Music, Makeup & Mayhem | Vol. 18

Heidi Moore • M3

Each Monday, I bring you the jams I’m rocking out to (music), what I can’t live without in the world of cosmetics, clothing, and art (makeup), and my recap of last week’s daily happenings (mayhem)


MUSIC (weekly jams)

The Voice is BACK! But, that’s not the best part. The most exciting thing of all of this is that U-S (pause) H-E-R (pause) R-A (pause) Y-M (pause) O-N-D is back. EEK! Mondays just got a hell of a lot better. This week’s jams is brought to by a few of my faves from the judges themselves (with a bonus from my man). Please note: If you aren’t in the baby making mood, go ahead and skip the last selection.

MAKEUP (what I can’t live without)


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While fashion and makeup are always fun to talk about, I’ve decided to bring another passion into this weekly feature: ART. It’s always such a place of inspiration and this little gem just happened to cross my path today. Two New York City-based graphic designers created this typographic poster series for a scholarship program. Check out the other half and the inspiration behind the series here.

MAYHEM (weekly recap)

Did you see the sneak peek of a new product I will be launching very, very soon? So excited for this one.

I’m so excited to announce the winners of my Brand Consultation Giveaway. Go congratulate them all! Such heartfelt entries.

Having trouble focusing on your daily to-dos? Take some advice from Little Hip Squeaks and get you hands on a mini task list notepad. STAT. An office must-have that’s stylish, practical AND motivational.

Now, it’s time to crank up the jams as everyone deserves to start the week off right with a dance party.

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