Cricut Room Makeover with J-14 and Jenna Ortega

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Cricut Jenna Ortega

OMG, it’s been such an exciting few months and I finally get to share some of the reasons why! I, along with J-14 magazine and the oh-so-awesome team of Cricut, was given the opportunity to totally makeover a room for the adorable teen star, Jenna Ortega!

Let me tell you, it was such an incredible experience. From selecting amazing furniture & decor from Hayneedle to traveling to Palm Springs to make it all come to life, it was an opportunity for the books! Not to mention, Jenna has a heart of pure gold, and the best part…I found she was like a mini version of myself – which made this project that much more special. Transforming this up-and-coming teen’s room wasn’t just about the room makeover. It was about giving a teen sister duo a space they felt amazing to be in, all while growing with them throughout their teen years.

Cricut Room Makeover with J-14 and Jenna Ortega

I wasn’t just designing a room for Jenna, but also her sister, Aliyah, who shares the room with her. I wanted to be sure the girls had something fresh, unique, stylish, and something they could grow up with, yet still felt current no matter what phase they might be in during their teenage years. Once I was able to know Jenna and her sister through meeting them (and, of course, checking out their social media) I felt totally at ease. I discovered our styles are totally in sync and I knew their quirky and adorable selves would absolutely love what I had up my sleeve.

Keeping to my favorite classy and chic styles of black and white with pops of fun color and textures, the room transformation began to take place. Here’s the style board I created to conceptualize the room before it all came to life.

Cricut Room Makeover with J-14 and Jenna Ortega

All in all, this room makeover project was a super rad experience. I learned a lot – not only about the teens of today, but also about handling certain design challenges and, as Tim Gun likes to say, how to ‘Make it Work’. Giving Jenna a room she can grow up in with class and style was a dream come true.

Cricut Room Makeover with J-14 and Jenna Ortega

As always, a special thank you to Cricut and of course to J-14 Magazine. Read more about my experience with a fun Q&A over at Cricut.

Cricut Room Makeover


We have more to details to share about this (and how to make many of these projects yourself!) and ANOTHER fun project we collaborated with Cricut on, but for now, make sure to check out their new Cricut home decor page and you might have a chance to win a style session with me … along with your own Cricut Explore Air 2 bundle, and a shopping spree up to $2,000 on! What the what?! Good luck!