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DIY Valentines | Usher Style

It’s my favorite time of year. Do you know why?! I’ll give you one hint – hearts are everywhere! My heart skips a beat when I walk into stores and they are DECKED out in all things pink and red and hearts are flying everywhere. What’s not to love about the Valentine’s season?

For some, hearts are beating a mile a minute with love for their special someone. For others, they are prepping for a girls night out to go see How to Be Single with tons of candy and their best girl friends. You either love it or hate it. It’s either a heart pumping celebration of true L-O-V-E with your sweetie or an ode to the single life.

No matter if you’re single, dating, married or just enjoying life as it is this Valentine’s Day, embrace it! The best way I know how to embrace the joy of crushing is with my main man. Peace up, A-town!


Every Valentine’s Day calls for showering your besties with goodies. What better way to share the love than with pics of Usher?! Come on now. To create these DIY Valentines Usher Style, all you need is white card stock and you’ll be all set to share the love with all your favorite friends. MAKE YOUR OWN NOW


This year is the first year I’m celebrating Happy Heart Day with my husband. Yes, that’s right. I have a husband. How crazy is that?! To say our bright, modern wedding was like Valentine’s Day on steroids would not be an overstatement. To see more, check out all the pics from the fab Amy & Jordan Photography.




For more love inspiration, check out Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day Poppers, and Valentine’s Day Coupon Book.

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram using #iheartidieh with your DIY Valentines!

Happy Heart Day, loves!


We’re Engaged! // Surprise Wedding Proposal

Since this Friday marks B and I being engaged for two months (what the what?!), I figured it was time to share our engagement story with all of you. (Let’s be honest, I had all plans to share this wedding proposal story just a few days after the BIG SURPRISE, but as we all know, time flies.)

I get a text from my amazing photographer friend, Michelle Herrick, and she asks if I would be interested in standing in as a test subject for a styled shoot. She sends me the shoot inspiration. Bright, bold outfits with lots of color. It all makes sense. She knows my style and knows I have all of these outfit selections in my closet. I respond with a definite “YES!” and  immediately “the plan” that’s been in the works for months is put into action. And, I have absolutely NO. IDEA.

B’s brother and sister have just arrived in town to visit for the 4th of July weekend. My sister is on her own for the holiday as my brother-in-law and niece & nephew are out-of-town. Since we are shooting at the Arizona Science Center, B’s brother suggests we all go to the photo shoot together and then to the center after to check out the current exhibit. Sounds good to me!


Photo courtesy of my sister’s iPhone

We’re finishing up the shoot and B comes over and asks if Michelle can grab a few shots of us. Again, no big deal as she’s taken many photos of us in the past (and B and I were just saying we needed new photos together). Next thing I know I turn and B is on one knee! As you can see, I am in complete shock…for multiple seconds. I don’t move an inch.


Once I realize what is happening, I’m overtaken with complete joy & exhilaration. We’ve talked about it so much, but the time is finally here. I can’t believe it.


B confesses his love (letting me know how he “loves the shit out of me”) and my heart melts into 10 million pieces.

TheProposal2015-12 web_blog

TheProposal2015-13 web_blog

TheProposal2015-18 web_blog


On July 4, 2015, B made me the happiest girl in the world. And, he totally blindsided me with how he did it. It couldn’t have been more perfect. And, to think, he’d been planning this since December 2013. I’m going to cherish this moment in time for years to come and I couldn’t be more grateful that Michelle captured it all.

TheProposal2015-26 web_blog

I love this man of mine and I can’t wait to call him my hubs on January 29, 2016. It’s goin’ down for real.

Want to experience it in real time? My sis captured this video. (Yeah, the whole fam was in on it.) All the feels.


All photos (but the first) by my amazing friend and even more amazing photographer, Michelle Herrick.


The Power of {YOUR} Story

When’s the last time you’ve disconnected from social media, turned off the TV, and just interacted and chatted with those around you? With all the distractions in the everyday world, we sometimes forget the power that our stories can have on others. The stories don’t have to be over-the-top or extraordinary. They could just be simple chats in passing that could change someone’s day. Never underestimate the impact (big or small) that can come from us simply sharing our stories and immersing ourselves in simple conversation with others.

I’ve wanted to share this touching story for over a year now. It is a little long, but I hope you find the time to take a break and soak it in, because it definitely touched my heart and I have no doubt it will do the same for you.

To set the scene, my brother-in-law’s sister, Chandra, shared this story with me over the phone, and I then asked her to put it into written form so I could share with all of you. Enjoy (and grab a tissue)!


pictured above: photos of quilts that Chandra’s grandma made with love

Late July of 2013, my brother and niece came to Oklahoma to visit the family. Unbeknownst to all of us, they weren’t coming alone, but showed up with the newest member of our family, my adorable nephew, Lane. It was a wonderful trip! We were so glad they were able to come and spend time with the family. My Grandma was especially excited to see them and to meet Lane, her only great-grandson, for the first time.

During that visit my brother mentioned to Grandma that his sister-in-law, Heidi, had noticed some of the quilts she had made and sent to the family as gifts. He told her how Heidi took note of the exquisite artwork and detail of her quilts and how it reminded Heidi of her own relationship with her grandmother growing up. You see, Heidi’s grandma had taught her to sew, among many other skills, and she was well aware that my Grandma’s quilts had been made with love.

My brother told Grandma that Heidi’s birthday was coming up and she would probably really love to have one of Grandma’s quilts. Grandma was a master quilter; she quilted for decades, making special quilts for all her family. She had a closet full of quilts (stored in pillow cases) that she had produced over the years and was more than happy to give one away to someone who’d appreciate it. That day we picked through dozens of quilts to find one for Heidi and with much indecision we finally made a selection.

The story of Heidi and her grandma sewing together made me think that I needed to have my grandma teach me how to sew and quilt. So, that next week when I was visiting Grandma I asked her if she would teach me how to quilt. She readily agreed to take me under her wing and I’m not sure which of us was more excited about it. Right away we got busy talking patterns and ideas. She brought down a giant stack of old sewing and quilting magazines she’d kept. Some were over 40 years old! 

Over the next several weeks, we picked through tubs of fabric Grandma had accumulated and together we started my project. She showed me how to design, measure and cut. She showed me how to stitch, pin and piece. She gave me hints, tips and secrets; most of all she gave me encouragement and praise with a sweet smile. She chuckled a lot, all while having the biggest, brightest smile on her face. Grandma told anyone who would listen that her “granddaughter was learning to quilt!” She didn’t hesitate to tell everyone she knew about “the Quilting Duo.”

But, little did I know that within that short time, I would receive the best, most precious gift, the gift of time and memories with my Grandma, because, shortly thereafter, my Grandma passed away.

Life is short and memories are precious. Had my brother not told me about Heidi’s grandmother story and asked about a quilt, I may not have been encouraged to take advantage of the time I had left with Grandma. If it were not for Heidi’s interest in Grandma’s quilts, I may not have begun quilting with Grandma. I’m so thankful that I had those last few weeks to quilt with her. I’ll always remember her beaming smile when she saw my quilts pieced together. For Grandma, I will finish my quilts as best I can and remember her with every stitch.


pictured above: Grandma & Chandra

And, just like my story inspired Chandra, her sweet & touching story inspires me each time I wrap myself up in her sweet Grandma’s quilt that I was gifted that very year.

Now, go share you stories. You never know who you might just inspire.



the Scared is scared


Has something ever terrified you so much that you become a ball of nerves and you don’t know how to keep your emotions from spiraling out of control? Or, even worse, you become paralyzed when it comes to making a decision due to fear? Maybe it’s been during a launch of a new brand. You think: Will it be successful? Will people like it? That’s super scary! Are you getting ready to be a parent for the first time? Woah. That’s super scary to me (and I’m not even one yet). Or maybe it’s as simple as riding a roller coaster and those things scare the $#!@ out of you. Bottom line, we all get scared from time to time. How we react to these feelings can make all the difference!

I’m here today to share with you a message from a six year old.

I recently attended Phoenix Design Week and Bianca Giaever was a speaker and during her presentation she shared a video of hers titled, “the Scared is scared.” Prior to creating this video, Bianca was on the hunt for content for her next video project and she asked a six year old boy, Asa, what he thought her next movie should be about. Not only was I practically crying from laughing at his answer, but I absolutely adored the wisdom that this little boy offered without him even knowing it. He just spoke from his heart (& imagination) and it instantly brought joy to mine. I hope it does the same for you. (It’s 8 min long, but I have no doubt it will brighten your day.)

I was recently scared when I had to decide if I wanted to invest a big chunk of money into hiring a Public Relations company for my brand. It was a big risk. I didn’t have any experience of doing this in the past. I didn’t really know much about how the process worked and I didn’t have a lot of people around me who could provide insight. I was SCARED!

I typically would overanalyze, sit on making a decision for awhile, and go back and forth as to if I should do it or not, paralyzing me from ever moving forward. But, not this time. I asked my questions, got the answers and I jumped in with two feet and haven’t looked back. Each time I start to question my decision due to fear creeping in, I quickly switch my brain to think of things that make me happy as well as focus on the positives of my current experience. (I let the nerves escape through my nose, too, like Asa suggests.) It takes a TON of pressure off my shoulders to not be constantly questioning myself and focus more on just doing. Because, in order to make progress, we have to DO in order to LEARN and there is no time for that little monster we call “Scared” to keep us from doing just that.

Now it’s time for YOU to share! Share below in the comments one time you’ve been scared, but in the end, as Asa mentioned, you let those feelings move through and focused on things you love. Did it leave you saying “Ok! I’m fine”?

Here’s to conquering our fears and kicking Scared to the curb.


Halloween Makeup & Costume | Maleficent

If you don’t know, now you know…I absolutely LOVE Halloween. I’ve dressed up since I can remember and that will probably never change. (I also usually end up making some portion of my costume and this year it was that crazy headpiece. WOAH. Talk about some work.)

Last year I had this idea to create a Halloween costume that focused mostly on makeup (with a few details in the costume). I reached out to a few fellow industry rockstars and asked if they would be onboard to create a “how-to” for the makeup application. They were totally game and it was more than a success. I then quickly decided I wanted to send a Halloween card out to my network of friends, family, friendors and clients to make the most of the collaboration and it was a HUGE hit!

That’s where it all began. I decided every year that this would be my thing. Instead of sending out your expected holiday or New Year’s card, I would wish everyone a Happy Halloween. So, without further ado, I present to you this year’s Halloween creation…Maleficent.

(The card will be debuting tomorrow on the blog!)


Interested in executing this look for your own unique Maleficent costume? Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way!

Apply an eye primer all over the eye lid, the inner eye, up to the brow bone, in the bottom water line as well as underneath the bottom lashes. Take a highlighting eyeshadow and apply it all over the eye lid, tear duct, the inner bottom of the eye line, and right under the arch of the brow. Then apply your first contour color in the crease.

Use a black eye liner and an angled liner brush to blend a smudged line all on the top lash line. Start thin on the inner eye and make it fuller towards the outer corner. Once the liner is on, grab your two dark eye shadows and with a blending brush, start applying the dark shadow to the outer eyelid and rock it in the crease.

Apply mascara to top lashes and apply black eyeliner to the bottom outer corner of the eye. Apply the lash using your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Start on the outer corner of the eye and work your way in. Once the lash is on, let it set and cover the band with another layer of black liner.

Bold brow time! Maleficent’s brows are strong, defined, and dark so don’t be shy with your application. Start at the base of the brow and draw a strong line up to the arch. Grab more eyeshadow and start filling in the body of the brow up to the arch. The tail of the brow should be thin and diffused. Add shadow until your brow is dark enough!

Now for the fair Maleficent complexion. Use the smallest amount of white cream color from Ben Nye mixed with MAC’s Prolongwear concealer in NW15 to achieve this look. The skin just needs to look fair and porcelain, not ghostly. Set the foundation with a setting powder and contour the cheeks heavily if you aren’t using prosthetics for the cheek bones (that would be fun, too!). Add the softest flush to the apples of the cheeks with a hint of blush.

LAST STEP…and my favorite. Red lips! Use an eye primer all over the lip to cancel the natural lip color and to help hold the red lipstick on. Use a complimentary lip pencil to outline the lip then continue to fill in the rest of the lip with the pencil. Top off the lips with a bold red lipstick such as MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick and finish it off with a gloss.






Make sure to tag @idiehdesign on Instragram and use hashtag #idiehHalloween if you decide to rock this look. I would LOVE to see your creation!

This amazingness made possible by:

Go check out their work! They are talented beyond words.

Headpiece by myself. 


Cue the cocktails & candy…


Cue the cocktails and candy, ’cause this girl needs both…STAT.

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? (Because I’m not sure I am. Eek!)

Writing this is so surreal. My last day at the daytime gig was YESTERDAY. Yep, that’s right. I’m a FULL-TIME business owner…starting today.

I don’t have to figure out if today I’m going into the day job office or my own office. I don’t have to figure out how I’m going to get this, this, and that done tomorrow for idieh design when I have to work at the day gig from 9-5. No more juggling of my time between 50 million projects when many of those were coming from the corporate world.

You guys!! I said “later tator” to the role of Senior Graphic Designer at a place I’ve worked at for over 5 1/2 years and today is my first day of ONLY owning idieh design. (I might have to keep on repeating this to make it sink in.) Can you believe it? Obviously, you know my answer.

When I started this little idieh (no pun intended) in my hometown of Shelbyville, Indiana, just a few short weeks after graduating from college, yes, my ultimate goal was to one day make this the only career that fueled my heart, but I never could really envision it. It seemed WAY too far away. Out of reach. Untouchable. I accepted it as my way to satisfy my hunger of being creative, helping others, and fulfilling my thirst to create my own destiny.

Since that time, I’ve went through a few rough times (divorce, crappy relationships, feeling lost, to just downright ready to give up) that many times left me wondering if this was all worth it. Thankfully, it’s in my blood to persevere. Giving up was never really an option no matter how many times I considered it. I dealt with these hardships by throwing myself into my business. If I had a crappy day, I would jump into my work and forget about what was happening around me.

It was an escape. Something I couldn’t let die and absolutely didn’t even have a clue of how to ever give it up. Therefore, I didn’t.

I have now had my company, idieh design, for over 7 years and I’m proud to say it’s been extremely rewarding to see it continually grow, evolve, and develop while I have done the same. I’ve never been more stoked about my brand that represents me 110%. I’m feeling super confident in the direction my business is going, and I am super, super, like SUPER excited to start this next chapter of my professional career.

While I’m terrified as ever, I’m also elated beyond words. NOW is the time. This is what I’ve been working towards all these years. It’s time to sink or swim, friends. (And, well, I did go to High School State swimming finals. Just sayin’.)

Here’s to kicking ass and taking names. Thank you all for your support & love! This day wouldn’t be possible without you.

What accomplishments have you achieved recently? Share in the comments below or send your personal stories to me at I would love to hear your inspiring stories!


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