3 Easy Ways to Stay Informed (Without Having to Watch The News)

Amanda Oliver • lifestyle

One of the biggest things I think our generation needs to make sure to do is to stay informed of what is going on in the world. Our generation is of an age where we could (and should) wield enormous influence on what is going on politically & socially – both here and around the world. But we are also the generation that was about 93924892384 more things going on in our daily lives than any generation before us. So how to stay informed when we don’t have time to read a newspaper or sit for an hour long news program? I’ve got three ways to do this, that are both awesome AND won’t take up too much of your time. Don’t you wish your hilarious & sassy friend could just condense the biggest news stories of the day and give you the highlights in a hilarious manner? Well she … Read More

3 Epic Apps to Organize Your Finances

Amanda Oliver • lifestyle

I know, I know. No one really wants to read about finances and dealing with bills. (Although, if you do, congrats! You should probably be a CPA). However, despite this reluctance, we all know that getting our finances in order is required for all of our bigger #girlboss dreams to happen. I am personally guilty of never quite remembering how much I have in my account at times, and I know that I need to save and have a nest egg, but it can be frustatingly hard (esp. with Sallie Mae breathing down your neck!). Luckily, there are 3 fabulous apps (and websites) that help you to get your financial head on straight so you can focus on making big things happen. The best app I have found for budgeting has to be the Level app. What It Does: Their tagline is “Spend smarter, do more, live better” and I … Read More

Little Lemonade Stand Birthday Party

Heidi Moore • DIY lifestyle

birthday stationery

What do you get when you pair the most adorable little one-year-old with a lemonade stand themed first birthday party? Just about the cutest bash you’ve ever seen. Think back to when you were just a little bitty one wanting to make lemonade for your neighbors in hopes of making even a few treasured quarters. You started by picking lemons off your lemon tree and squeezing until your fingers couldn’t squeeze anymore. This childhood memory inspired Makena’s first birthday soiree. When the mama (fabulous El Chorro event manager Lindsey Rendon) came to me asking to make a balloon invitation, I paused for a quick minute and said, “Let’s do it!” Guests received these lemon inspired invitation cards with a deflated balloon attached. On the leaf we left a note with instructions on how to view more details.   I think the balloon was the last place guests thought they would get … Read More

9 Stellar Packing Tips To Travel Like A Pro

Amanda Oliver • lifestyle

If you’re anything like me (and I’m assuming we’re at least somewhat alike since you’re checking out idieh design’s website and we obviously both love it!), you hate to waste money on unnecessary things. Something that I have always found an obnoxious waste of money are bag fees on airlines. And with Memorial Day right around the corner, and the summer travel season almost upon us, I thought a quick rundown of the 9 best packing secrets on how to travel lightly would be super helpful! Don’t get me wrong – I personally LOVE color. I mean my blog IS called The Color Coded Life for a reason. But when traveling, sticking with a neutral base is the best way to go. If all you pack is neutrals, then no one will really know if you wear those same black pants 3 days in a row. Plus, you can always … Read More

Taking the Perfect Shelfie!

Sami Davis • lifestyle

Hello Lovelies! Sami from The Unexpected Type here to chat all about the shelfie! What the heck is a shelfie?! Your bookshelf, taking a selfie (sometimes your desk, too!). Having your bookshelves looking extra chic is becoming a priority for interior designers… and the next social media obsessed girl. (Me, me!) I’m a book nerd, so I love the idea of taking time to organize all my fashion books and accentuate how beautiful the covers already are with fun props and goodies. I’m bringing three must-know tips and some inspiration photos for creating your own perfect #shelfie along with some great picks to complete your fancy new look! Read on, designerista’s. 1. Develop a color scheme If you’re having trouble on where to start and how everything is going to go together, start with whipping out a color wheel. You can go monochromatic, which would be sticking with 3-4 tones … Read More

Pack It Up: Find Your Perfect Donation Match

Amanda Oliver • lifestyle

Hey ya’ll! Hope you had an epic weekend and are ready to start the week off with a little sass 🙂 In case we haven’t met before, I’m Amanda from The Color Coded Life. My job here is to take your crazy, awesome life and add a little organization to it! I know that once winter passes, everyone starts gearing up for the spring and summer transformations – of their wardrobe, their fitness routine (i.e. actually starting one lol) and clearing out their home. As soon as spring hits, I love to go through my things a due a massive purge. Most of us will just pack it all into bags and take it to the local Goodwill. And while that is definitely awesome, I wanted to offer some alternative donation locations that could really use some help. Based on your items, I want to help you find your perfect … Read More

“Baja Brunch” A Cinco De Mayo Party

Emily Smith • lifestyle

baja brunch

Cinco de Mayo reminds us to live more colorfully and spend more time with our favorite people! My sister Worthington Avenue and I planned this sabroso Cinco de Mayo party themed “Baja Brunch” to spice up this spring day and pretend we’re soaking up the sun in Mexico! For this particular outing with my darling sister Cami (and her super adorable baby girl!) we found colorful everything and thew ourselves this little Cinco de Mayo Picnic we called “Baja Brunch.” We invited our photographer Diana Putnam Photography too! I found two of these colorful Mexican blankets and talavera dish on Olivera Street. The bright orange pillow is from Nanny Goat Pillows (I sewed the other two pillows myself !) Cami found this darling picnic basket and colorful plate ($1.50) at Target #targetdoesitagain! Photographer Diana Putnam (who’s actually from Mexico!) made this beautiful drink and plate of berries and bell peppers! This darling vase … Read More

Party Favors? We’ve Got You Covered!

Sami Davis • lifestyle

Hi loves! Sami from The Unexpected Type here today to talk about one of the biggest, most difficult decisions you make when throwing a party or wedding: party favors (duh!). Okay fine, maybe not the most important aspect– I like to think so– but finding or creating the perfect favor is actually a really hard thing to do. With so many possibilities out there to create whatever your brain can think of and so many small businesses who have some cute favors, it can get overwhelming. I’ve got the top 5 favors your guest will really want after the party! 1. Customized Luggage Tags // Destination wedding? These are the perfect favors! Keep them clean with a lovely beige, camel, or pink color and engrave the dates on them. 2. Macaroon Pops // Macaroons make amazing favors since they’re extremely pretty, yet small and portable. I found these cute DIY macaroon pop covers … Read More