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Fonts for Wedding Stationery

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So you’ve got your date set, you’ve got the venue booked, and now you’re ready to start designing those wedding invitations! This exciting step in the wedding planning process is our favorite part and we’ve got some insider advice to help ensure the fonts you choose are perfect for you and your wedding.

What do the fonts used in wedding stationery actually do?

Font choice can say a lot about you, the groom, and the wedding. Choosing the perfect fonts for wedding stationery will allow you to compliment the overall wedding theme, draw attention to your names, as well as align with your overall wedding stationery designs. Fonts for wedding stationery might seem like a small part of the wedding planning process, but these fonts are powerful and should be chosen with care. (But hey, maybe we’re a little bias with our love for design and all things details.)

Fonts for Wedding Stationery 101

There are three general styles of fonts for wedding stationery which include:

1. Serif: Typically a more formal choice of font. The typeface features an extra line that juts across each letter.

2. Sans Serif: Does not include the extra line with the letters. Easiest to read and less formal. Usually considered more modern.

3. Script: An elegant and graceful typeface that is quite similar to cursive hand writing and/or calligraphy. Script can be formal or informal. (This is also the place where custom calligraphy can be introduced.)

Keep in mind, while nearly every bride loves the calligraphy style of fonts, there is a time and place to use them. In other words, don’t overdo it.

When to consider using script fonts:

  • Names of Bride and Groom
  • Wedding Date
  • Venue
  • On titles and headers in other wedding stationery (programs, reception stationery, etc.)

When NOT to use script fonts:

  • For really, really small text
  • In large chunks of text
  • When you are already using another script font (we don’t typically suggest mixing two together)
  • In all caps
Choosing the Perfect Font

Before you get started, it is a great idea to sit down with your groom and discuss what you BOTH have in mind for not only the fonts, but the overall design of your wedding stationery based on your unique style and vibe. This way, you are both on the same page and the final font (& design!) you choose is a reflection of the both of you. Not only that, having the groom’s input can further involve him in the wedding planning process.

After talking with the groom and realizing the overall theme for the wedding itself, you can narrow down the fonts for wedding stationery. If you are DIYing your invitations, it helps to make a list of each font and sit down at your computer to type out your names. Seeing your names in the font style you are considering will help you narrow down your choices even further. This way, you can completely avoid choosing a font that you originally love, but suddenly hate due to the way your name is displayed. (If you work with us, we do all of this work for you and present you with only the best options!)

At the end of the day, there are no set rules (well, okay, maybe WE have a few) for choosing fonts for wedding stationery. It’s all about you, your groom, and your wedding design. The fonts you choose should infuse your personalities as well as tie the wedding stationery together, all the while staying unique!

There are a few things you should keep in mind before you make the final decision. Before you make the final call on the font choice, it would make our hearts jump for joy if you consider the following:

  • When using two fonts you need to ask, will they clash or do they compliment each other perfectly?
  • Are my fonts easy to read?
  • Do our names stand out against the other font choice?
  • How does my text align?
  • Are my lines of text too long? Remember, it is best to keep your lines of text short, regardless of the font you choose.
Font Styles

When it comes to fonts for wedding stationery, you will be amazed at the variety of styles. To put it simply, there are a lot of fonts out there and it can become overwhelming due to all the little details of each font style. (If you get overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are kind of obsessed with fonts.) We’ve gathered a few of our favorite examples so you can see the modern trends and the classic favorites among brides.

Fonts for Wedding Stationery

Are you in the process of choosing your perfect fonts for YOUR wedding stationery? Comment below to let us know what your loving about the process or if you need some more insight, we’re here to help!

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