finding your momentum.

Heidi Moore • personal

What helps you find your momentum…that jump start to get things moving? I find that the hardest part to accomplishing tasks is taking that FIRST step in order to gain the momentum to complete it. I sometimes find myself quickly getting overwhelmed with the big picture which then seems to hinder my productivity with the smaller tasks at hand. Because of this, I’ve recently been trying to become more aware of what it is that pumps me up, gives me that extra push and drives my momentum. So, my question to you is, what gives you that extra push to begin gaining your momentum? And for your viewing pleasure (and hopefully a laugh), I thought I would share with you some of the fun I had in Italy a few weeks ago. Here are two clips of my friend and I having our first adventures at snow tubing in the … Read More

ready. set. go.

Heidi Moore • personal

If you have had any contact with me over the past few months, you would know they haven’t been the best. Among boy issues, sickness after sickness, and an unexpected gall bladder surgery my 2011 still hasn’t begun. I am just in a hole that I can’t seem to dig myself out of.  I’m not usually one to stay in a funk but for whatever reason I’m having a hard time getting back on track.  I’m taking one day at a time and doing my best to smile.  I’ve been through some tough times in my life – losing my father at 18, going through a divorce – but there is something about this point in my life that has me down. I am grateful for what I have and as my sister always says, “it could be worse,” but I’m ready for things to be better. So, to make … Read More

what file formats to request once your logo is created

Heidi Moore • branding

You made the big step. You realized how important a brand is to your business and you invested in a graphic designer.  You excitedly experienced the design process, getting more and more anxious as you approached the final phase.  You reach the end and now have a brand you can’t live with out. What’s next? Before saying goodbye to your designer, make sure you have the necessary file formats on hand.  This not only helps you, but also any other designers you choose to work with down the road.  Believe me, you will receive the “awesome client award” if when a designer asks for your files you say, “No problem, I’ll send them right over.”  Usually, though, that is not the case.  More times than not we designers get a low-resolution JPG that has the ever-dreadful white border around it, the file isn’t editable, and unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible … Read More

wedding rehearsal with western flare

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Today, we are excited to show you some fabulous photos of Kristen and David’s wedding weekend, taken by Sandey of Tenuto Photography.  idieh design had the pleasure of working with Kristen to design custom stationery for both her rehearsal dinner and wedding. (You’ll have to come back to see the wedding!) The gathering was outside, at the groom’s parent’s house, which allowed for an intimate setting that was full of personality.  Kristen and David wanted a rehearsal dinner with a western flare, and that’s exactly what we gave them, with a twist.  Kristen provided us with the details of the linens and overall theme, and we ran with the inspiration.  Instead of creating your typical horseshoe and cowboy hat kind-of-stationery, we chose to play off the linens, which, as you can see, were red and white gingham. Isn’t the photo of their shoes the cutest!?!? (LOVE the boots, Kristen!) We … Read More

eventology 2010 | logo design

Heidi Moore • branding

idieh design had the pleasure of collaborating with Katasha of K Sherrie and Company Planning Atelier to develop a logo for Eventology 2010, an intimate, collaborative and intensive business conference designed especially for wedding professionals. After an initial brainstorming session to determine what direction to take the logo, Katasha was able to convey a few elements that allowed us to really hone in on what she was looking for in the E10 logo.  Navy, fuchsia and champagne were the colors of choice.  Education, networking, yet fun is what she wanted the logo to communicate.  Here are a few of the logos we developed during the design process (after many font and color explorations): After a few back and forths and final refinements, this is the logo Katasha fell in love with: The inspiration for this logo was an abstract interpretation of a talk bubble repeated to represent all the attendees … Read More

winner announced | think pink. think strength. contest

Heidi Moore • give back

From idieh | design I am happy to announce that Taryn of Serendipity Videography is the winner of our think pink. think strength. contest. She wrote: “I love these!! My aunt is battling Breast Cancer and is in Chemo right now so this really hits home. Here is my favorite Quote: To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the biggest hazard in life is to risk nothing….Girls Guide To Quote Of The Day” Congratulations Taryn and I hope this little package of hope helps your aunt continue the battle and conquer the cancer! we WILL beat cancer, Heidi

until next year…

Heidi Moore • personal

I would like to give one last shout out to my favorite holiday, Halloween.  This year I had the brilliant idea of throwing my first Halloween party. The best part is I talked one of my friends into having the party at their house – I would just be in charge of decorations.  So, after a week full of ups and downs and a few mental breakdowns, I managed to pull off a kick ass party with decorations I can’t wait to use again next year!  What do you think? From idieh | design Pictured above, top left is my cocoon man, which I must say I am VERY proud of.  I made this scary creature out of crumpled paper, fabric, gauze, and spider web.  At the beginning all I could think of is “Why do I do this to myself” but in the end I thought it was perfect!  … Read More

idieh design contest | think pink. think strength.

Heidi Moore • give back

From idieh | design idieh design is thrilled to announce our first giveaway in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to promote Pink Initiative, a collection of wedding industry professionals and private donors dedicated to funding awareness, outreach, education and research for breast cancer.  We recently joined this initiative and are so excited to donate to such a great cause! We designed an ensemble consisting of three blank note cards, a bookplate, three inspirational cards, and a handmade bookmark.  In addition to the ensemble, the lucky winner will receive a copy of Matthew Kelly’s, The Book of Courage. The idea behind the giveaway is that this gift package would be a great gift for someone struggling with breast cancer.  And, more importantly, The Book of Courage contains a coupon which can be mailed to Courage for Cancer with the name and address of someone you know who is suffering … Read More

find our wedding save the date “modern paisley” on

Heidi Moore • wedding

idieh design is thrilled to announce that our very own save the date design, Modern Paisley, was chosen and is now available for sale on! And, you can even get address labels to match! This save the date was inspired by an invitation ensemble we created for a super cute and totally in love couple. And, the bride was also in love with, you guessed it, paisley.  She wanted the casual yet stylish Anthropologie vibe and that’s what we gave her. This save the date would be perfect for the couple who are fun and fantastic and want their guests to know their wedding day will be nothing short of that! If this is the perfect save the date to announce your big day, get yours here. And then come see us for all your other wedding stationery needs!

coding for wedding invitations

Heidi Moore • wedding

No, the image isn’t having problems loading.  This is a QR code.  You know, a Quick Response Code, which is mainly used for marketing, but I have other ideas for this nifty new technology. Quick response codes allow people to use a smartphone to take a picture (scan) of a “barcode” (example shown above) that will then direct them to a particular link, image, or text.  There’s no need to type long web addresses or links.  Simply point, click and your phone will know where to go. Of couse, you need some type of software to read the QR codes and there are plenty out there.  I chose the “QR app” for my iphone and it is SUPER easy to use.  Go download yours now for FREE (just search “QR app” on your iphone) and see where the above code takes you. 😉  You can even create your own QR code here. QR codes can be used on … Read More