A Few Fun Facts about Me | WIPA Member Highlight

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WIPA. What the heck is that? WIPA stands for Wedding Industry Professionals Association and the organization is comprised of the best of the best wedding professionals across the country. Chapters are forming all across the States and Phoenix’s Chapter just recently became the second official chapter in the nation. I’m honored to say I’ve been a member since it’s inception in September 2011. I was recently featured in the WIPA Phoenix Member Highlight Series. It was so fun answering all their thoughtful question, so, I thought it would be “super dope” to share the answers with all of you, too! Valerie, of Creative Occasions wrote the sweetest intro that I might just need to use myself for future introductions. (Much love, Val!) Bright, Bold & Current describe this week’s highlight, this fabulous lady is as sweet as her addiction to candy is! Heidi Bartlett, Owner & Creative Director of idieh design is your … Read More

Cue the cocktails & candy…

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Cue the cocktails and candy, ’cause this girl needs both…STAT. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? (Because I’m not sure I am. Eek!) Writing this is so surreal. My last day at the daytime gig was YESTERDAY. Yep, that’s right. I’m a FULL-TIME business owner…starting today. I don’t have to figure out if today I’m going into the day job office or my own office. I don’t have to figure out how I’m going to get this, this, and that done tomorrow for idieh design when I have to work at the day gig from 9-5. No more juggling of my time between 50 million projects when many of those were coming from the corporate world. You guys!! I said “later tator” to the role of Senior Graphic Designer at a place I’ve worked at for over 5 1/2 years and today is my first day of ONLY owning idieh design. … Read More

Small Business Branding // Imoni Events

Heidi Moore • branding studio wedding

Image by Elyse Hall Photography Jenni Thye of Imoni Events, a wedding planning company, reached out to idieh design when she knew it was time to elevate her brand and invest in someone who could clearly communicate her style and story behind her business. While she didn’t hire me for logo development (as she was already in the process of collaborating with a calligrapher on the main concept), I provided Jenni with feedback and art direction in developing her logo. She then passed along the calligraphy to me and I added the finishing touches to give the logo a cohesive and polished look. From there, Jenni created a Pinterest board full of color palettes, patterns and more! Through a compilation of inspiration, many chats over drinks, the new logo, and a full understanding of her initial branding questionnaire, we were ready to tackle her overall brand (& website). The Imoni Events … Read More

Brand Consultation Giveaway | WINNER ANNOUNCED!

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THE WINNER IS… Well, not just yet. Just a few more seconds. (Don’t you dare scroll to the bottom!!) WOW. To say I was blown away by the entries for my Brand Consultation Giveaway is an understatement. All of your sweet, from-the-heart stories and comments left my heart full. Full of love, passion, and so, so grateful. This “little” giveaway that I decided to host on a whim just a few weeks back has made a bigger impact on me than I ever imagined. Since I like to keep it real over here, I’ll be honest in saying I was simply hoping that ONE person would enter the giveaway. I never imagined I would get a total of SIXTEEN applicants.(!!) While this might seem small to some, it has meant the world to me. Because, not only was each entry filled with from-the-heart stories that spoke to me on many … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! Or, as I like to call it, Happy Heart Day! My love for Valentine’s Day started when I was just old enough to decorate and design my own contraption that would collect all of my Valentine’s I received at school. You know, when all the girls would patiently wait for that one Valentine that said, “Will you be mine?” to arrive from their secret crush? I relished in the craft of meticulously designing and creating the masterpiece that would house that one Valentine. Fast forward to today and I think my love for the holiday might come from the fact that the stores are flooded with hearts or maybe it has SOMETHING to do with seeing my brand’s color palette EVERYWHERE! Either way, the holiday is just so cheery & bright (and candy is involved), so I’m naturally a fan. Like many of you, I’ve experienced Valentine’s Day … Read More

The I DO Experience | Wedding Bridal Boutique

Heidi Moore • branding studio wedding

This past weekend I was lucky to share the stage with many of Arizona’s top notch wedding professionals at El Chorro’s “I DO Experience.” Engaged couples were invited to an intimate bridal open house to check out the gorgeous venue while they sipped champagne and mingled with the industry’s best. Oh, and let’s not forget, to indulge themselves in El Chorro’s glorious sticky buns. (Seriously, go getcha’ some! They are SOOOOO good.) It was such a fun-packed day full of meeting excited, over-the-moon, newly engaged couples to dancing with friendors while no one was watching (and stuffing our faces with sticky buns). I was lucky to have the adorable Amy & Jordan of Amy & Jordan Photography as a neighbor and they were so generous to capture my work that was displayed not only at my station, but also at the four tablescapes that were sprinkled throughout the room, each one … Read More

Small Business Branding // Serendipity Cinematography

Heidi Moore • branding studio wedding

Taryn of Serendipity Cinematography came to idieh design in search of small business branding for her wedding cinematography business this past year. She needed a brand overhaul: a new logo, a new website, new packaging, the works. Taryn realized (after chatting over many drinks with me) that while serving hundreds of brides over the past seven years, the Serendipity brand had changed. The dark, masculine, and muted brand persona was no longer accurately representing the energetic, full of personality, and spunk that is what Serendipity Cinematography is all about today. Taryn wanted her brand to exude more of what brides come to expect with Serendipity: knowledgeable, energetic, personable, professional, and all around FUN! To amp up the energy of the brand, we created a color palette full of rich, vibrant hues and paired that with the openness and fresh feel of lots and lots of white space. I paired a … Read More

ALT Summit Salt Lake City, Here I Come!

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Up, up and away! Guess who is on her way to attend the ALT Design Summit in Salt Lake City as we speak? THIS girl!!  It’s crazy now things work out. I’ve considered going to ALT in the past, but not SERIOUSLY considered it. I always just put it on the back burner and the next year would roll around and I would miss out on tickets…again. Well, this year the stars aligned. While I still missed out on getting my hands on the initial round of tickets, I was lucky to snatch one up when ALT surprisingly offered up a few extra tickets in December. I thought to myself, “Now is the time. Let’s do this!” And, the rest is history. I purchased a ticket within minutes of seeing the announcement and I couldn’t be more excited! If you haven’t heard of ALT, you can find out more here. What’s most exciting about … Read More


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Can I tell you how stoked I was when Kim Stoegbauer asked me to create printable gift tags for The TomKat Studio’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide?! I immediately jumped onboard and went on my merry way to create some fun, festive and colorful gift tags. The best part? I designed them with this gift wrap (featured in the photo above) in mind. You can mix and match the labels with the wrap to personalize & make this year’s gift giving the best yet. As I’m sure it’s no surprise, I’m not your typical red & green color scheme girl when it comes the holidays, so I bring you this variety of colorful, unique & FREE printable holiday gift tags. ENJOY! TO DOWNLOAD YOUR VERY OWN GIFT TAGS, CLICK HERE Don’t consider yourself the DIY-type or prefer the ease of gift LABELS? Head on over to the online idieh shop to purchase your own set. Instagram a photo … Read More

Holiday Gift Guide | cupcakeMAG

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Exciting news over here! The holidays are fast approaching and I have just the thing to put your nerves at ease. Introducing the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide just released by CupcakeMAG. Not only does it have over 40+ pages of gift-giving ideas inside, but it’s also jam-packed with stylish inspiration! Inside you will find price point gifts and an array of gifting categories to help tackle your gift-giving list! It also showcases 10 bloggers, social influencers and a celebrity, who are each sharing their curated lists. So fun, right? Want even more reason to check this holiday guide out? Well, I’ll give you two. 1. See those iPhone cases in the top right in the image above? Yep, those are from my very own idieh shop! EEK! 2. The best part about the guide is when you see something you like, you simply click on the image and it will take you … Read More