Creating a Cinco de Mayo Tablescape

Rhea Johansen • food social

Cinco de Mayo

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Having a Cinco de Mayo celebration this weekend? But feeling a little under-inspired with what to do for a Cinco De Mayo tablescape? I’m here to help with that! While I’d usually be inclined to just throw a bowl of chips on the table and dump a jar of salsa into a bowl and call it a day, how much more fun is it when you go full-fledged theme party and blow everyone away. With just a few simple additions to your food table, you too can re-create a fun Cinco de Mayo party look with minimal effort, aka, more time for margaritas!


I simply laid a colorful strip of fabric down the center of my serving area (think long dining room table or kitchen island), and then used things I already had in the house as fun focal points for the rest of the table.

Empty tomato cans, green chile cans, salsa jars, and empty beer bottles make adorable flower vases.


Fresh produce like limes, corn, jalapenos, tomatoes, and avocados can be strewn about to add color, texture, and then turn into a guacamole station once the party gets going!

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