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Small Biz Saturday (& Cyber Sunday)

I have a love hate relationship with being a small business owner. I LOVE that I get to let my creativity loose and provide my idieh-ers with the best in #girlboss lifestyle products. I also love that *beyond* the incredible community I get to hang out with on the daily, I’m also surrounded by inspiring & super rad small biz owners.

What I sometimes get bogged down with are the always-too-regular late nights planning, prepping, designing, organizing (okay, maybe I do get some kind of sick enjoyment out of it), but those late nights and busy days mean that I’m extra thankful to have such an amazing community that supports and encourages me to do what I love.

That’s what makes this time (& more specifically, this week) so magical. It offers an opportunity to stop. An opportunity to breathe and just be. A chance to catch up with family, friends, and reflect on how rad our lives really are. And then, we get to celebrate the gift of small businesses (and I’m able to give back and thank YOU for your awesomeness)!

This year, we have something big in the works! We’re only going big on small biz Saturday (and what we’re calling “cyber Sunday” for the non-locals). We’ll be taking Friday to enjoy time with family and Monday to recover from the weekend (holla!). For Phoenix locals, on Saturday, you can catch us at Phoenix Flea from 10 am – 5 pm in Heritage Square. We have plans to share a special code for the day, so make sure to follow us on our social (Facebook and Instagram)! Then on Sunday, head to the shop for more deals for those of your who aren’t local or can’t make it to the Flea as we have FLASH SALES in the works! Got it down? Make sure to keep watch on social media all this weekend for the announcements of the special code & limited time *FLASH SALES*. It’s gonna be GOOOOOOD!

Want to get all the details delivered to your inbox on Friday in order to prep for the weekend?! Make sure to sign up for our party mail as we’ll be sending out all the details EARLY to our VIPs. EEK! (Yep, you’ll know what flash sales are happening when. What the what?!)

And, if you’re still prepping to host this year’s Turkey Day, but feeling a little behind, let me Martha Stewart-fy you with these turkey tips here:

Enjoy the holiday with your loves!  And enjoy this pic of me from last year’s #SmallBizSaturday


withfistbumpsHEARTHeidi_signaturepin me!pin me!pin me!

3 Ways To Outsmart The Black Friday Madness

Some people love the thrill of camping out or staying up for days on end just to be one of the first people in line to nab that killer Black Friday deal. If this is you, then awesome! Enjoy it :) For the rest of us though, we need our rest and can’t handle the thought of dealing with the crowds on top of dealing with everything else that the holidays bring. This is why I put together a quick hit list for the three ways you can outsmart Black Friday and still score some amazing deals! (Plus, you can do all of these while sitting in your PJs)

(1) Shop Online

While there are some stores that do in-store exclusive deals, many of these deals are also available online. While this may require you to stay up late (for me, that was 4am last year), you can then sleep in the rest of the day. Be sure to check out websites like BFAds and Hip2Save who have the advance copies of the Black Friday ads. You can check to see which stores are offering the same deals online and then make your list accordingly.

(2) Use Ebates

If you are shopping online, you HAVE to use Ebates. I have mentioned Ebates before, but in case you missed it – here’s the rundown:

Ebates was one of the best things that someone ever told me about. I started using it in October of 2010, and I have earned almost $800 back over these past 5 years.


How it works (image copyright of Ebates):


I know you’re probably reading that and thinking – there’s no way this can be true. This has to be a scam.

That’s what I thought when I first read it as well. However, I saw that it had been featured on CNN, USA Today, The Business Insider, Today Show, and Good Morning America, as well as the fact that it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Not to mention, almost every store you can think of is on there. Examples include: JCPenney, Bloomingdales, Old Navy, Sephora, Amazon, Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Levi’s, and on and on and on. All of these things convinced me to give it a try – and I am SO glad I did!

One of the best ways to use it is when they do the “Double Cash Back” promotions. One of my favorites is around the holidays, will run a 50% cash back promo. My mom LOVES People Magazine, and it can be expensive for a year-long subscription ($126, I believe). BUT – if you order it when they are doing 50% cash back, you will only end up paying $63 for a year (which is around $1.15 an issue). These kinds of deals are available for a wide variety of stores, and they usually go all out to promote them closer to Black Friday and Holiday Shopping time.

A final Ebates hack is also to use the Google Chrome extension:


Since you have to click through to the Ebates website to get the cash back, there were times I would forget to do that and would miss out on the money. Once I got the extension though, it pops down to remind me to activate it before purchasing. Since then, I haven’t missed a cash back opportunity!

(3) Take Part In #SmallBusinessSaturday

It seems lately that people are much more interested in hand-crafted or smaller scale and more unique items than mass produced ones. With that in mind, you can score unique and amazing  gifts by searching the hashtag #smallbusinesssaturday for the Saturday after Black Friday. These items, from candles to paper goods, can be the perfect gift for that person on your list that already has everything that someone might need.

So there you have it! Those are the best three ways to outsmart the Black Friday madness! I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving!

And if you know of any other tips, please let me know in the comments :)

Color coded love and all of mine,




Wink! And You’ll Miss the Best Cricut News Ever

Guys! I have a secret that I HAVE to let you in on. It’s a secret that can be literally in your hands TODAY. You heard me. Today.

If you’ve been following the What’s the big idieh? blog, you may remember some of my posts highlighting the Cricut such as the DIY Bow Baby Shower or the DIY Heart Birthday Bash. I love that with Cricut everyone can share ideas and projects, while letting out your creativity from the comfort of your own space.

Now, for the big news! Cricut Design Space is now mobile. You heard me. There’s a Cricut Design Space iPhone app that allows you to create from wherever your heart desires. {cue confetti!}


Whether you’re in the school pick up line waiting for your kiddo, or sitting in a doctor’s office, you’ll have time to plan your next project at any moment! You’ll have 50,000 images and ideas at your fingertips at any given time. You can design when you want, where you want.

And, it gets better. You can use the camera on your phone to spotlight the design on your canvas, wall, t-shirt, or other surface to visualize before you start your project. Amazing right?!

In celebration of this app, Cricut asked me to create a signature phone decal, and the best part, it is FREE. (Wink!) You heard me. It’s all free and it’s all yours.


You can use my template to add a spunky design to your plain phone case…right now! MAKE IT NOW.


If you’re not the DIY type, but still want to show your playful side when you chat, text or surf your favorite blog, head to the idieh shop and get your Wink! phone case ASAP. You won’t want to answer your call without it.


Make sure your communication is as flirty as ever with the Wink! Phone Case.

It’s so easy to create with CRICUT EXPLORE

For more projects, visit my Cricut Design Team project page.


This post was created in partnership with Cricut. All content and opinions are that of my own! We only promote brands we heart.

A Day in the Life with Jessica Smart

My name is Jessica Smart and I started The Littles Life blog a little over a year ago in the hopes that others would be just as curious about the people behind some of the incredibly talented small shops and businesses that I’d found through Instagram. I’ve made so many wonderful connections and friendships throughout the past couple of years because of my initial interest in a product or shop that I’d accidentally stumble upon while on Instagram.

I became fascinated with talented business owners after striking up conversations and learned that I really enjoyed getting to know these people! They all have a story and most of them started with a dream, no money, and sometimes hardly even a vision. Just a passion and a talent and the hope that others would find their shop, love their product, and want to support them.


So many of their stories I’ve found to be inspiring and it has made me want to share with others!  At the same time I was getting asked by friends, family, and even strangers where I’d found such cool and unique things. I’m talking purses, sandals, moccasins, t-shirts (adults and kids alike), hair bows, prints, mugs, leggings, jewelry…the list goes on and on! After being encouraged by shop owners and friends, I finally decided I’d put myself out there and give this whole blog thing a try and man, I’m so glad I did!

In addition to sharing shops and shop owners, I sometimes like to share a piece of my everyday life. Sharing real life as a busy mom with others who can relate is really and truly amazing! There’s so much support and love that goes around just by opening up and sharing a piece of who you are with others. I know I enjoy getting to know so many lovely people in the Instagram/blog community so I truly try to give others a glimpse of our everyday adventures as well. I’m a real person, (with a real family, with real struggles) who desires to search for the joy and wonder in ordinary, everyday life moments.

Blogger Family

Costco Family

When I’m not blogging (usually on my bed with a cup of coffee), I’m taking care of my three children (ages 9,6, & 4) who all have their own activities and schedules as well! In addition to that, I’m a part-time dance teacher at a studio not far from my house. I also nanny my 7mo old nephew part-time. Needless to say, it takes a lot of serious intentional effort to stay organized these days.

Weekly Planner

Mostly because I’m naturally a “free bird” and organization is not my forte. I like to fly be the seat of my pants and have no schedule, but you and I both know I’m not 5 anymore (darn). This is where idieh design has been a life saver for me! The Let’s Do This Weekly Desktop Planner has proven to be a total game changer! Each day of the week has a big enough space for me to jot down all my goals and plans for the day. No more tiny square to work with… too limiting. And how cute is this Brain Dump Notepad?? I had to have it! I literally have to purge my thoughts onto paper because I’ll be honest, they are fleeting and gone with the wind and writing on paper for me is way better than a list on my phone. Who doesn’t love a good “check” when a task on the list has been completed anyways?

To-do Checklist

Another serious favorite is my personalized black and white notebook!! I may have squealed a tad when I saw it in person. It’s the first thing I’ve ever had my logo physically printed on! I love it and of course I write everything having to do with my goals and visions as a lifestyle blogger. I do have a desk by the way, but since this is “real life” I’m giving you here, I’ll tell you I rarely use it! My bed is my favorite even if there’s a tiny person in it me :)

idieh shop SPRING // SUMMER GIVEAWAY worth over $230!

Ah! It’s here! It’s finally here. It’s something I’ve been working hours on end to get ready to show you guys because I’m just so excited about it. And just a teeny bit proud of. I want to officially announce the launch of my brand spankin’ new spring/summer collection for the idieh design online shop. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!

So many news things to announce: For the first time, we’re launching our kids’ collection including the Legit Tees for kids. If you’re in desperate need of a new phone case, print or tee, we have new designs that are calling your name. AND…we also launched a new shop site to make your shopping experience even better. Boom.




1. Pyrite Cluster Stud Earrings // Adam Rabbit Jewelry  • 2. Aztec Top Knot Baby Beanie & Swaddle Set // KB Cute Designs  •  3. Urban Karma Boomerang 30″ Necklace // LotusGirl  •  4. Kiss Me Tee // idieh design shop  •  5. Kids LEGIT Tee // idieh design shop  •  6.  Felt Ball Garland – Love Struck // Petite Party Studio  •  7. #9 BIGGIE Candle – Amber, Teakwood, Leather // MAME Soy Candles  8. “Heidi” Lovely Vegan Lip Stain // Breanna Thomas Healthy Skin and Beauty  •  9. Bunhead Art Print // Pink Puddle Studio

The BEST part! As a part of our launch, we want to gift our readers because you all gift us with so much. We’ve teamed up with some AMAZING contributors to give away some of my favorite products including my signature lip stain, my Kiss Me tee, the yummiest candle, and much more! Enter below via the Rafflecopter for your chance to win these fabulous goodies and make sure to follow all the fabulous shops involved!

I know my excitement is oozing out maybe a little bit more than it should be, but I’m just so excited to share this with all of you! Kisses & hugs! GOOD LUCK.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

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