

This week’s jams are all about empowerment. Hit play, turn up the volume, put on those high heels, and strut your stuff! Show this week who is boss.

MAKEUP (what I can’t live without)


I love how hairstyles can become a form of art in themselves, especially with braids making a comeback. They bring so many patterns and texture to the hair and the options are endless. One of my favorite Instagram feeds to follow is @instabraid. They post daily inspiration for braided hairstyles and while I more than likely couldn’t replicate the majority of them, it’s still fun to think I can and sometimes even try. These are just a few of my favorites I pulled from their feed. Which one is your fave?

MAYHEM (weekly recap)

idieh design was recently featured on Borrowed & Bleu.

This is still on my to do list. Hoping to check it off this week.

Looking to add a little spunk to your daily happenings? I have the perfect solution.

I am lucky to call this man mine and we celebrated his birthday all weekend. Happy Birthday, Sweet Cheeks!

Now, it’s time to crank up the jams as everyone deserves to start the week off right with a dance party.

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Featured on Borrowed and Bleu | Wedding Stationery

A few months ago the lovely girls of Imoni Events reached out and asked me to conceptualize and design a wedding stationery suite for their white wedding styled shoot. After asking many questions and gathering all their ideas, my mind immediately began to race. It’s always a (GOOD!) challenge when taking on a styled shoot as the options are initially endless.

To add some limitations to the project, I decided on an over-sized square invite with an added punch of incorporating not only one, but TWO different fabrics. The challenge officially began with finding just the right fabric combo. After a long search, I stumbled upon a match made in heaven. I paired a teal, graphic-patterned cotton fabric with a high contrast, large cutout satin overlay. The teal fabric would be the front layer, adding energy & personality, while the coral would serve as an oversized graphic, bringing texture to the piece.  The two fabrics, when combined not only add visual appeal, but an added surprise in the tactile touch. (Who doesn’t love surprises?!)

Take a peek at all the paper goods I created for this styled shoot, incorporating teal, coral, and yellow to play up Arizona’s rustic nature, all while still staying true to the modern and clean aesthetics of a white wedding. Props to the Imoni team for pulling it all together!






Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.23.39 PM

To see more details of this bright & cheery styled wedding shoot, head on over to borrowed & bleu where it was featured!

A big hive five to all the vendors involved:


Music, Makeup & Mayhem | Vol. 19

Each Monday, I bring you the jams I’m rocking out to (music), what I can’t live without in the world of cosmetics, clothing, and art (makeup), and my recap of last week’s daily happenings (mayhem)


MUSIC (weekly jams)

While I wasn’t able to watch all of the Oscars, I did catch the Oscar for Best Song. It only made sense to make this week’s jams inspired by the Oscars nominated Best Song and Best Score Playlist. Which is your favorite? Let it go, let it go! I’m kind of loving all of them.

MAKEUP (what I can’t live without)


This week I introduce you to Lentil Bean Press. The creator behind these adorable mini canvases is the too-cute-for-words Andrea. She was one of my first stationery clients many years ago and we’ve kept in touch ever since. We are both convinced we would be BFFs if we lived closer to each other. For now, we just cheer each other on from afar and fight over who loves Jimmy Fallon more. (It’s definitely me.) If you haven’t yet, get your butt over to her Etsy shop to stake claim in one of these airstream mini pieces of art. Your heart will be so happy you did.

MAYHEM (weekly recap)

Last week I found a love for braids. Here’s my first attempt, followed by a few more. I think I tried out a total of 4 braided hairstyles last week. Don’t hate.

The Girls with Glasses Show featured my All Her Heart Art Print on their blog on Friday. Go see for yourself!

My pup, Trey, totally steals my heart on a daily basis. I mean, who could say no to the little guy. Isn’t he the sweetest of sweet?!

Oh, yes. I almost forgot! This gem of a website is launching this week. Any guesses on who the client is?

Now, it’s time to crank up the jams as everyone deserves to start the week off right with a dance party.

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Music, Makeup & Mayhem | Vol. 18

Each Monday, I bring you the jams I’m rocking out to (music), what I can’t live without in the world of cosmetics, clothing, and art (makeup), and my recap of last week’s daily happenings (mayhem)


MUSIC (weekly jams)

The Voice is BACK! But, that’s not the best part. The most exciting thing of all of this is that U-S (pause) H-E-R (pause) R-A (pause) Y-M (pause) O-N-D is back. EEK! Mondays just got a hell of a lot better. This week’s jams is brought to by a few of my faves from the judges themselves (with a bonus from my man). Please note: If you aren’t in the baby making mood, go ahead and skip the last selection.

MAKEUP (what I can’t live without)


Image courtesy of

While fashion and makeup are always fun to talk about, I’ve decided to bring another passion into this weekly feature: ART. It’s always such a place of inspiration and this little gem just happened to cross my path today. Two New York City-based graphic designers created this typographic poster series for a scholarship program. Check out the other half and the inspiration behind the series here.

MAYHEM (weekly recap)

Did you see the sneak peek of a new product I will be launching very, very soon? So excited for this one.

I’m so excited to announce the winners of my Brand Consultation Giveaway. Go congratulate them all! Such heartfelt entries.

Having trouble focusing on your daily to-dos? Take some advice from Little Hip Squeaks and get you hands on a mini task list notepad. STAT. An office must-have that’s stylish, practical AND motivational.

Now, it’s time to crank up the jams as everyone deserves to start the week off right with a dance party.

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Brand Consultation Giveaway | WINNER ANNOUNCED!



Well, not just yet. Just a few more seconds. (Don’t you dare scroll to the bottom!!)

WOW. To say I was blown away by the entries for my Brand Consultation Giveaway is an understatement. All of your sweet, from-the-heart stories and comments left my heart full. Full of love, passion, and so, so grateful. This “little” giveaway that I decided to host on a whim just a few weeks back has made a bigger impact on me than I ever imagined.

Since I like to keep it real over here, I’ll be honest in saying I was simply hoping that ONE person would enter the giveaway. I never imagined I would get a total of SIXTEEN applicants.(!!) While this might seem small to some, it has meant the world to me. Because, not only was each entry filled with from-the-heart stories that spoke to me on many levels, but many of the applicants expressed how long they have been following my journey, how they love the vision of my brand, and how they would lose their voice from screaming if they won this opportunity. Lose their voice over talking with me?! You couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. Honestly, I had no idea I actually had FANS out there. People who believe in me, my mission and my expertise. Who would have thought a simple giveaway would propel me to do more of what I love? Again. BLOWN. AWAY. So, before I announce the winner(s) (yes, there might be more than one), I want to thank EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU who entered and opened yourself up to being vulnerable, real, and to share your story. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. From the bottom of my HEART.

Drumroll, please…

I’m not giving away just one brand consultation, but FIVE! 

That’s a grand total of $1,250 in services! Woo hoo! I had to make myself stop at 5. (Why didn’t anyone warn me of how hard it would be to choose the winners? You are ALL winners in my book! Is that cheesy?)

The winners are, in no particular order:

Email me at to set up your consultation.

And there’s more…

If you entered the giveaway and don’t see your name above, I still have a few surprises coming your way! I viewed ALL of your brands and took some notes on feedback I could provide via email. So, be on the lookout for an email from me in the following week with some advice and tips on how to elevate your brand (plus a little gift from me to you!). I couldn’t help myself from filling up pages and pages of ways I could give back and help you all. xo!

I’ll leave you with this, the entry of Janel Elise. Not only did she create a video, but she incorporated one of my loves, music (and JT!). Her creativity was OVER THE TOP and I loved every second of it. She even changed up the words to relate to the giveaway. Can we all give her props?! Happy Friday and congrats to all the applicants!


Top image by Brooke Dennis

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