Letterpress Wedding in the Woods Stationery | Flagstaff, Ariz.

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Have you ever kept a secret? Like a REALLY big secret? A secret that you were bursting at the seams to share. One so big that it could change the course of your life. Like a purple unicorn secret. That’s the kind of secret Kim & West held onto before their wedding.

All their guests knew was that they were to be in Flagstaff on the day of the wedding, and they would all be transported by bus to a secret location. Say what?! They kept their wedding location a secret from their friends and family up until their wedding day. That’s like celebrity wedding status!!

I couldn’t have been more pumped to create their wedding in the woods letterpress stationery for such a special couple with a fun secret.

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods Stationery

The pre-wedding stationery included the invitation, response card and extra insert, all using my own painting and hand writing!

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

To top it all off, we created a custom photo envelop liner featuring Kim & West. How gorgeous do they look in the natural environment that would soon be their ceremony location?!

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

The light and airy escort cards combined a classic, yet youthful addition to the display surrounded by greenery.

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods  Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

Some of the things that make my heart pitter-patter on wedding days are the little details that help brand the celebration for each unique couple. These “Drink Up!” signs were so fun to create bringing together the different fonts from the pre-wedding stationery into the day-of details.

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods  Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

More of the day-of stationery including the menu and table numbers featured the floral design seen in the invitations. How whimsical!

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

Can we just talk about these “Thank You S’more” dessert tags?? I think I need those treats in my life right now. Anyone else? Yum!

Letterpress Wedding in the Woods

As a stationery designer, my goal is to create an experience for my couples and guests through paper! How’d I do?! Thank you to Mike Olbinski for the amazing photos!

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