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I LOVE Halloween. It is, by far, my favorite holiday. I love the creepiness of it, I love dressing up, I love candy, and I love scary movies (which are even that much more fun to watch around Halloween time!). In honor of this awesome holiday, I wanted to create a few looks that you can quickly tackle this Halloween season. Neither requires much of a costume, but both call for tons of fun in the makeup department! [Score.]

Before digging into all the bright colors, start simple by applying your everyday foundation, concealer and setting it all with powder. All finished? Now it’s time to work your magic!

Here are four easy steps to be on your way to bringing your favorite Lichtenstein artwork to life!


Choose a bright color for the eyelids – turquoise, yellow, fuchsia. The brighter the color, the better, as it will stand out once the makeup is complete. Line eyes with black gel liner or liquid liner. Apply false lashes.

Contour around the outer part of the face, under cheekbones, along the jawline, and along the nose. Fill in brows and exaggerate for more dimension. (If you want to emphasize the shadow of a comic book character, add a little more contouring along ONE SIDE). Add blush, and again, choose a brighter color like a wash of bright pink or sheer red.

Apply white dots. Pro Tip: Use the back of a small brush to get uniform dots. Use a white liquid, long-wearing face makeup and begin to create an ‘X’ grid of dots across the face. Complete the eye area, hairline and nose last as these areas call for more precision.

Apply red lip pencil and outline with black gel liner. Add a small dot of highlight on the top lip and a small line to the bottom lip on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the contour. The highlight will be on one side and the shadow on the other.

Grab you favorite little black dress (preferably one with dots) and you will definitely have the best (and the cutest!) costume at this year’s Halloween party.

Want another idea? Find me in the October issue of EMMA Magazine rockin’ out the Day of the Dead look. In four easy steps you could be rockin’ it, too!


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  6. I love this! Would love to pull this off for halloween this year. Could you share the products you use for the face paint and turquoise eye shadow? Thank you!

    1. Hi! So sorry I missed this and didn’t see it until now. But, here’s the info maybe for next year!

      All products were MAC // White Acrylic Paint* for dots // Aquadesiac Eye Shadow


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