how fly are you?

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I was out to dinner with a few girlfriends one night and we were on the topic of the male species. Each of us were giving our own two cents about boys we have liked/currently like and why. It becomes my turn and I begin to talk about a boy who makes my heart beat a little faster than it should. As I struggle to find the right words to describe why I like him, I say, “He’s just supa dupa fly.” I quickly realize the statement that has just managed to escape my mouth and try to recover. No luck. My friend stops me in mid sentence and asks me to repeat what I just said. I couldn’t do it. For that split second Missy Misdemeanor Elliott took over my body and there was nothing I could do about it. I just said SUPA. DUPA. FLY. Weird. I couldn’t … Read More

wedding rehearsal with western flare

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Today, we are excited to show you some fabulous photos of Kristen and David’s wedding weekend, taken by Sandey of Tenuto Photography.  idieh design had the pleasure of working with Kristen to design custom stationery for both her rehearsal dinner and wedding. (You’ll have to come back to see the wedding!) The gathering was outside, at the groom’s parent’s house, which allowed for an intimate setting that was full of personality.  Kristen and David wanted a rehearsal dinner with a western flare, and that’s exactly what we gave them, with a twist.  Kristen provided us with the details of the linens and overall theme, and we ran with the inspiration.  Instead of creating your typical horseshoe and cowboy hat kind-of-stationery, we chose to play off the linens, which, as you can see, were red and white gingham. Isn’t the photo of their shoes the cutest!?!? (LOVE the boots, Kristen!) We … Read More