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Heidi Moore • branding studio

Thank you to all who participated in the “name that color” contest, helping to name the new colors of the idieh design brand. It was wonderful to see all the creative entries (and even more thrilling to hear of your excitement about the contest)! Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce the new idieh design brand colors! Congratulations to Mary Lynn of sugarlush, who will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card for her submission of “Cosmo Coral.” And, congratulations to Stephanie of LETTERS and LISTS, who will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card, as TWO of her entries were chosen, “Sea Aura” and “English Cloud.” Thank you, Mary Lynn & Stephanie, for your awesome submissions. I can’t wait to use the new names! (Check your inboxes for your prize!) So, what do you think of the new names?

name that color contest

Heidi Moore • branding studio

As you probably already know, idieh design underwent a rebrand a few months back. As I’ve been so excited for the new brand and have had an awesome time implementing it, whenever I need to describe the colors of the brand, I find myself using different descriptions every time.  idieh design’s brand colors are unique and I can’t seem to pinpoint how best to describe their character. Therefore, I decided, why not have a contest?! Objective: to find a fun & unique name to describe each color of the idieh design brand (shown above). If your color name is chosen for one of the brand colors, you will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. (That means you have a chance to win THREE gift cards!) You can offer up as many names as you see fit. The more creative, the better. Just leave your suggestions below! (Or, if you prefer … Read More

trust your gut

Heidi Moore • inspiration personal

In the past, when I was faced with tough decisions I would analyze, analyze, and again, analyze the pros and cons of each decision. At the end of the over-analyzing, I would be back at square one, still wondering which decision to move forward with. I would find myself tucking away innate feelings and thoughts as though they didn’t matter and concentrating on the other party at hand and how they would feel and what was best for THEM. You get the point. Recently, I have been faced with some tough decisions that left my heart, again, playing tug-o-war with my mind. My heart was telling me to do one thing, my mind another. And, until recently, I can’t remember a time I made a decision and didn’t end up questioning it, over-analyzing it, and wondering, “Did I do the right thing?” Until now.  This time I really stopped and … Read More

family photos

Heidi Moore • personal

A few weeks ago, my sister and her family asked if my Mom, Stepdad, and I would like to be a part of their family portrait session.  I, of course, answered with a resounding “YES!” and couldn’t wait to see what fun we could have. Our fabulous photographer, Melissa Jill, found out my niece loved to read, so she suggested we do the shoot at a local bookstore in Old Town Scottsdale called The Poisoned Pen. It was so much fun and such a cute place to take photos. I always love taking photos with the whole family, especially since my Mom and Stepdad don’t live in Phoenix, but I was super excited to get candid shots with my adorable, full of personality, 4-year-old niece, London. I think we did just that. What do you think? I love this little girl to pieces! The best sister in the world! We … Read More

introducing the new and improved…

Heidi Moore • branding studio

I am so excited to be re-introducing my company and it’s new look to the world today! Branding your company is such a tricky endeavor, and it sometimes (notice I said, sometimes, not every 3 months) needs to evolve, as you as a person are (hopefully) evolving. For me, from the day I started my business to today, I have really come to discover more and more about who I am, what I want, and how I need to get there.  I felt like my company needed to reflect those things as I changed and grew, and so this rejuvination of idieh design is very exciting for me! Recently, I made the decision to focus more of my time on idieh design, therefore scaling back in some other areas of my life to really make the direction of where I’m going to the needs of my idieh clients and its … Read More

the gift of love

Heidi Moore • branding give back

Over the past few months, idieh design has had the pleasure of collaborating with Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar and the non-profit, The Rescue Train, on a very unique venture to give the gift of love and life to animals facing euthanasia at city shelters. The Rescue Train is a no kill organization that is dedicated to education and to eliminating animal suffering and euthanasia in Los Angeles. The program, The Gift of Love, offers wedding registry, wedding favors, and gifts of life to save animals in lieu of couples registering for the typical wedding gifts such as kitchen products, etc. idieh design collaborated with the team to develop a brand for the program, including the logo, the overall look of the website, the wedding favors, gift cards, and registry cards. Whether you are a bride and groom looking for a meaningful wedding favor or a wedding guest looking … Read More

color block, you rock

Heidi Moore • inspiration

Bold, bright colors? Yes, please. I’m a huge fan of the color block trend that is coming back for Spring 2011. I need all items above, which are obviously screaming “Heidi, you REALLY need us. Not want. Need.”  And, ever since Gwenyth Paltrow wore the Christian Louboutin Futura mutli-colored peep-toe ankle booties (shown above) on the 2011 Grammys, I can’t stop thinking about them. I. MUST. HAVE. THEM (once I have $1095 to spare). I would love to see this trend make it to the stationery world. Hmmm… dress :: Urban, DKNY tights :: Nordstrom, Christian Louboutin’s Futura Bootie :: (brown)

my style profile

Heidi Moore • personal

Every Thursday, Jeannine Kennedy, editor of The Stylish Planner, features a wedding and event industry professional in a “Style Profile.” It allows her readers to get to know other professionals in the industry and to network and share resources. Last week I had the pleasure of being featured on her blog. Check out my style profile and you might just learn something new about me! Jeannine and I met last year at the Eventology Conference, which takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Eventology is an intimate, collaborative and intensive business conference designed especially for wedding professionals brought to you by K Sherrie and Company Planning Atelier. This conference will bring you real-life, applicable marketing and business information to use to enhance your wedding business. This year Jeannine will be one of the many guest speakers. She’ll be presenting The Style Plan: Your Image and Your Collateral. To see the conference’s full … Read More

how fly are you?

Heidi Moore • personal social

I was out to dinner with a few girlfriends one night and we were on the topic of the male species. Each of us were giving our own two cents about boys we have liked/currently like and why. It becomes my turn and I begin to talk about a boy who makes my heart beat a little faster than it should. As I struggle to find the right words to describe why I like him, I say, “He’s just supa dupa fly.” I quickly realize the statement that has just managed to escape my mouth and try to recover. No luck. My friend stops me in mid sentence and asks me to repeat what I just said. I couldn’t do it. For that split second Missy Misdemeanor Elliott took over my body and there was nothing I could do about it. I just said SUPA. DUPA. FLY. Weird. I couldn’t … Read More

the special event 2011 wedding lunch

Heidi Moore • branding

This past January, The Special Event (TSE), the largest tradeshow and conference in the world for event professionals, took place in Phoenix, Arizona. idieh design had the pleasure of being a sponsor for The Wedding Lunch, hosted by the lovely ladies of Outstanding Occasions, Heather Crabtree and Jennifer Thinnes. They first approached idieh design to create a logo for the event, themed “In Love with Metallics.”  We were able to work closely together and first created the logo above, which set the tone for the entire event. Next, we began designing the program. We wanted the overall feel to be clean and simple, as it would find itself among the tables that were each decorated to the max by talented vendors and planners. We decided on a square format with the added detail of a peach ribbon to make it complete. Here are a few photos taken by the ever-so-fabulous … Read More