Cricut Room Makeover with J-14 and Jenna Ortega

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Cricut Jenna Ortega

OMG, it’s been such an exciting few months and I finally get to share some of the reasons why! I, along with J-14 magazine and the oh-so-awesome team of Cricut, was given the opportunity to totally makeover a room for the adorable teen star, Jenna Ortega! Let me tell you, it was such an incredible experience. From selecting amazing furniture & decor from Hayneedle to traveling to Palm Springs to make it all come to life, it was an opportunity for the books! Not to mention, Jenna has a heart of pure gold, and the best part…I found she was like a mini version of myself – which made this project that much more special. Transforming this up-and-coming teen’s room wasn’t just about the room makeover. It was about giving a teen sister duo a space they felt amazing to be in, all while growing with them throughout their teen years. I wasn’t just designing … Read More

Spreading Holiday Cheer Is Good For Your Health

Amanda Oliver • give back inspiration

Holiday Cheer

While the holidays can be fun and full of excitement and happiness, they can also be stressful and bring us down  in the dumps for a variety of reasons. Even if money or time is tight, the best way to get into the spirit of the season and boost your mood is to be charitable. Science has shown that when we give back or are generous, the pleasure centers in our brain light up. Even better? This same research showed it’s not the amount you give, but the mere action of giving that creates this response. In the study, the people who gave $5 were just as happy as the people who gave $20. So how can you tap into this well of happiness? By spreading a little holiday goodness wherever you go! Here’s a list of some of my favorite ways, at a range of costs: (1) Pay for … Read More

The Trend to Try: Rose Gold

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Rose Gold

Silver, gold, bronze, copper– we’ve probably seen it all! Psh, not yet. Are you ready for a feminine touch on your metallics? Because rose gold is here and perfect for the transition from summer to fall. It’s light and bright enough to sport while you run around through the rest of summer and will make the perfect statement as fall rolls in. Totally the new metallic you need in your life, am I right?! I’ve got the top picks for what you need to add to your wardrobe, home, and office as the rose gold trend continues to rise. Inspiration RULES. That bike is something I would totally ride around all day– I mean have you ever seen a rose gold bike?! Now you have. Accents of rose gold are great additions to the home, you don’t want to overdo it! Lastly, you need rose gold in your office now. Whether it’s … Read More

3 Ridiculously Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Bachelorette Ideas

Summer = wedding season. A wedding here, a wedding there, weddings, weddings, everywhere! If you’re in the bridal party this season, it’s time to step up your game and throw your girl a bachelorette party that isn’t all thunder from down under and drinks. We love these three, modern ideas for the coolest bachelorette party, EVER! MEET YOUR GIRLS AT THE BARRE You thought Bachelorette parties meant one thing: bar time. Maybe you’re right, but this time you’re meeting at the cardio barre instead! This is such a fun idea from Cyn Kain on Style Me Pretty! Grab your girls and head to your nearest workout studio, whether it’s Soul Cycle, a barre studio, or a dance studio. Take a fun class together to get your heart rate pumpin’ and enjoy brunch + mimosa’s after! Such a cool take on how we bachelorette, right girls? GET YOUR GLAMP ON If … Read More

Art Inspiration // How My Favorite Artists Inspire Me

Rachel Eskandari • art inspiration

Art inspiration plays a big role in my work. As a creative, I am always inspired by other artists and I love finding the commonalities among my work and theirs, whether intentional or subconsciously. Today I want to share with you some of my all time favorite artists and how they inspired some of my past work. 1. Willem De Kooning is one of my favorite abstract expressionist painters. I am especially inspired by his Woman series. Pictured (top left) is his Woman I painting. It was made with oil paint, charcoal and enamel. I made my own rendition with oil paint and charcoal. I call her Dita. Many people thought that his Woman series was his negative perception towards women but really it was his way of embracing his love for women. 2. Kees Van Dongen was a fauvist painter. I love how his portraiture was almost cartoon like but with so much … Read More

How To Afford An Epic Vacation On A Less Than Epic Budget [Part Deux]

Amanda Oliver • inspiration

Budget Vacations

Hello again! It’s Amanda from The Color Coded Life and if you have been checking out around the blog, you may have seen my first post of vacation tips on how to work the “shoulder seasons.” Well, that post got me thinking more about traveling, and I haven’t been able to stop! As I’ve mentioned before, my eyes are always MUCH bigger than my wallet. And while I don’t need full luxury, room service and the Ritz on my trips, I also feel like I’m past the age of sleeping six to a room in a youth hostel. So I wondered if it was possible to REALLY travel (not like visiting your parents or relatives or something easy like that) with limited means. I have been doing some digging and will be presenting some of the best advice I have found. Hopefully, these ideas and lists will provide you with the motivation to … Read More

Fourth of July Ideas that DON’T suck.

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fourth of july

Confession: I have a problem with the Fourth of July. It’s not the holiday itself– because I dearly love the patriotic ambience, bright sparklers, and over-the-top fireworks. Nope, none of that. I have a problem with the decor and projects I see year after year that continue to be sort of cheesy and pretty outdated. It was making my skin crawl, really. It’s hard to escape the mundane banners and American Flag decor, but it is doable! I’ve rounded up the best Fourth of July party picks and DIY’s you NEED to execute this year.. or else. These are the Fourth of July ideas that DON’T suck. I’ll come hunt you down if I see a cheesy decoration. Seriously. Modern 4th of July (from left to right) AMERICAN FLAG GARLAND // Say adios to that old pennant banner and lanterns and other funky hanging stuff. The House That Lars built created … Read More

Focus of the Moment: Lips

Rachel Eskandari • art beauty inspiration

  Hey everyone! I am starting a new series for the blog  called “Focus of the Moment.” I am one of those artists that can’t stick to one subject matter for a long time so I decided to give you a peek into what I am focusing on for the next couple weeks. With summer being here everything seems to slow down, which let’s me focus on some projects of my own! Right now I have a fascination with painting makeup looks, so I have been practicing lips! I love the washy looks I am getting with the watercolor. I achieve multiple tones by using the layering method: thin coats of color placed on top of each other but letting each layer dry before applying the next. When I thought of doing this post for the blog I couldn’t help but think of the wonderful lip stain Heidi designed with Breanna Thomas … Read More

The Power of Motivation

Rachel Eskandari • art inspiration

  Do you ever feel like this when it is time to face the world? I have had many of these days recently and it is tough to move forward when your motivation starts to slow down. Don’t feel like you are the only one because, believe me, you are not!  When this happens I know it is time to recharge but sometimes it is difficult to figure out what you need to get back into the groove. I suggest to first Take a couple breaths and evaluate your current situation. Are you on the go 24/7? Have you taken a minute for yourself in the last week? If not, you need to! I take my lack of motivation as a sign. Just this week I had a handful of orders but instead of immediately pouncing on them I decided to paint something for myself. I truly believe by doing … Read More

A Little Lucite Love!

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Hi Lovelies, Sami from The Unexpected Type here! I’m always on the lookout for unexpected items to add to my work desk to give myself a little more design inspiration. I have this terrible habit of wanting to change the entire design of a room COMPLETELY and get super impatient if it doesn’t happen pronto. I knew it was time to find some pieces that were universal and could seamlessly transition into any room design–whether I’m going with a poppy color palette or minimal neutrals. (inspiration via apartment therapy, stephanie jovski, and the clueless girl) Cue the cool look I can’t get enough of: lucite and acrylic! This look can totally swing towards a mid-century modern design or fit into any Anthropology-esque designed space. I feel like theres a bunch of great products you can score for a steal (Acrylic pieces can get pricey!) and I had to round up … Read More