idieh shop SPRING // SUMMER GIVEAWAY worth over $230!

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Ah! It’s here! It’s finally here. It’s something I’ve been working hours on end to get ready to show you guys because I’m just so excited about it. And just a teeny bit proud of. I want to officially announce the launch of my brand spankin’ new spring/summer collection for the idieh design online shop. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! So many news things to announce: For the first time, we’re launching our kids’ collection including the Legit Tees for kids. If you’re in desperate need of a new phone case, print or tee, we have new designs that are calling your name. AND…we also launched a new shop site to make your shopping experience even better. Boom.     1. Pyrite Cluster Stud Earrings // Adam Rabbit Jewelry  • 2. Aztec Top Knot Baby Beanie & Swaddle Set // KB Cute Designs  •  3. Urban Karma Boomerang 30″ Necklace // LotusGirl  • … Read More

Sketch It Up!

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Today is all about keeping a sketchbook for your daily thoughts and sparks of inspiration! I recommend a sketchbook for every type of artist. Our imagination is always spinning with new words or visuals and we need a place to store them all. Wherever you go you should carry a sketchbook because your mind has a funny way of making a connection with the most random of subjects. I love a physical book but if you prefer a digital one then I recommend using the notes section on your phone and for digital drawings, I sometimes use the Sketchbook X app (don’t forget to carry a stylus or it could be a bit difficult). Choosing a sketchbook is always a particular process for me because I like quirky sizes. It has to be your style or you won’t use it. I suggest choosing a size that works best with the subject … Read More

Inspiration to Spark Your Imagination

Rachel Eskandari • art inspiration

Today is all about inspiration! As an artist, I often get the question, “What inspires you to paint what you paint?” I love how there are so many answers to this one question. Do you ever sit and really think about what inspires your creativity? I can say my obsession with Pinterest, my love for magazines, Instagram and my environment all play a large role in my colorful art! Pinterest is definitely the and I have no idea how I lived without it before it blossomed. I can proudly say that I have almost 200 boards and over 12,000 pins. Being a visual artist, pictures are my world and being able to have a visual representation of almost anything at my fingertips is absolutely amazing. I love the idea of secret boards because this is where I store a lot of my more specific creative ideas. For example, if … Read More

Free April Wallpaper Download

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A new month means a new phone wallpaper download! Use April’s wallpaper download as a reminder to take time for yourself amidst the constant chaos surrounding you. Especially as a business owner, it is easy to concentrate so much on your brand but not nearly enough on yourself. Take time for coffee with an old friend, movie night with your boo, or a night out with your favorite girlfriends. What’s your favorite way to take time for yourself? FREE PHONE WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD

10 Must Reads for Every Creative #Girlboss

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Hey y’all, Maureen here! Today I wanted to share some must reads that I’ve got on my bookshelf to fuel my creative fire. As a #girlboss, it’s essential to stay focused and inspired to pursue projects that make you happy, and self-help books are a great way to learn from experts who have paved their paths as creative entrepreneurs. Raise your hand if you have at least three books you’re reading at once (or if you find your night stand piling up with must-reads faster than you can finish them?) That’s part of being a gal who lives on the corner of heart and hustle, right? Here are ten ridiculously rad reads to help you express your passions, key into your main motivations and help you perfect your personal brand and business. Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley and David Kelley ($17) We were all born creative, but why (and when) did we ever stop? … Read More

New faces: what’s the big idieh? new blog contributors

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Something we’ve been working on for a while is adding new personalities and perspectives to our blog. The day is finally here and we have some faces to introduce you to as new blog contributors! You’ll see their posts weekly on what’s the big idieh? so here is a little intro into the newest idieh rockstars: Mollie Sheperdson / Fashion I’m a Midwestern girl currently living out my dreams in NYC. I grew up with a keen eye for style, and with the encouragement of friends and family, A Stylish Side Project was born. When I’m not blogging, I’m working my day job in corporate retail. A few of my favorite things (besides fashion, of course) are my dog Daisy, rose macarons, Pure Barre, and coffee. Sami Davis / Home Decor, Parties, Organization and Business  Hi there! I’m Sami Davis – Blogger, DIY-er, Paper Lover, & Ice Cream Addict. I currently reside in SoCal, … Read More

3 DIY Easter Crafts

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Easter is filled with baskets, bright colors, bold patterns…oh, and DIY Easter crafts! In other words, a combination of all of things happy. With the latest projects I created with my Cricut Explore™, you’ll have your little ones oo-ing and aw-ing at how creative the Easter bunny is for weeks to come after the annual egg hunt. On Easter morning, show your kiddos how busy the Easter bunny has been by leaving his tracks all over the house. Mark a pathway with these adorable bunny footprints leading up to the kids’ Easter baskets. Its as easy as print, cut, lay for these bunny prints utilizing the new Cricut® “Print Then Cut” feature! MAKE IT NOW Egg decorating is one of many favorite holiday traditions because you get to be creative with each egg coming out a little different than the last. To add to your egg decorating, use these colorful yet functional egg holders … Read More

A Day in the Life with Brooke Carrico

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Today we wanted to share with you one of our favorite social influencers known as @brookecarrico on Instagram! Brooke is sharing her favorite Idieh Shop products with us today and we are so excited to introduce her today. This past year has been one of the most exciting and most successful for me. I have become someone people look up to and inspire to be (so I have been told) and today you get to see why! Everyday the first thing I do is well, check Instagram! Instagram may seem silly to some but it has made me define myself in a positive and beneficial way. Today you get to (finally) see the face behind the camera and how it is done. My essentials for everyday-instagraming is My Style Profile and everyday to-do list (which is pictured). My life may be interesting to some and to others it isn’t so much … Read More

Free Phone Wallpaper Download | March

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Who says you have to be Irish to say “Kiss Me?” For a little reminder that everyone needs to be kissed sometimes, here’s your free monthly wallpaper download. You heard me. FREE. Save it to your phone, tablet, laptop, whatever your heart desires. And don’t forget to remember that a little kiss and a lot of pink may be just what you need this month! FREE PHONE WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD

Tuesday Tricks

Caelen Demos • inspiration studio

Hi friends, Caelen here! Today I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite tricks to keeping a neat office space. Keeping an organized office space is one of the most difficult things for me, because I feel like I always have so many different things going on at once. Can you relate? This week’s tricks will help keep your space, (and brain for that matter), tidy throughout your week! What are your office tricks? Between so many different client files and images on my computer, my desktop becomes bogged down really quickly. Thanks to the Cloud from Cloud File Solutions, I get to keep all of my files off of my desktop, while still easily accessible in a cute metal cloud perched on my actual desk! Who knew a tape dispenser would be something to get excited about? The bold colors and shape of the tape dispenser … Read More