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Escort cards vs. place cards. All this mumbo jumbo lingo in the world of weddings is getting you all confused and I bet you DO want to get to your big day to celebrate with all your family and friends. I bet you DO NOT want to spend time figuring out if you need escort cards or place cards and what the heck the difference is between the two. I’m here to help.

black and white escort cards

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champagne wedding escort cards
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escort card display

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escort card display

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More times than not these two terms are interchanged when prepping for a wedding as people believe they are one in the same, when in fact they are not. One ESCORTS your guests to their table, while the other helps your guests find their exact PLACE, or seat, at said table. Can you guess which is which? (I mean, I included as many hints as I could.)

On the regular, most wedding couples opt for escort cards and ditch the place cards. (More on why that is in next week’s post.) Escort cards are displayed during cocktail hour and while guests mingle they also stop by the escort card display to pick up their escort card with their names & table assignment. Once they arrive at that table, they are free to choose their particular seat.

wedding place card

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Saskia Place setting

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Place cards are displayed at each table and at a particular place setting before guests arrive, directing the guest to sit at a very specific seat.

RECAP: Escort cards get the guest to the table and place cards highlight their specific seat.

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