Music, Makeup & Mayhem | Vol. 13

Heidi Moore • M3

Each Monday, I bring you the jams I’m rocking out to (music), what I can’t live without in the world of cosmetics, hair products, and clothing (makeup), and my recap of last week’s daily happenings (mayhem)


MUSIC (weekly jams)

This week’s playlist is inspired by the amazing talent that was on this season’s The Voice. Four of the five songs selected were sang by the top 3 finalist. And, I couldn’t leave out Celine Dion’s new song in collaboration with Ne-yo, “Incredible,” which they sang in the finale. What’s this I hear? Usher will be back for Season 6 of The Voice? Be still my heart. Oh, and I added a bonus this week to ring in the New Year from A Great Big World’s latest album.

MAKEUP (what I can’t live without)


I would like to introduce you to the Invisible Children organization & the apparel, jewelry and other goods they are selling online. Since 1987, Joseph Kony has abducted over 30,000 children in central Africa and forced them to be child soldiers in his LRA. Invisible Children exists to end the LRA conflict permanently. You can give back by shopping their online store. Your purchase will help fund their mission of civilian protection and rehabilitation of children abducted by the LRA. I was introduced to this organization just this Christmas when my BF gifted me these super awesome bracelets. Go check out their story and see if you can help.

MAYHEM (weekly recap)

It’s crazy to think that the holidays are almost over. Here’s a recap from my week:

1. With the new year quickly approaching, many are full of excitement and eager of what’s to come in the coming year. As a business owner, you strive to always think positive and have high hopes, but let’s be honest, not all days are rainbows and unicorns. That’s why this little reminder will be my desktop background for the first quarter to keep things in perspective.

2. I decided to start the BIG purge and was quickly overwhelmed with my collection of scarves. I decided to sell my items online. If interested, follow my feed @TimeToPurgeHeidi.

This coming week is about planning for 2014 and getting ready to make shit happen. Who’s with me?

Now, it’s time to crank up the jams as everyone deserves to start the week off right with a dance party.

You must have a Spotify account to enjoy the music. If you don’t, go sign up now. It’s awesome & FREE!


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