Music, Makeup & Mayhem | Vol. 15

Heidi Moore • M3

Each Monday, I bring you the jams I’m rocking out to (music), what I can’t live without in the world of cosmetics, hair products, and clothing (makeup), and my recap of last week’s daily happenings (mayhem)


MUSIC (weekly jams)

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Notice any correlation between the jams chosen this week? They were all heard either during the Super Bowl or in the commercials. Tell me where each one came from and you win a HUGE high five.

MAKEUP (what I can’t live without)


How adorable is the Silver Paper Plane necklace reminding you to let your imagination soar? Or, this Silver Bliss Bar helping you find your perfect balance of happiness? These gems came across my Instagram feed this weekend and I was immediately drawn in. Heart Yourself was founded by Jenny Strebe, author of the popular blog, Confessions of a Hairstylist. When Jenny launched her hair blog in 2012, she wanted to share her passion for hair and inspire other women to feel better about themselves. Jenny witnessed first-hand how women were feeling more confident by learning something as simple as how to style their hair. Jenny decided to extend her passion for building women’s self-esteem in other ways and conceived the idea of “Heart Yourself”, jewelry designs to inspire women to feel their best and have constant reminders that they are beautiful and loved.

Portions of the proceeds from each sale go to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping empower women through the services of the Jewell McFarland Lewis-Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center. Go check out this gorgeous jewelry that says so much in the most simplistic way. LOVE.

MAYHEM (weekly recap)

Last week was spent getting caught up from being gone for four days at ALT Summit. I will be sharing more details about what I learned, but in the meantime, here’s one piece of advice that really hit home with me.

If you missed my fashion show while at the conference, you’ll quickly see I have a thing for pink (that I didn’t even realize). Whether it be tights, this dress, or this dress.

Arizona Bride released their Spring/Summer 2014 magazine and idieh design was featured with an invitation suite that uses fearless fonts & playful patterns.

Are you a small business owner and looking to take your brand to the next level? Make sure to enter my Brand Consultation Giveway. Hurry! The contest ends soon.

Now, it’s time to crank up the jams as everyone deserves to start the week off right with a dance party.


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