Friday Favorites

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This week’s Friday Faves are all about some essentials us fabulous girls need on-hand. So here we go…..what’s on your list? Get Stuff Done Mini Notepad because it’s essential to get through the week and my to-do list is forever growing. Even though I’m sporting yoga pants most days – accessories are a must. This Square Druzy ring from Wrenn Jewelry doesn’t leave my finger. I’m all about layering necklaces these days and it starts with this Gold Bar Name Necklace from Bip & Bop. LOVE! OSEA is my life-line. I can’t list all of my favorites but their Sea Vitamin Boost is always on my desk. Always. Nickel & Suede’s Gold Digger Leather Earrings are oh-so-stylish and go with everything. Everyone needs a pair! You know what they say – hair up, bra off for the weekend. She Does Justice has the cutest turbans around. I’m obsessing over these … Read More

The Power of {YOUR} Story

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When’s the last time you’ve disconnected from social media, turned off the TV, and just interacted and chatted with those around you? With all the distractions in the everyday world, we sometimes forget the power that our stories can have on others. The stories don’t have to be over-the-top or extraordinary. They could just be simple chats in passing that could change someone’s day. Never underestimate the impact (big or small) that can come from us simply sharing our stories and immersing ourselves in simple conversation with others. I’ve wanted to share this touching story for over a year now. It is a little long, but I hope you find the time to take a break and soak it in, because it definitely touched my heart and I have no doubt it will do the same for you. To set the scene, my brother-in-law’s sister, Chandra, shared this story with me … Read More

the Scared is scared

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Has something ever terrified you so much that you become a ball of nerves and you don’t know how to keep your emotions from spiraling out of control? Or, even worse, you become paralyzed when it comes to making a decision due to fear? Maybe it’s been during a launch of a new brand. You think: Will it be successful? Will people like it? That’s super scary! Are you getting ready to be a parent for the first time? Woah. That’s super scary to me (and I’m not even one yet). Or maybe it’s as simple as riding a roller coaster and those things scare the $#!@ out of you. Bottom line, we all get scared from time to time. How we react to these feelings can make all the difference! I’m here today to share with you a message from a six year old. I recently attended Phoenix Design Week and Bianca Giaever was … Read More

Happy Halloween! | 2014

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you all! I’ll be casting spells on all the evil doers tonight. How about you? I challenge you all to eat more candy than you should…and then eat some more. I’ll leave you with this year’s annual Halloween card. BOO! It reads: “I am not afraid.” “Then come out.” “Then YOU’LL be afraid.”   Love this look? Go check out the makeup tutorial here. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MICHELLE HERRICK MAKEUP TUTORIAL BY STEPHANIE NEIHEISEL OF SN MAKEUP ARTIST

Halloween Makeup & Costume | Maleficent

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If you don’t know, now you know…I absolutely LOVE Halloween. I’ve dressed up since I can remember and that will probably never change. (I also usually end up making some portion of my costume and this year it was that crazy headpiece. WOAH. Talk about some work.) Last year I had this idea to create a Halloween costume that focused mostly on makeup (with a few details in the costume). I reached out to a few fellow industry rockstars and asked if they would be onboard to create a “how-to” for the makeup application. They were totally game and it was more than a success. I then quickly decided I wanted to send a Halloween card out to my network of friends, family, friendors and clients to make the most of the collaboration and it was a HUGE hit! That’s where it all began. I decided every year that this would be … Read More

Grammys Fashion | What I Loved

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Music is a big deal around my crib. It makes my heart happy, it makes my booty-shakin’ desires happy, and honestly, my runner-up dream job is being a musician (outside of being a back-up dancer for Usher, Beyonce, or Justin Timberlake). My soul needs music and thankfully, my boyfriend couldn’t agree more. As I like to say, life without music is like a day without candy. It just isn’t right. With no surprise, I was super stoked to watch the Grammys this past weekend. And, because I love fashion as much as I do music, I thought I would quickly share my top 5 of best dressed. (It might be a little bias in that Katy is a fave and I just couldn’t put Swifty in the line-up as she totally annoyed me during Kendrick Lamar’s performance.) We must first start with the lovely Katy Perry. I believe that if … Read More

Halloween Makeup | Day of the Dead

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Still looking for that last-minute Halloween costume this year? You only have a few days left! But, no worries, because I’m here to save the day! Here is a super simple (it looks more intense than it is), yet very dramatic, Halloween look you can easily pull together in time for the festive holiday. (Yep, that’s me!) This Halloween costume is inspired by Dia De Los Muertos, a Mexican holiday honoring the dead. The best part about this makeup is that is allows for your creativity to run wild and is up for your own interpretation (in other words, there are no mistakes!). For all the details on how to create this look, check out the October issue of EMMA Magazine or hop on over to their blog. What are you planning on being this Halloween? This girl wants to know!! Photography by MICHELLE HERRICK Makeup tutorial by Lillian Fogel for … Read More

Halloween Makeup | Lichtenstein Inspired

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I LOVE Halloween. It is, by far, my favorite holiday. I love the creepiness of it, I love dressing up, I love candy, and I love scary movies (which are even that much more fun to watch around Halloween time!). In honor of this awesome holiday, I wanted to create a few looks that you can quickly tackle this Halloween season. Neither requires much of a costume, but both call for tons of fun in the makeup department! [Score.] Before digging into all the bright colors, start simple by applying your everyday foundation, concealer and setting it all with powder. All finished? Now it’s time to work your magic! Here are four easy steps to be on your way to bringing your favorite Lichtenstein artwork to life! STEP 1: Choose a bright color for the eyelids – turquoise, yellow, fuchsia. The brighter the color, the better, as it will stand … Read More

Sock Bun Tutorial

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember a sneak peek of this tutorial in my feed this past weekend. Let me give you a brief back story as to why this was created. My college friend, Maureen, who is currently living in Connecticut, sent me a plea-for-help text. It read, “Can you please give me your best tutorial on a great sock bun?! I have been failing miserably lately and would like to rock one at a wedding on Sunday.” Maureen, your wish is my command. The following day I just happened to be working a wedding in 100+ degree weather, so I thought, what better time than now to whip up a sock bun?! I took it upon myself to throw this mini tutorial together for my dear Reen as I was getting ready (with the help of the A Beautiful Mess App). I sent each step consecutively in … Read More

Here and Now | Phoenix Design Week 2012

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Need some design inspiration for the day? Justin Katz (Flock of Pixels) created this awesome title reel of all the speakers at Phoenix Design Week 2012. The titles kicked off both days of the conference. Good stuff, people. Check it. Here and Now PHXDW 2012 from Flock of Pixels on Vimeo. Flock of Pixels is an Emmy award winning motion design studio located right here in Phoenix.