Fighting Fear

Rachel Eskandari • art

  I don’t think you should settle for one thing when you could be happier doing something you love. Fear can play a large part in determining what road you end up taking and overcoming that emotion could take you down a whole new path. Today I want to bare my heart to you and tell  you my story about fighting fear and gaining the confidence to follow my passion of painting. I have always loved to work with my hands and participate in art class as a young girl, but it wasn’t until middle school that I really started making art a hobby. My oldest sister, Robin, encouraged  and inspired me at an early age to become an artist. I was a major introvert up until the middle of college and I realize now, art has always been there for me when I couldn’t verbally express my feelings. It made … Read More

idieh shop SPRING // SUMMER GIVEAWAY worth over $230!

Heidi Moore • art fashion girlboss inspiration shop studio

Ah! It’s here! It’s finally here. It’s something I’ve been working hours on end to get ready to show you guys because I’m just so excited about it. And just a teeny bit proud of. I want to officially announce the launch of my brand spankin’ new spring/summer collection for the idieh design online shop. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! So many news things to announce: For the first time, we’re launching our kids’ collection including the Legit Tees for kids. If you’re in desperate need of a new phone case, print or tee, we have new designs that are calling your name. AND…we also launched a new shop site to make your shopping experience even better. Boom.     1. Pyrite Cluster Stud Earrings // Adam Rabbit Jewelry  • 2. Aztec Top Knot Baby Beanie & Swaddle Set // KB Cute Designs  •  3. Urban Karma Boomerang 30″ Necklace // LotusGirl  • … Read More

Sketch It Up!

Rachel Eskandari • art inspiration

Today is all about keeping a sketchbook for your daily thoughts and sparks of inspiration! I recommend a sketchbook for every type of artist. Our imagination is always spinning with new words or visuals and we need a place to store them all. Wherever you go you should carry a sketchbook because your mind has a funny way of making a connection with the most random of subjects. I love a physical book but if you prefer a digital one then I recommend using the notes section on your phone and for digital drawings, I sometimes use the Sketchbook X app (don’t forget to carry a stylus or it could be a bit difficult). Choosing a sketchbook is always a particular process for me because I like quirky sizes. It has to be your style or you won’t use it. I suggest choosing a size that works best with the subject … Read More

Inspiration to Spark Your Imagination

Rachel Eskandari • art inspiration

Today is all about inspiration! As an artist, I often get the question, “What inspires you to paint what you paint?” I love how there are so many answers to this one question. Do you ever sit and really think about what inspires your creativity? I can say my obsession with Pinterest, my love for magazines, Instagram and my environment all play a large role in my colorful art! Pinterest is definitely the and I have no idea how I lived without it before it blossomed. I can proudly say that I have almost 200 boards and over 12,000 pins. Being a visual artist, pictures are my world and being able to have a visual representation of almost anything at my fingertips is absolutely amazing. I love the idea of secret boards because this is where I store a lot of my more specific creative ideas. For example, if … Read More

Building A Ridiculously Rad Toolbox

Rachel Eskandari • art

As an artist, I have a connection with my materials. I know it sounds wacky but the materials I use bring my imagination to life.  They may not like all that pressure but they learn to deal 😉 You should think about the materials you use on a daily basis. Are the tools in your rad toolbox helping your creativity run wild? Are they affordable? These are very important questions to consider no matter what your creative outlet may be. Being a painter, you can only imagine how many brands I have dipped my brush into. I have painted for over fourteen years and the main difference I have noticed between high and low cost paints is the pigment density.  Pigment density is how bold or bright a color appears on your bright white paper but the standard grade paint sets still work for me just fine! My go to … Read More

A New Trend: Abstract Art

Sami Davis • art

Hi lovelies, Sami here from The Unexpected Type! Today I’m sharing some rad artists that are killing it in the abstract art world. Mesmerizing color palettes and insane patterns are all over my radar for Spring– these artists totally surpass any trends with their innovative work! From hairstylist to famed calligraphy artist, Meredith Bullock finally settled into place after she honed in what she knew felt right—painting. Her acrylic paintings steal the show with dreamy palettes & brush strokes. Emily Rickard currently lives in Los Angeles painting & designing for the fearless creators. Her paintings are full of colors that pop, super cool patterns, and metallic accents. Ashley Goldberg loves to focus on portraiture and capturing a brief moments in time. Her pieces tend to be simple, but with a sophisticated or stark color palette. Jenny Prinn paints in color combinations or juxtapositions, other times it’s whole compositions, and sometimes … Read More

A peek into pink puddle’s art studio

Rachel Eskandari • art

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to be teaming up with idieh design as an art contributor! I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve that I am looking forward to sharing will you all.  Hopefully, I can even inspire some of you to pick up your own brush and get creative! Being my first post, I thought I would start off by introducing you to where the magic happens; my studio space.  Let’s get crackalackin’! Welcome to my eclectic space or as others may call it, a nook in my living room. I wouldn’t describe my studio as something you would see out of a Martha Stewart magazine but it inspires me to paint day after day. It is important to situate your space in a way that screams you and not someone else. I decided to put my office and studio space in one area because I … Read More