coding for wedding invitations

Heidi Moore • wedding

No, the image isn’t having problems loading.  This is a QR code.  You know, a Quick Response Code, which is mainly used for marketing, but I have other ideas for this nifty new technology. Quick response codes allow people to use a smartphone to take a picture (scan) of a “barcode” (example shown above) that will then direct them to a particular link, image, or text.  There’s no need to type long web addresses or links.  Simply point, click and your phone will know where to go. Of couse, you need some type of software to read the QR codes and there are plenty out there.  I chose the “QR app” for my iphone and it is SUPER easy to use.  Go download yours now for FREE (just search “QR app” on your iphone) and see where the above code takes you. 😉  You can even create your own QR code here. QR codes can be used on … Read More

welcome to idieh design

Heidi Moore • studio

Hello!  Welcome to “what’s the big idieh,” idieh design’s blog. It’s finally time for us to join the blogging world.  We are thrilled to soon announce the release of our new site, along with many new and exciting things in store for us.  Stop by often to see all the things we {heart}: inspirational images and unique “idiehs”, innovative products and fabulous people, and, of course, a display of some of our very own work. We hope you stop by often! We can’t wait to get started!! If you have any suggestions about what you would like us to blog about, let us know!