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Beth & Joe Classically Gilded Wedding Stationery Featured on Style Me Pretty

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t do a little dance to see our creations for Beth & Joe’s classically gilded wedding stationery featured on Style Me Pretty. Their wedding was a home run and their love story is one that reminds us all what weddings are all about!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.09.46 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.07.47 AM

We were excited to be working alongside some of the best local vendors under the guidance of Imoni Events. Together we helped create Beth & Joe’s dream wedding at the green and gorgeous Westin Keirland Resort and Spa. The entire venue was drenched in the delicate and lovely florals from Petal Pusher and with the help of Elyse Hall Photography, every spectacular moment was captured.

You can take a peek at the full story of Beth & Joe at Style Me Pretty here.

Classically Gilded Wedding Stationery

Credit: Elyse Hall Photography

The classic style of the black and gold theme within the wedding allowed us to create the elegant and timeless wedding stationery. Getting to know Beth & Joe allowed me to fully capture their timeless love story and my goal was to incorporate their classic, story-book with the happy ending journey into the designs of the wedding stationery. Choosing elegant touches of gold with the stark and crisp black and white made for the perfect backdrops for the delicate font choices. Just like Beth & Joe, the match was perfect!

For more on details on the black and gold wedding stationery of this timeless love story, click here!

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How Many Wedding Invites Should I Order?

Welcome to the idieh design GIRL TALK SERIES! We’ve made it our mission to guide brides in their wedding journey with some legit advice about wedding stationery, planning, and all things in between.

We want every bride’s experience to be as smooth as possible. So we’ve gathered all the best tips and advice you could possibly need to help plan the wedding of your dreams.  Find more tips & tricks here.

How Many Wedding Invites Should I Order?

When it comes time to order those wedding invites, many brides just count the number of their guests on their master guest list and think, that’s that. Well, we’ve got two things that every bride needs to know before they order too many or worse, not enough, wedding invites.


TIP #1: No. of Invites ≠ No. of Guests

First things first, you do NOT need as many wedding invites as you have guests!

While it might seem like common sense, many times at idieh design we hear that the wedded-couple-to-be needs 200 wedding invites. When in all reality, they are expecting 200 guests to attend the special day. The best way to combat this mistake is to remember this rule of thumb:

200 guests = approximately 100 wedding invites. 


TIP #2: 60% Rule

The second tip brides should put to good use before they want to order their wedding invitations is, start out with just 60% of your total guest list. But wait, don’t I just need exactly half of my total guest list?

In a perfect world, yes darling, you would. But think of it like this – wedding invites are sent to couples. Then you need to consider the families with children and any single and looking invitees. While this mix of guests can even each other out, generally speaking, the extra 10% is covered.

Now, we’re not saying you should go out and order whatever 60% of your total guest list ends up being. All we mean is that it is a great place to start to get an estimate of what your actual numbers will be and help you determine your budget.


TIP #3: Lines = Invitations

What’s the best way to figure out the actual numbers?

Luckily for you, we have a tried and true system that allows you to stay organized and it helps make the invitation process easier down the line. (Want it to be EVEN easier?! If you choose idieh design for your stationery needs, we offer the option to digitally print the return and guests addresses for you, too! SCORE.)

To get started follow these steps:

1. Use a spreadsheet – Excel is a great example.

2. List each household you need to send invites to in a separate row. For example:

  • Each Couple in its individual row (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
  • Each Family in its individual row (The Smith Family)
  • Each Single in its individual row (with or without plus one)

Note: Make sure you include yourself, your bridal party, and the parent’s of the soon-to-be newlyweds. While it might seem ok to skimp out on ordering their invites, because duh, they are invited, these are the people who will cherish the invitations the most. 

3. Once you’re done, if everything has been inputted into the spreadsheet correctly, the number of lines within the spreadsheet will be the number of wedding invites you will need. Yay! So easy!


TIP #4: Order Extra

You’ve got the exact numbers now, but you’ll still need just a few more. You might be thinking, “Huh? I thought I had my numbers down?” Let me tell you from experience, you will thank yourself later by ordering extra.

Start with at least 10 extra wedding invite added to your guest list total from the spreadsheet. That’s a minimum you should stick to. Have a think on this for second. Let’s say your guest list is at 200 and you’re spreadsheet indicates you need to order 100. Add in an extra safe cushion of 20% to cover all emergencies and order 120 wedding invites.

20%? That’s way more than I will ever need! Before you forego the idea of this comfy safety net, consider all the scenarios that could possible happen in the two months before you need to send the wedding invites to the post office.

A.) Mother of the Groom insists on adding 4 more guests to the list.

B.) You’ve realized you forgot to invite your great aunt Jane.

C.) Your mother decides she needs to invite a few people from work.

D.) Your grandmother tells you she wants to keep one for posterity – and then so does your mother, the mother of the groom, etc.

E.) Your Groom insists you send an invite to his college buddy who is overseas – even though they won’t be coming to the wedding.

And we still haven’t considered any invitations that could get lost in the mail or returned due to having a wrong address!

Bet that extra 20% sounds like a lifesaver now!

All things considered, do yourself a HUGE favor and order just a few more invites to have on hand in any scenario or situation. Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is and if you can save yourself the headache, or worse, a last minute panic, the better! (Believe me, it’s WAY more costly to have to order more invites down the road then ordering them all upfront.)

Wanna learn more awesome and helpful tips about the wedding planning process? Check out our GIRL TALK SERIES for more!

Tell us about your wedding planning experience! How many invites did you order and why?


Classically Gilded Wedding Stationery | Scottsdale, Arizona

This gorgeous and classic wedding theme was a home run! The lovely, and oh so in love, Beth and Joe, collaborated with the best of the best to create their dream wedding and let me tell you, their dream came to life. We always look forward to working with our favorite local vendors and this time was no exception. Imoni Events brought everyone together to create this classic and romantic wedding, set in the extravagant Westin Kierland Resort & Spa.

collage4The entire wedding stationery set focused on classic, yet modern, style with the elegant touches of gilded calligraphy. The warm gold hues combined with the classic use of black, white & ivory made the entire event cohesive, and what we love to call, branded!


Hints of delicate and timeless inspiration featured throughout the wedding stationery were complimented perfectly with the fresh orchids and lilies from Petal Pusher. Not to mention the stark white against the black and gold theme allowed for a beautiful and classic contrast.


The escort cards were set among the candlelit table adorned with more lovely orchids. Guests could easily see their names in the beautiful gold fonts that directed them to their assigned seats.

The menus for this classically gilded wedding stationery had a formal touch that glowed in the candlelight. Of course, we gave an extra special touch for the head table’s place cards.


Every beautiful moment was brilliantly captured by Elyse Hall Photography and the richness of color brought to life by the exquisite floral designs and wedding stationery created the classic and romantic feel. The timelessness of this wedding, and this love story, is one for the history books.


This dream wedding wouldn’t have happened without the dream team behind the scenes. Extra special thank you to Imoni Events, Elyse Hall Photography, Petal Pusher, and Westin Kierland Resort and Spa.

You can see even more details from this black & gold wedding over on Style Me Pretty, where it was recently featured.

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Cricut: Meet the Maker – DIY Whimsical Wedding Stationery

It’s no secret that I adore my CRICUT EXPLORE™ and I jumped at the chance to design a DIY wedding invitation suite for their recently launch wedding collection. They asked me to focus on a whimsical theme, and since whimsical and playful are right up my alley, it was a no-brainer to create this DIY Whimsical Wedding Stationery suite.


Since I had so many amazing ideas that were inspired by the whimsical theme, I brought the magical touch to the entire wedding suite. For a further look at the full DIY Whimsical Wedding Stationery theme, check out Part One & Part Two.


To put the icing on the cake, the awesome team members from Cricut invited me for an interview so their clients could meet the maker behind the designs. {Cue the confetti!} I was stoked! Not only did I get to design an exclusive wedding stationery collection, but the people behind Cricut were so impressed with the results, they just had to know more!


We discuss my journey as a designer and what inspires me to create and what I do to make the day to day hustle more fun! We also touch base on how I use my CRICUT EXPLORE™ to create lovingly made designs and how it’s my goal to empower other women to create and blossom as well.

Read the full feature here!




DIY Whimsical Wedding: Part Two

In Whimsical Wedding Part Two we put the CRICUT EXPLORE™ to good use for the wedding day stationery. We already discussed the awesome wedding invitations, envelopes, reception cards, and R.S.V.P’s in DIY Whimsical Wedding Part One, but now we’ve got all the stationery you’ll need for the day of your wedding.

These elegant and, of course, whimsical designs are the labor of love and inspired by putting the fun back into the daily grind. To learn more about my process, have a look here! I love using my CRICUT EXPLORE™ to design and bring my creativity to life!

The wedding guests will adore the escort cards. The stylish look will help bring the whimsical wedding theme to life, while at the same time directing your guests to their assigned tables. MAKE IT NOW!


Of course, the modern twist of the table numbers help your guests identify their tables in unique style. The spunky shapes let your personality shine and add an extra touch to the overall look of the table. MAKE IT NOW!


Let you guests know what’s for dinner with the DIY whimsical wedding menus! Easy to create and easy to read, you’ll be thanking yourself with this time saving and dreamy design. MAKE IT NOW!


Add an extra special little something to your table with a centerpiece decal. This intricate design will take your table centerpieces up a notch with the whimsical feel. MAKE IT NOW!


Giving your guests a little momento from your big day is a great way to make them feel the love and appreciation for sharing the day with you. Favor tags are perfect for just that! Tie these bad boys onto the little something you’re sharing with your guests. MAKE IT NOW!


Decorating the reception hall can be one of the best parts of preparing for your big day. Tie the DIY whimsical wedding theme together with the decorative wall decals. Adding these little touches will help you paint the big picture of the overall whimsical wedding theme. MAKE IT NOW!


Once the celebrating has died down and the honeymoon is over, make sure to send your guests the oh-so important thank you cards. It gives your guests the sense of love and caring that they attended your special day. Especially if you take the time to hand write them. With the easy-to-make designs, you will have some spare time so you actually can hand write the thank you cards! MAKE IT NOW!


For more of our CRICUT EXPLORE™ creations, have a look at the DIY Whimsical Wedding Save the Dates!

It’s so easy to create with CRICUT EXPLORE

For more projects visit my Cricut Design Team project page.



This post was created in partnership with Cricut. All content and opinions are that of my own! We only promote brands we heart.

DIY Whimsical Wedding: Part One

We’re back with our CRICUT EXPLORE™ to create this oh-so-magical and easy DIY Whimsical Wedding Stationery suite. Not only are these designs beautiful, they are easy, making a win-win for any bride-to-be.


The unique and beautiful designs of the Whimsical Wedding series were a labor of love & you can learn more about the process here. I really strive to make the day to day hustle more fun and I love using my CRICUT EXPLORE™ to design and create!

Where’s a better place to start than the actual wedding invitations themselves? These gorgeous and spunky designs are a great way to customize your own wedding stationery and go off the beaten track. MAKE IT NOW!


Where there’s an invite, there’s an envelope. That’s right, you get to make these yourself too! These in-style and beyond cute envelopes and envelope liner designs will make your guests feel extra special as they open your wedding invitations. MAKE IT NOW!


Planning the reception will be a breeze and  you’ll love the fun and functionality of the matching reception cards. And these unique designs will get your guests pumped up for the celebrations after the ceremony! MAKE IT NOW!


To help you nail down that guest list, we’ve got the R.S.V.P’s covered! The simple, yet elegant designs are an awesome way to get those guests excited for the wedding and help you keep tabs on who’s joining you for your special day. MAKE IT NOW!


For more of our CRICUT EXPLORE™ creations, have a look at the DIY Whimsical Wedding Save the Dates!

It’s so easy to create with CRICUT EXPLORE

For more projects visit my Cricut Design Team project page.


This post was created in partnership with Cricut. All content and opinions are that of my own! We only promote brands we heart.

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