Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween from idieh design! May your bellies be full of candy and your hearts full of joy (seeing all the kiddies in costumes). Celebrate today by shopping the idieh shop. Enter the coupon code CANDY at checkout and receive a special treat! Today only! Find the how-to for this look here.

Spooky Treats Printable | Halloween Treat Bags

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Growing up, my neighborhood fully embraced the idea of trick-or-treating. You would find house after house (many with spooky decorations and delights) with the porch lights on, anxiously awaiting all the ghosts and goblins. More specifically, the families in my neighborhood were known for not just giving out one piece of candy, but potentially a full sleeve of Reese’s cups or a small handful of treats. In other words, legit! To this day, my mom doesn’t disappoint with this tradition and manages to take it one step further. Each year she buys bags after bags of candy, along with the cute little treat bags, and creates a special package for each character that stops by. Up until I moved away, I would help her fill each treat bag with all the goods, strategically stuffing them with the ideal combination of treats. My favorite part (once I was too old to … Read More

Branding for the Modern Girl | idieh design

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Welcome to the NEW idieh design brand! I couldn’t be more over the moon with it all! It is SO ME as it radiates a modern spunk with a bit of girly twist. Below is the style guide I created for the brand. I finally feel like I have a brand that is ME. A brand that has my name written all over it (literally…well, backwards). A brand that says so much more than the simple name of the business. MY STORY When I was little, I always had the drive to do my best, exceed expectations, and find ways to do better next time. Nothing was EVER enough. I constantly pushed myself to do bigger and better things in sports, academics, dancing, EVERYTHING. At an early age, I was the girl who made shit happen, even at the cost of her own sanity. Less than perfect was unacceptable. The Over-Achiever. … Read More

EMMA Magazine | Summer Issue

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  Have you seen the new Summer issue of EMMA Magazine?! If you are new to the family, the concept behind the magazine is “if Martha were a 20-something…” It’s a magazine for city mamas, nesting newlyweds, and budding entrepreneurs. The latest  issue is overflowing with ideas for the modern domestic such as how to host your very own Americana cookout for the 4th, where to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, how to sew your very own skirt (which I plan to attempt sooner or later), and SO MUCH MORE! Go see for yourself. It’s a gem. And, if you are part of the cool kids’ club and have an iPad or tablet, go download the newly released EMMA Magazine app and check out the awesomeness right on your device. (But, I’m still a lover of print, so I prefer the printed version, too.) I figured now would be a good time to … Read More

Outstanding Wedding Business Workshop | September 2013

Heidi Moore • branding studio

Have you heard?! The girls of Outstanding Occasions, Heather Crabtree & Jennifer Thinnes, recently launched a workshop, the Outstanding Wedding Business Workshop. If you are a seasoned wedding pro or just starting out, this is THE workshop to attend. Find more information about the workshop experience here or read on for more details. Jennifer & Heather are two brilliant, business-minded women, with a tell-it-like-it-is approach, who have been coaching wedding businesses since 2010. I, personally, have had the pleasure of knowing both Heather & Jennifer from the beginning and I truly look up to both of these ladies. Their background, expertise, and true passion to help others succeed is evident in everything they do. I’m lucky enough to call Heather my sister and I’ve seen first-hand her passion to help others grow their business as she has helped me grow mine tremendously (and calls almost daily with new ideas for ME to implement). … Read More

Brain Dump Printable

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UPDATE: You can get your very own Brain Dump Notepad (available in two sizes), over in my online shop. Go now!  While I was in the office last week, “that” feeling was weighing on me. You know, that overwhelming sensation when your brain is running a mile a minute and you can’t seem to focus? I found myself going from one project to the next without actually completing any task in full. I quickly decided I needed to get my thoughts out of my head and down on paper. And, what does a graphic designer do when they need a tool to capture their thoughts? They create it! Call me crazy, but I assume, and quite honestly hope, I’m not alone in this overwhelming feeling that feels as though your brain might explode any minute (KA-BOOM). Therefore, I wanted to share this lovely tool with all of you to enjoy … Read More

Marie Forleo’s B-School Scholarship | Pick Me

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Can I first get a round of applause for that stellar screen shot below?! Ha. Oh man, if only I had time for a re-do…but I don’t. (Remember, Heidi…#DO.) Today I’m asking for your help. I am in the running to win a B-School Scholarship from the ever so rad, Marie Forleo. She asked anyone who would like to enter to create a 90-second or less video telling the world who you are, what your business is all about, and how you plan to make a bigger impact via your business. I’ve never made a video for my blog, so I thought, “Now’s the perfect opportunity!” I ask all of you to check it out, leave a comment on YouTube, like (heck, LOVE) the crap out of it, and spread the word. (The more you like the video, the better my chances!) I’m super stoked to have the opportunity to … Read More

2013 Desktop Calendars | Special Offer

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Still looking for that perfect desktop calendar that will add some personality to your desk? Well, look no further. For the month of February, all desktop calendars in THE LOVE & LAUGHTER SHOP will be 10% off when using coode: CAL10 at checkout. The best part? No need to feel like you are kicking off the year a month late, as these calendars cover February 2013 – January 2014. Score. Head on over to THE LOVE & LAUGHTER SHOP and get yours today! There are five designs to choose from and one for every desk out there. To keep up-to-date on new product releases, contests & special offers, make sure to like THE LOVE & LAUGHTER SHOP Facebook page. 

The Love & Laughter Shop Celebration Contest | WINNERS

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For those of you who have either been sleeping since last Monday or completely hiding out under a rock, I launched my new online shop, The Love & Laughter Shop. (YAY!) In celebration of the opening, I chose to have a contest. I sent out the cards (shown above) announcing the launch of the shop. Attached to each was a small bag filled with confetti. On the back, it instructed the individual, step by step, of how they must use the confetti while creatively depicting how they celebrate and then post the photo to Instagram. Everyone who entered had a chance to win a desktop calendar of their choice (from the shop, of course). Super fun, right? I thought so. And, was I right! Oh my goodness! Can I just tell you how much fun I had checking out everyone’s entries?! I mean, just look at the collage below. I … Read More

The Love & Laughter Shop | NOW OPEN

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EEEEK! My new online shop, The Love & Laughter Shop is now OPEN!! The day is finally here and I would be lying if I didn’t say I have a huge knot in my stomach. This shop has been something that’s been in my head for YEARS, yes years, but it was always something I talked about doing, never doing it. Finally, I was annoying myself with talking about it and not DOING it, so I changed that. (Hence, the whole one little word DO.) I took the first step and bought the domain and, as they say, the rest is history. This baby of mine (yes, I can say that since I don’t have any kids) is truly a labor of love. This shop is an extension of the idieh design brand and offers ready-made, quirky, well-designed pieces for everyone to enjoy. Why the name Love & Laughter? I … Read More