Social Media Spring Cleaning [Part 1]

Amanda Oliver • branding

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Any savvy #girlboss knows that utilizing social media effectively is crucial to her success.

In my multi-part “Spring Clean Your Social Media” series, I am going to showcase the best ways to ensure your social media is doing the heavy lifting for you. Because who has the time to spend hours upon hours working on social media when there are a million other tasks to get done? Organizing your social media from the ground up will make sure you take your creativity to the next level.

So where do you start?

While you may think you should start with the programs or apps that allow you to post to several social platforms at once (and yes, these are awesome), the best place to start is to actually define your social media audience.

Who are you talking to when you tweet? Who follows you on Instagram? Who’s pinning your Pinterest images? You want to make sure you know and understand your audience so you can maximize your impact.

Flowers, rose. Beautiful, pink bouquet in the pot

Are you a blogger who is looking to reach other women who love sustainable fashion? Or are you an artist looking to showcase your work via your website? Or maybe you’re channeling your DIY love for a side job in making over furniture?

Whoever you are (which, if you’re reading idieh design means you are already an awesome woman!), figure out who is the ideal type of person you want to reach. Bust out that old school pen and paper and write out words or descriptions of that person (and I know a certain awesome website that sells fabulous pads of paper here and here).

You may envision your audience as:

  • Female
  • Mid-20’s to mid-30’s
  • Loves interior design
  • Loves dogs
  • Colorful
  • etc.

You can ask yourself questions like:

  • Is your “type” someone in a certain generation (i.e. millenial) or a stage of life (i.e. newly married)?
  • What are their passions?
  • Fears?
  • Insecurities?
  • Likes?
  • Dislikes?
  • Are they visual learners or do they prefer long written content?
  • Are they dog or cat lovers? (hey – you never know what might be important to someone! hahaha)
  • Do they want paragraphs or full sentences or just lists of information?
  • What would motivate them to come to your website or buy your product? (i.e. what do you bring to the table?)

Once you’ve figured out WHO you want to reach, then you need to look at what these people are already doing.

(Some helpful additional questions you can ask about your target audience can be found here, here, and if you run a business – here).


Flowers, rose. Beautiful, pink bouquet in the pot

Do this by googling the topics that you identified above, look for blogs or websites that cover them, search for Google+ groups, or Twitter accounts or Instagram hashtags that have to do with what you figured out above is important to your “type.”

The important part of this step is to see where your audience IS and where it ISN’T. This will help us down the road to streamline your social media. But the most important thing to do is look for where your “type” is and then follow where they lead. See what they are sharing or posting or pinning. Look at the websites that seem to get the most love from your ideal audience. Check out the hashtags. Join the groups that speak to your “type” and take part in the discussions.

By taking this step to find out what matters to your audience, you will be setting yourself up for killer success once we finish spring cleaning your social media! I know this all may seem like a ton of work now – but trust me, you will end up making your social media significantly more effective in the long run, meaning you have more time to follow your dreams!

Until next week!


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