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Custom Lipstain

What #girlboss doesn’t deserve her own custom lip color, right?!

Hi ladies! I’m SO excited to share a little bit about how & why I teamed up with Heidi of idieh design to create this perfect purple lip color.

After meeting Heidi at a charity makeup event, we decided to collaborate on creating a lip shade that matched her favorite nail color. It took almost a year to get the shade just right, but the wait was worth it!

After tons of experimentation and 11 test batches, we finally had a perfect match. My heart skipped a beat and it was a very happy day!

Working as an aesthetician and a makeup artist for over 12 years, I am constantly encountering women who struggle with skin sensitivities & dry lips (Heidi & myself included). The ingredients contained in most lip stains, even vegan ones,  can be absolutely appalling and I have passionately been trying to create a line of lip stains (as well as other skincare and makeup products) that combat these issues without using any harmful or toxic chemicals so prevalent today.

My Lovely Vegan Lip Stain is a natural, gluten free, organic, plant and mineral based lip color. It’s free of nasty parabens, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, and the harsh chemicals that are prevalent in most makeup today. It is my belief that it’s one of the healthiest lipsticks on the market.

For those of you that are label readers, here’s a list of all the good stuff it contains.

safflower oil, castor seed oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, mango seed butter, caprylic/capric triglyceride, carnauba wax, rice powder, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, iron oxide, mica, sodium hyaluronate.


If at the end of the ingredient list on your makeup it lists a color name or the word Lake followed by a number, you’re more than likely going to experience some sort of chapping and/or clogging around the lip line. These are synthetic dyes that I’ve seen prove problematic time and time again, even though they are approved by the FDA and are commonly included in products that say they are “natural”, “vegan”, & “cruelty free”.
(ex: Red 7 , Lake CI 15850:1, Yellow 5 )

This vibrant lip color will last all day (and night), is girly yet bold, and spunky yet super stylish. Every model I’ve applied this lip stain on has “Ooooo-ed” & “Ahhhhh-ed” about it & I swear it’ll brighten up even the gloomiest of days.

In case you were wondering what it looks like on other skin tones check out Audree and Mandy below.



I honestly don’t know what other shade could possibly be more perfect for Heidi’s individualism. It’s my hope that when wearing it she feels completely self-expressed as the passionately creative lovely lady she is, and that you’ll feel the same if you choose to wear it.

May you find that perfect signature shade for your pucker that makes you face your days fearlessly!

heidi close up & full length

Images of Heidi: makeup by SN Makeup Artist & photography by Michelle Herrick

Images of Audree & Mandy: makeup by ME & photography by Dream Photography Studio

Ciao for now, 


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