Phoenix Design Week 2012

Heidi Moore • inspiration

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Phoenix Design Week. In the past I’ve always had conflicts when the conference took place, but not this year! Here are a few quick snippets of what I took away from this inspirational and jam packed 2-day conference. Armin Vit, of UnderConsideration, put it best when he said, “Failing is momentary. Giving up is forever…and that sucks.” So fail, and fail again. And get up, again and again. You’ll be happy you did. Make sure to check out Brand New, a blog where Armin gives his opinions on corporate and brand identity work. I appreciate his “tell it like it is” approach. No BS. Next up was the awe-inspiring and über talented Jessica Walsh, partner at Sagmeister & Walsh. Jessica really focused on the importance of play in our work. She pointed out, “Without play, ideas are fixed and innovation is … Read More

engage!12 | round 3: videos

Heidi Moore • branding inspiration

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been MIA from the blog for the past few weeks (okay, months). It was always my plan to do one last post about Engage!12, so here it goes. (Yes, it was literally 2 months ago. Work with me here). We’ll make this last and final recap short and sweet. I couldn’t go without sharing with you the videos, created by the fabulous I Do Films, which recap the entire three-day event. No explanation needed as the videos say it all. Engage!12 was full of information, inspiration, and, of course, good times with good people. See for yourself… Oh, and I spy with my little eye, Rachel of Outstanding Occasions and I making our debut in the Day 1 Recap video (approximately around 2:00). Boom. engage!12 Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas – Day 1 from I Do Films on Vimeo. engage!12 Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas | Day 2 & 3 … Read More

engage!12 | round 2: takeaways

Heidi Moore • branding inspiration

Remember my round 1 post on attending engage!12 The Luxury Business Summit in Las Vegas a few weeks back? What a fabulous four days it was! Full of speakers, desserts, dancing, boy bands, new friendships, and much more! My first recap was about the fabulous surprises that showed up at every turn. This time, I’m going to touch on five key takeaways I captured from engage! that I feel EVERYONE can relate to, entrepreneur or not. 1. “Listen visually.” ~Jes Gordon Step back and soak in what you see (not only with your clients, but in your everyday life). Let your eyes do the talking. 2. “Have goals, but completely relish where you are.” ~Elizabeth Messina (not pictured) This really hit home with me. I’m one who is always saying “I need to do this, I need to do that. So much to do before I reach this goal.” But, we all need … Read More

engage!12 luxury wedding business summit | round 1: full of surprises

Heidi Moore • branding inspiration

Last week I had the pleasure of attending engage!12, The Luxury Wedding Business Summit in Las Vegas. It is a three day intensive summit full of speakers, galas, swag, tons of fun and much, much more! The masterminds behind the event are Rebecca and Kathryn of Engaging Concepts. They created the engage! events to bring together the best of the best in the luxury wedding industry to create a space to network, collaborate, and be inspired. The theme of this post: SURPRISES! engage!12 was chalk full of them. Whether in the branding, the entertainment, or the friendships I formed, surprises were all around. Being a graphic designer, I was swooning over all the branding details. Yes, there were the “in your face” surprises in simply receiving all the swag, but what I really appreciated were the nuances within the design. Take this gold bar mixology station we received upon arrival. … Read More

book review: off balance by matthew kelly

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Matthew Kelly Foundation for the past 9+ years. Along with working for the foundation, I’ve been able to work alongside Matthew Kelly, the author of Off Balance. Matthew is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, as well as a New York Times bestselling author of many books, including The Dream Manager and The Rhythm of Life. Matthew’s recent work, Off Balance, touches on the myth of work-life balance and how we are striving not for balance, but rather personal & professional satisfaction. I recommend this book for anyone striving to find more satisfaction in life and struggling to achieve it. Here are some key points I jotted down while reading this book (literally in a few hours): Satisfaction vs. Pleasure: Many times we get these two feelings confused. Satisfaction is something that can be sustained beyond the activity of producing it, while pleasure can NOT … Read More

trust your gut

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In the past, when I was faced with tough decisions I would analyze, analyze, and again, analyze the pros and cons of each decision. At the end of the over-analyzing, I would be back at square one, still wondering which decision to move forward with. I would find myself tucking away innate feelings and thoughts as though they didn’t matter and concentrating on the other party at hand and how they would feel and what was best for THEM. You get the point. Recently, I have been faced with some tough decisions that left my heart, again, playing tug-o-war with my mind. My heart was telling me to do one thing, my mind another. And, until recently, I can’t remember a time I made a decision and didn’t end up questioning it, over-analyzing it, and wondering, “Did I do the right thing?” Until now.  This time I really stopped and … Read More

color block, you rock

Heidi Moore • inspiration

Bold, bright colors? Yes, please. I’m a huge fan of the color block trend that is coming back for Spring 2011. I need all items above, which are obviously screaming “Heidi, you REALLY need us. Not want. Need.”  And, ever since Gwenyth Paltrow wore the Christian Louboutin Futura mutli-colored peep-toe ankle booties (shown above) on the 2011 Grammys, I can’t stop thinking about them. I. MUST. HAVE. THEM (once I have $1095 to spare). I would love to see this trend make it to the stationery world. Hmmm… dress :: Urban, DKNY tights :: Nordstrom, Christian Louboutin’s Futura Bootie :: (brown)