Getting the Groom Involved

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Getting the Groom Involved

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A marriage is certainly a two way road and the road to that marriage certainly is too. While you create and plan the wedding of your dreams, some brides need more than just the ‘uh huh’ and the head nod when it comes to opinions and planning. We’ve got the best tips for getting the groom involved and before you know it, the two of you will be knocking out the wedding plans.

1. Writing Vows

These days more and more couples will write their own vows. Let him bring out his romantic side and surprise you with his words on the big day.

2. Choosing the Wine and Bar Menu

It’s hard to find a groom who isn’t interested in the wine and bar menu. If your groom is a wine or whiskey connoisseur, let him take charge of planning the wine and bar menus. Suggest he throws a wine tasting party with his friends or better yet, encourage him to create a signature drink for your wedding.

3. Ask Him to Help

While it might seem obvious, many brides feel the burden of wedding planning is all on them. If your groom hasn’t offered his help yet, it could mean he doesn’t know where to go or even if you want his help. Simply ask him to help and make sure to express you want to do this together as it’s the both of you getting married.

4. Giving Him a Project that Specializes in His Interests

Does your groom-to-be love carpentry? Is he the creative type? Whatever it is your boo loves to do or is interested in, give him a chance to fall in love with wedding planning by completing a project he will enjoy doing.

5. Relax Your Inner Control Freak

Deep breath. Wedding planning is stressful and when you’ve got the contribution of your groom, you need to listen and value his opinions and suggestions. Remember, it’s about compromise.

6. Support and Encourage His Ideas

Now that he is sharing ideas, don’t shoot them all down. See things from his perspective and what he envisions for the big day. Encourage him to share more because he could have the perfect idea you never would have thought of. Show him you support and care about his ideas by incorporating them into the wedding.

7. Don’t Overload Him with All of the Wedding Stuff

Ok, asking your groom a million questions right when he walks in the door is not the way to go about involving him. Find a time in the schedule where you can both sit down and dedicate it to just wedding planning. It will help keep your groom in the know without filling his head with too many wedding details.

8. Include Something Special for Him in the Wedding

Plan for something that is specifically for your groom on the big day. Find a creative way to make the wedding more personal and unique by including something he will absolutely love.

9. Put His Skills to Use

Can your groom handle a budget? Or is he good at negotiating? Whatever your groom’s natural skills are, find a way to put them to good use. If he’s great at managing a budget, hand him the reins – he’ll keep tabs on the budget and that’s a very vital role for wedding planning. Plus it gives him something to do with the wedding without putting him too far out of his comfort zone.

If he’s good at negotiating, put him on the phone with the vendors.

10. If All Else Fails, Food Always Works

Has any man ever turned down food? If you’re struggling to get your man involved, let him know he’s got a food tasting coming up. In fact, you could let him plan the whole menu, especially if he is a foodie. This way, you’ve got him involved and you’ve got one less thing to worry about!

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