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Faith of This Love Weddings, a wedding planning company in the Twin Cities, contacted idieh design with hopes of a brand overhaul, including the launch of a new name. Faith was feeling disconnected from her current brand and was struggling to attract her core audience. She wanted to infuse more of herself in her brand presence. And, while she knew the emotion and feeling she wanted it to exude, she wasn’t sure how to get there. After an intensive design process that asked the hard questions causing Faith to dig deep, we discovered many “ah-has” along the way. From refining her proposed color palette, to realizing her love for hand lettering, and, with a bit of resistance, realizing she had to go a little outside of her comfort zone, we ended on a solution that wasn’t anything close to what Faith had envisioned in the beginning, yet she couldn’t have wished for a better solution in the end.

I asked Faith to tell me about her branding experience and why she chose idieh design:

I can honestly say there’s no brand similar, locally and nationally to what I created with Heidi of idieh design–it’s truly “me”. It’s fresh, clean, airy, polished, vibrant, and unique. Not only did I rebrand but I also reintroduced my brand under a new name. It was amazing how she was able to rise up to the challenge to create a brand and site for “This Love” without incorporating hearts yet invoking a heartfelt feeling. Heidi could see my love for hand-lettering and thought to bring elements of it into the life of my brand. As a result of her work my brand has placement in the minds of wedding professionals I love working. Within 3 days of launching the new brand and site I received an inquiry from my ideal couple (an out of state couple hosting their wedding day at a premier Twin Cities venue)! Heidi is undoubtedly creative and her constant feedback throughout the process allowed me to visualize (and obtain) my ideal couple.

Thank you, Faith, for trusting in me and, let’s not forget, you are the sweetest to boot.


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