Small Biz Saturday (& Cyber Sunday)

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Small Business Saturday

I have a love hate relationship with being a small business owner. I LOVE that I get to let my creativity loose and provide my idieh-ers with the best in #girlboss lifestyle products. I also love that *beyond* the incredible community I get to hang out with on the daily, I’m also surrounded by inspiring & super rad small biz owners. What I sometimes get bogged down with are the always-too-regular late nights planning, prepping, designing, organizing (okay, maybe I do get some kind of sick enjoyment out of it), but those late nights and busy days mean that I’m extra thankful to have such an amazing community that supports and encourages me to do what I love. That’s what makes this time (& more specifically, this week) so magical. It offers an opportunity to stop. An opportunity to breathe and just be. A chance to catch up with family, friends, … Read More

3 Ways To Outsmart The Black Friday Madness

Amanda Oliver • lifestyle shop

Some people love the thrill of camping out or staying up for days on end just to be one of the first people in line to nab that killer Black Friday deal. If this is you, then awesome! Enjoy it 🙂 For the rest of us though, we need our rest and can’t handle the thought of dealing with the crowds on top of dealing with everything else that the holidays bring. This is why I put together a quick hit list for the three ways you can outsmart Black Friday and still score some amazing deals! (Plus, you can do all of these while sitting in your PJs) (1) Shop Online While there are some stores that do in-store exclusive deals, many of these deals are also available online. While this may require you to stay up late (for me, that was 4am last year), you can then sleep in … Read More

Wink! And You’ll Miss the Best Cricut News Ever

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DIY Phone Decal

Guys! I have a secret that I HAVE to let you in on. It’s a secret that can be literally in your hands TODAY. You heard me. Today. If you’ve been following the What’s the big idieh? blog, you may remember some of my posts highlighting the Cricut such as the DIY Bow Baby Shower or the DIY Heart Birthday Bash. I love that with Cricut everyone can share ideas and projects, while letting out your creativity from the comfort of your own space. Now, for the big news! Cricut Design Space is now mobile. You heard me. There’s a Cricut Design Space iPhone app that allows you to create from wherever your heart desires. {cue confetti!} Whether you’re in the school pick up line waiting for your kiddo, or sitting in a doctor’s office, you’ll have time to plan your next project at any moment! You’ll have 50,000 images and … Read More

A Day in the Life with Jessica Smart

Caelen Demos • branding shop

My name is Jessica Smart and I started The Littles Life blog a little over a year ago in the hopes that others would be just as curious about the people behind some of the incredibly talented small shops and businesses that I’d found through Instagram. I’ve made so many wonderful connections and friendships throughout the past couple of years because of my initial interest in a product or shop that I’d accidentally stumble upon while on Instagram. I became fascinated with talented business owners after striking up conversations and learned that I really enjoyed getting to know these people! They all have a story and most of them started with a dream, no money, and sometimes hardly even a vision. Just a passion and a talent and the hope that others would find their shop, love their product, and want to support them. So many of their stories I’ve found … Read More

idieh shop SPRING // SUMMER GIVEAWAY worth over $230!

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Ah! It’s here! It’s finally here. It’s something I’ve been working hours on end to get ready to show you guys because I’m just so excited about it. And just a teeny bit proud of. I want to officially announce the launch of my brand spankin’ new spring/summer collection for the idieh design online shop. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! So many news things to announce: For the first time, we’re launching our kids’ collection including the Legit Tees for kids. If you’re in desperate need of a new phone case, print or tee, we have new designs that are calling your name. AND…we also launched a new shop site to make your shopping experience even better. Boom.     1. Pyrite Cluster Stud Earrings // Adam Rabbit Jewelry  • 2. Aztec Top Knot Baby Beanie & Swaddle Set // KB Cute Designs  •  3. Urban Karma Boomerang 30″ Necklace // LotusGirl  • … Read More