Spring Cleaning Your Social Media [Part 2]

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Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to my multi-part series on Spring Cleaning Your Social Media!

If you haven’t checked out Part 1, you should do that first 🙂

And in case we haven’t met before, I’m Amanda and I blog over at The Color Coded Life.

On to today’s topic!

Flowers, rose. Beautiful, pink bouquet in the pot

After last week, we should now know who we want to target with our Social Media as well as where our fabulous ideal audience hangs out. Now we want to look at how we can find more of our dream buyers/readers/etc. on whichever platform (or multiple platforms) that they frequent the most.

There are two main ways to do this and, whether you choose to do both or just one, either of them can help you both find your audience and track what they like and don’t like of what you post, tweet or share online.

Flowers, rose. Beautiful, pink bouquet in the pot

All forms of social media have search features where you can key in a specific topic and it will find other people who share your interest. Facebook has the most advanced version of this and can be extremely helpful when finding your audience. Using this method of the search function allows for you to potentially target these people by liking their posts or following their tweets.


Flowers, rose. Beautiful, pink bouquet in the pot

Many social media platforms have apps developed specifically to track, find and analyze your potential audience:

FOR TWITTER – numerous websites recommend FollowerWonk

  • According to the Social Media Examiner, this app, “allows users to search Twitter bios (or Twitter profiles) by keywords. It helps build influencer lists for engagement at a later time. So if you search ‘technology editor,’ the tool will pick up any profiles mentioning this phrase in an easy-to-consume list for simple identification.”

FOR INSTAGRAM – one that I use and love is Iconosquare

  • This app allows you to, “Promote your Instagram account across other social networks with feed tabs or photo widgets, [m]anage your community and their comments on a user-friendly platform, [a]nalyze your activity through professional statistics, [and e]ngage your community with photo contests [because you can s]etup, promote, moderate, monitor and publish results of an Instagram contest all within Iconosquare.”
  • Basically, its an all-in-one program for working with and finding your followers on this photographic medium

FOR PINTEREST – there are a number of excellent apps, categorized by Lilach Bullock over at the HeyYo blog (although, sadly, none are free).

  • Her favorites include:
    • Tailwind (formerly Pinreach) – which calculates a Pinterest score for you as well as provides you with a daily list of trending members and pins.
    • Piqora – this app allows you to start a promotion on Pinterest and then track your results and analytics, as well as manage your Pinterest content. Even better, they have a feature called Pinner360, “that helps you identify your most influential pinners, [and] your brand advocates as well as who engages the most with you.”
    • Reachli – lastly, this app also allows you to follow the analytics of your Pinterest promotions and content so you can see where you are having the most impact. They also have a special feature that allows you to promote your pins outside of your regular network.

Be sure to check back next week as we continue to Spring Clean Your Social Media and make it as amazing as you are!





P.S. Today is my dad’s birthday and I just wanted to give him a quick shoutout! I love you, Dad!


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