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Something we’ve been working on for a while is adding new personalities and perspectives to our blog. The day is finally here and we have some faces to introduce you to as new blog contributors! You’ll see their posts weekly on what’s the big idieh? so here is a little intro into the newest idieh rockstars:

Mollie Sheperdson / Fashion

I’m a Midwestern girl currently living out my dreams in NYC. I grew up with a keen eye for style, and with the encouragement of friends and family, A Stylish Side Project was born. When I’m not blogging, I’m working my day job in corporate retail. A few of my favorite things (besides fashion, of course) are my dog Daisy, rose macarons, Pure Barre, and coffee.

Fashion Blogger | Brand Blogger

Sami Davis / Home Decor, Parties, Organization and Business 

Hi there! I’m Sami Davis – Blogger, DIY-er, Paper Lover, & Ice Cream Addict. I currently reside in SoCal, ​taking advantage of the too-good-to-be-true weather and jumping up to travel at every chance I get. My blogging adventure just started this year with The Unexpected Type, a place where I started to share my design tips, recipes, & unexpected projects after launching a career in Fashion PR. Sharing moments with readers and watching inspiration strike is one of the greatest things to experience—I can only hope to stay on the same path and keep creating! I’m beyond excited and humbled to be a part of the what’s the big idieh? contributor team and can’t wait to see what this adventure holds!

Party Blogger | Stationery Blogger

Maureen Luyun / Style, Beauty and Lifestyle 

My name is Maureen and I’m a writer, traveler, and brunch enthusiast laughing way too loudly in Texas. If I’m not voraciously turning the pages of the latest celebrity memoir or an empowering entrepreneurial read, I’m probably learning a new skill for a DIY project. I took a detour from teaching high school English to pursue a career in online media and graphic design, and I’ve written for Brit + Co and Bustle. I’m is always on the hunt for the next story to tell or the latest beauty product to try. I wholeheartedly believe in sending handwritten notes, and my obsession with stationery and paper goods is out of control. Shopping (online and off) is my cardio, and like Kanye West once tweeted, sometimes I get emotional over fonts.

Beauty Blogger | Stationery Blogger

Amanda Oliver / Organization 

Hey ya’ll! I’m Amanda, a late 20-something woman living in the Southeast with big dreams and an entrepreneurial spirit. I love organizing, fashion, travel, reading, my puppy and current events. If I ever won the lottery, I would spend it traveling the world (after I paid off my hefty law school loans). By day, I work as an executive director of a non-profit, but by night I blog over at The Color Coded Life. My blog is where I try to manage all the areas of my crazy journey in life with color coding. I hope my enthusiasm for all my different passions shines through to inspire, organize and help you enjoy your life as well! I’m so excited to be a weekly contributor here at the idieh design blog and hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Organization Blogger | Design Blogger

Rachel Eskandari / Art 

Hey Everyone! My name is Rachel and I am a fine artist living in Phoenix, AZ. I specialize in a variety of painting mediums; watercolor, acrylic, gouache and oil. After graduating with a bachelor of fine arts I explored a number of different career paths that eventually led me back to what I love doing the most; painting. In 2014  I took a leap of faith and started Pink Puddle Studio to pursue my artwork and creative passions, full-time.  I can’t put a price tag on waking up each morning knowing that I am able to throw paint on a canvas for a living.  My painting style is whimsical with a touch of edge and I enjoy combining figures with a variety of different elements. Being a pinterest fanatic has really inspired me to explore my subject matter. I am eager to learn and find adventures where they are least expected to be found.  Two thoughts I always try to keep present are to live in the moment (I still struggle with this) and fight for what you love in life. It is difficult to put into words what a whirlwind this journey has been for me so far, and to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for all the peanut butter cups in the world!

Art Blogger | Design Blogger

Emily Smith / Fashion, Home Decor

Emily Smith is a fashion blogger based in the suburbs of beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Her fashion blog Lovely Deseret is known for it’s classy, modest looks that are never lacking in the sparkle dept! Emily remembers the exact moment she found “her people” when she accidentally stumbled upon her first blogging event a year ago; she’s been blogging ever since! Emily graduated from the Advertising Program at Brigham Young University. At 21-years-old she volunteered 18 months as an LDS missionary in Guatemala where she served the people, shared her beliefs, and learned to love all things black beans and Spanish. After that she married the cutest guy ever in the Manti Temple (look it up, it looks like a castle!) 2 years ago this April! Emily now works remotely for a naming firm in San Francisco called Eat My Words while her husband is studying to be a high school teacher and football coach. In her free time Emily enjoys anything creative, usually including one or all of the following: spray painting anything gold, hanging out with her 5 sisters, eating candy, and of course blogging! Emily’s dream is to continue working from home as a freelance creative while raising her future kids (hopefully in a cute little home they build together where she can decorate, throw little get-togethers, and turn a spare room into a dream closet) and continue her fashion blogging.


Breanna Thomas / Beauty, Skin, Makeup

Hi, I’m Breanna! For well over a decade I’ve been enhancing the lives of women one fabulous face at a time. My wish is for all women to have complete confidence in themselves, feel pretty, radiate, and absolutely LOVE their skin. While makeup is tons of fun & you’ll certainly find me sharing my top tips & tricks for creating stunning color combos and some of the loveliest looks, my goal is always to empower women to enhance their true beauty rather than feeling need to cover it up. I’m a Licensed Aesthetician, Professional Make-Up Artist, Eye Brow Design Expert, owner of the boutique skincare practice Healthy Skin AZ, and creator of the soon to launch natural yet remarkably effective skin care & makeup line… Breanna Thomas HEALTHY SKIN AND BEAUTY. I’m a firm believer that a large component of healthy skin & radiant beauty comes from within. Anyone who’s met with me for in-office skincare visits, makeup applications, long distance consultations, or taken any of my classes knows that healthy diet, stress management, overall health, wellness, and fitness tips will most defintiely be shared. These are all vastly important contributing factors to one’s inner & outer glow. Most of the women I work with are still dealing with periodically problematic skin while at the same time starting to notice the signs of aging. I couldn’t be more passionate about helping women achieve the skin of their dreams by focusing on true skin health, because healthy skin is beautiful!

head shot peach dress 2_Breanna_low

Look out for posts from these all-star contributors throughout the week on what’s the big idieh? !


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