Fashion Illustration Makes a Statement

Sami Davis • art

A red sole, an innovative drape, some glitz, some glam… Fashion illustration has evolved tremendously in the past 10 years and has become one of today’s sensations across Instagram and in the industry. These artists are reinventing how we perceive fashion, from Tim Burton inspired to the classical abstract– and it doesn’t stop there. Jobs for illustration have been BOOMING due to the influx of everyone returning back to the fundamentals of fine art and hand created elements. Calligraphy and watercolor fonts are the newest trends. Hand-illustrated cards are all the rage. Prints are THE decor to have around the house. It’s refreshing, right!? With fashion illustration making a HUGE statement, here are six artists killing the game who you need to catch up with!   1. Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion Katie’s site started in 2009 as a place for her to literally showcase how paper meets fashion. She’s … Read More

Blending Techniques with Watercolor

Rachel Eskandari • art

Water Color

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July! This week I want to show you all some blending techniques when water coloring. Some people ask me how I get certain looks to my paintings, so I hope this little guide helps answer some of your questions! This guide shows some different methods to blend depending on the look you are going for when painting. Wet on Wet: Applying water to your paper in the shape you are going for, then adding the paint. This allows the paint to blend on it its own. It will only blend in the spots with water. I love this look because it is more washy when it dries and you can add more than one color, like I did in the bottom left circle. Wet on Dry: Applying paint straight to dry paper. I use this method a lot when layering because I … Read More

Focus of the Moment: Fruit

Rachel Eskandari • art

This week my “Focus of the Moment” is summer fruit. I especially love berries and I can’t resist a cold watermelon! I love painting fruit because the shapes are so organic and I love the washy elements added to this piece. Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and staying hydrated with fruit infused water, my favorite! 🙂   Keep Creating, Rachel

Focus of the Moment: Lips

Rachel Eskandari • art beauty inspiration

  Hey everyone! I am starting a new series for the blog  called “Focus of the Moment.” I am one of those artists that can’t stick to one subject matter for a long time so I decided to give you a peek into what I am focusing on for the next couple weeks. With summer being here everything seems to slow down, which let’s me focus on some projects of my own! Right now I have a fascination with painting makeup looks, so I have been practicing lips! I love the washy looks I am getting with the watercolor. I achieve multiple tones by using the layering method: thin coats of color placed on top of each other but letting each layer dry before applying the next. When I thought of doing this post for the blog I couldn’t help but think of the wonderful lip stain Heidi designed with Breanna Thomas … Read More

That Time I Made a Paper Dress // WIPA Phoenix

Heidi Moore • art fashion

paper dress

  When Rachael and Sam of Imoni Events were planning a WIPA event at the Phoenix Art Museum, they made a request that I’ve never received before. They asked me to make a dress. Out of paper. A paper dress. Mind you, I’ve designed clothes for the idieh design shop, and I’ve crafted many a thing out of paper, but I’ve never married the two entities. Paper Dress? Say What?!? As I learned from Saskia & Mike’s modern wedding, the art museum is such a cool and unique venue that I knew I wanted to make a statement with the piece I created (not to mention I wanted it to be a LBD). I started by sketching out my ideas, and then figuring out how to make my vision a reality. Again, using paper. If you know anything about me, you know I have a thing for hearts, so I … Read More

Summer is Here

Rachel Eskandari • art

  I think each season inspires me in a different way. Summer is no exception and with the summers in Arizona I think of three very important things: swimming,   snowcones and   cacti! You usually see at least one of these elements pop up in my work somewhere during the long summer heat. What do you think of when you think of the summer season? What inspires you during these vacation filled months? Speaking of vacation, if you go on any this summer, come back with inspiration and new ideas to put towards your craft. Everyone needs some time to rejuvenate and feel inspired and summer is the perfect time to explore the ideas floating around in your head. Take a notebook and start jotting down your summer memories and inspirations! Keep Creating, Rachel  

Tips on Turning Your Art into a Time Lapse Video

Rachel Eskandari • art

Hey Everyone! Hope you enjoyed my time lapse video! I love making these videos and they are so simple to create. Here are few tips to get started: 1. Pick an activity you would like to record that takes an average of 3o min. 2. Make sure you record it in natural light if possible. 3. I use my tablet to record and prop it above what I am painting. You don’t have to go and buy a tripod necessarily. You can be innovative and come up with a tripod device. I currently use a block of styrofoam punctured by 2 clamps from Home Depot. Then to hold the styrofoam in place I use a weight plate. Eventually I plan on a getting a nice tripod but this works for now, haha! 4. After I am finished recording, I upload my video to my computer and open the file in Windows Live … Read More

The Power of Motivation

Rachel Eskandari • art inspiration

  Do you ever feel like this when it is time to face the world? I have had many of these days recently and it is tough to move forward when your motivation starts to slow down. Don’t feel like you are the only one because, believe me, you are not!  When this happens I know it is time to recharge but sometimes it is difficult to figure out what you need to get back into the groove. I suggest to first Take a couple breaths and evaluate your current situation. Are you on the go 24/7? Have you taken a minute for yourself in the last week? If not, you need to! I take my lack of motivation as a sign. Just this week I had a handful of orders but instead of immediately pouncing on them I decided to paint something for myself. I truly believe by doing … Read More

Creating a Series

Rachel Eskandari • art

Happy Tuesday! Today is all about creating a series. Once you get more involved in your craft you’ll eventually get to a point where you want to create a series. A series of work is something you will hold dear to your heart.  You have one main idea and then develop a handful of mini ideas that fit into your initial concept, forming a series. I remember in college I had to come up with my first watercolor series and it was rough. When I say rough I mean very challenging but so rewarding at the same time. At that time I was obsessed with Asian ink paintings, so for my senior project I really focused on the art of sumi painting. This series taught me a lot of  patience and how to study a concept from beginning to end. My main idea focused around the eye and all of the elements that … Read More

Collaborating with your Community

Rachel Eskandari • art

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is all about collaboration! I absolutely love collaborating with others, especially those within my community. Sometimes it takes time to figure out what you would like to collaborate on and other times it hits you suddenly. If you rock at party planning you could collaborate with someone who specializes in party decor. Are you an awesome calligrapher and want to specialize  in wedding design? You could contact some local wedding planners and talk about working on projects with their clients. Honestly,  the ideas are endless! By collaborating I have grown my business in so many positive ways: I have met wonderful creative people. participated in amazing #girlboss events and expanded on the types of projects I take on. This week I challenge you to email a fellow creative and come up with an awesome idea together! Two heads are better than one 🙂 Check out some projects … Read More