Music, Makeup & Mayhem | Vol. 16

Heidi Moore • M3

Each Monday, I bring you the jams I’m rocking out to (music), what I can’t live without in the world of cosmetics, hair products, and clothing (makeup), and my recap of last week’s daily happenings (mayhem)


MUSIC (weekly jams)

Love jams for everyone in honor of Valentine’s Day this week. No matter if your single, starting a relationship, getting out of one, or happily in love, these tunes are sure to make your heart smile.

MAKEUP (what I can’t live without)

bando Honestly, the fabulous products speak for themselves. And, I thought it was very fitting to feature all of this fabulousness during the week that is so full of hearts, love and good vibrations. I recently got my hands on the heart hair clip and the adorable heart necklace, but next on my list are these bobby pins that are too good to be true. I mean, you could totally know my mood before even talking to me. If you are feeling super sweet (and want me to sport the “RAD” bobby pin) , yes, I would love ANYTHING in their shop. (he he he)

MAYHEM (weekly recap)

Seriously, where do the days.weeks.months.years go?! Since A LOT of that time is spent working we might as well find something we love to do. Here’s my best advice.

Did you enter CupcakeMAG and Tori Spelling’s ediTORIal HUGE Valentine Giveaway?! Not only are there fabulous brands represented, BUT idieh design is one of them!! Enter to win three of the mini brain dump notepads from the idieh shop.

Did you join the fight against heart disease and sport your red last week for National Wear Red Day? Find out why it’s an organization very dear to my heart.

I reached 1,000 followers on Instagram. YAY! Even if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I want to simply thank you for reading my blog. This little community I’m so lucky to be a part of makes my little heart beam. Love you all!

Now, it’s time to crank up the jams as everyone deserves to start the week off right with a dance party.

You must have a Spotify account to enjoy the music. If you don’t, go sign up now. It’s awesome & FREE!


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