Four Ways to Banish Breakouts

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Breakout Tips

Let’s face it ladies, breakouts cramp everyone’s style.

The vast majority of the women who come to see me for help with their skin have a few things in common.
1) they’re breaking out.
2) they’re busy (ain’t nobody got time for bad skin).
3) they’re rockin’ their life (grinding at work or growing their biz, sharing their passions, and have a jam packed social life that slows down for no one).
4) they want to live their life with their held held high & would rather not have to be hiding any pimples.

While acne is incredibly multifaceted, here are 4 easy ways busy #girlbosses can banish biz related breakouts.

Breakout Tips

Tip #1: Stop touching yo face!

Next time you’re working take notice of where your hands are. Almost every woman I work with, whose job entails a lot of reading or computer time, says they’ll inevitably rest their head on their hands at least a few times a day. Working towards breaking this habit will help reduce exposure to bacteria & unconscious picking of current breakouts.

cell phone & lap top

Tip # 2: Wipe yo screen!

Our phones are filthy. Take a moment to really think about all the places we rest our phones and all that we touch before fiddling with them during the day. Now, think about where you place your phone when making a phone call. Right. On. Your. Face. Ick! I can almost always tell if someone uses their phone on their right or left side simply by analyzing the condition of their skin. Check out these super cute screen cleansing wipes for a stylish way to keep things clean.

wash hands for a cleaner face

Tip #3: Wash yo hands!

It seems simple really, but sometimes we get so busy during the day that we barely take a moment to breathe much less wash our hands. If you’ve been shaking lots of hands during meetings or touching lots of doorknobs while running from place to place, try to remember to take a quick wash break to reduce the amount of daily dirt & grime that might end up on your skin (especially, if you haven’t mastered tip 1 yet).

woman washing face

Tip #4: Wash yo face! A.S.A.Y.G.H.

(As Soon As You Get Home)
Let’s keep it real, no one’s perfect. Everyone has a day that is so busy that they completely crash before washing their face before bed. We know we shouldn’t, but it happens. How I personally avoid this potential breakout causing disaster is by washing my face as soon as I get home. Before I get something to eat, before I sit down, before I answer those last few emails, or pack up the day’s product orders. This way I can never let myself get soooo tired that I’m tempted to crawl into bed without a fresh face. Are you wondering what this aesthetician (who formerly struggled with a massive case of acne) uses to wash her face? My absolute FAVORITE cleansers which are quickly earning cult status amongst my skincare clients are Refreshing Daily Cleanser & Gentle Gel Cleanser. Have you tried either one yet?

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