How To Create A Skincare Routine

Emily Skoczen • beauty

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Skincare is one of my favorite parts of my beauty routine. There is just something special about washing your face a feeling refreshed and moisturized. I believe that having a skincare routine is essential to keep your skin youthful and clean. You may want to have a routine but, it can start to become overwhelming as you are standing in the skin care aisle. So, today I am going to be sharing my tips on how to find the right products for you are for your skin type.

The Basics

I feel the first mistake most people make when going through their routine is the order they use each product. You want to apply your products from the lightest to heaviest. For example, makeup remover is super light and most of the time doesn’t leave any product on your face. The last product you should use (the heaviest) should be a night cream (moisturizer). I also recommend not being cheap when buying your products.

Step One: Makeup Remover

You should NOT, I repeat should NOT leave your makeup on while you sleep. Even if you are so tired you just feel like doing nothing you should at least take off your makeup. This can be as simple as using some makeup wipes. My favorite is the Simple Cleansing Wipes . These wipes are perfect if you have sensitive skin. I love them 10x more than the Neutrogena makeup wipes. Another way you can remove makeup is with the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. You can simply pour some product onto a cotton round and wipe off! The last way to remove makeup is with the The Makeup Eraser. I did a review of this on my blog, click here to learn more about it.

Step Two: Cleanser

For an additional cleanse, a cleanser will wash off an excess makeup and dirt. There are an infinite amount of cleansers on the market and it is hard to find the one for you. No matter what your skin type is the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is perfect. It has a nice creamy consistency and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. For a mini facial scrub and deep cleaning, I use the Conair True Glow Facial Brush. This is a dupe for the Clarisonic and works just as well. It even comes with 2 attachments. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t use this everyday as it can be too harsh and create mini tears in the skin. About once to twice a week using a scrub can get rid of any dry skin on the surface of the skin. It also leaves it smooth and easier for other products to work into the skin. If you are sensitive to find a scrub that is not as harsh.


Step Three: Toner

There are so many great benefits that come from a toner. To name some, they remove any leftover dirt, restores pH, prepares ski for next products, hydrates, and calms. You do not want a toner that has alcohol. These tend to be too harsh for the skin and can even leave a burning and dry feeling after using it. pH is important for the skin because it acts as a barrier for the skin to keep out toxins and lock hydration in. If you are on any social media accounts you have probably heard about the Pixi Glow Tonic. This is great for adding a radiance to the skin and it also exfoliates the skin very gently.

Step Four: Face Oil

This was a product I just added to my skin care routine and I can tell that my skin has been more hydrating when I wake up. The Pixi Rose Blend Face Oil has such a pleasant smell and feels great to pat into the face and also down the neck. If you have oily skin you may want to skip this step and jump right into the next step. For use dry skinned gals, this step can make all the difference.


Step Five: Eye Cream

One of the most delicate areas of the skin is the under eyes. These are super important because they can show wrinkles very easily and also show your dark circles. To keep this area looking youthful an eye cream is what you need. I love the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream. This helps to defeat dark circles and fine lines. It also hydrates the under eye area making concealer blend much easier.

Step Six: Moisturizer

At last, the last step! Hydrating your skin is important for any skin type you are. At night, it is nice to use a heavy cream so it can work into the skin as you sleep. In the morning,  you want to moisturize but not use heavy products. Use something with SPF in it to battle the sun throughout the day. I have been using the Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream recently and am loving it! It is almost like a mini mask while you sleep.


I hope this helped you and I you have any other questions about skin care feel free to comment below! Or you can ask me on my social media accounts too!