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Help Portrait brings together a community of photographers and makeup artists who volunteer their time to give back to their local community. It’s about helping those in need feel extra special for a day and recognize the beauty of who they are and what they have.


Stacey Woodward, a local Phoenix photographer & owner of Dream Photography Studio, is a woman with a very BIG heart. A few years back when she couldn’t find a local Help Portrait event in Phoenix to participate in, she decided to organize one herself. And, she’s continued to organize it every year since. I was lucky enough to connect with Stacey via social media this year and quickly jumped onboard to participate in this year’s Help Portrait event that took place in December.

No, I’m not a photographer, but I’ve always appreciated & recognized the value of photography and portraits. It made my heart explode to think about the meaning these photos would have for these families in the years to come. So, with no camera in hand, I walked in that day with all intentions of helping with makeup, but I quickly found a new task. There were a few girls doing hair and I immediately jumped in and became a hair stylist for a day.


What I witnessed throughout the day filled my heart to the brim. Professional photographers, makeup artists, and stylists (that’s me…hehehe) from around the valley gave up their Saturday to give back to those in need. Many of the families had never had a professional photograph taken and you could see it in their eyes how excited they were for this experience. (Remember that this was only one of hundreds of similar events happening around the world on the same day!)

Being a part of Help Portrait reminded me how much I love to volunteer and interact with others in need. It reminded me it’s not always enough to simply donate money to a cause, but to actually witness and touch the lives of those in need. Witnessing the women’s (& little girls’!) faces light up when they looked at themselves in a mirror after having their hair and makeup done was definitely a highlight of my day. You could immediately see their confidence soar.

This little one was so still as I curled her gorgeous hair, but the Frito’s might have had something to do with it.


Here is a sister duo who jumped at the opportunity to have their hair curled. Meet Rosie. She’s the little one on the right. {heart melts}


If you still aren’t convinced on the difference giving back can make, check out this amazing video by NoBox Films that captured the day beautifully.

I challenge you to get involved in your community and give back this year. How do you plan to give back? Leave your comments below as I am starting a series where I will be featuring organizations that make a difference.

All photos from my iPhone.


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