Spreading Holiday Cheer Is Good For Your Health

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Holiday Cheer

While the holidays can be fun and full of excitement and happiness, they can also be stressful and bring us down  in the dumps for a variety of reasons.

Even if money or time is tight, the best way to get into the spirit of the season and boost your mood is to be charitable.

Science has shown that when we give back or are generous, the pleasure centers in our brain light up. Even better? This same research showed it’s not the amount you give, but the mere action of giving that creates this response. In the study, the people who gave $5 were just as happy as the people who gave $20.

So how can you tap into this well of happiness? By spreading a little holiday goodness wherever you go!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite ways, at a range of costs:

(1) Pay for the Starbucks/coffee for the driver behind you in the morning.

(2) When you get that $5 giftcard from Target for purchasing certain items, go back into the store and tape it on a toy for someone to find and enjoy later.

(3) Pick a friend you miss being in contact with and write them a letter or long Facebook message.

(4) Clear out your old sheets and towels by taking them to the local animal shelter.

These are only the ones I have done lately, but there are so many more you can do!

Be sure to check out websites like RandomActsofKindness.org for ideas and inspiration. What better way to celebrate the holidays, then to pay a little love forward?

Have any other great ideas to spread holiday cheer? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!

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