Sweet Summers of Strawberry Shortcake

Rachel Eskandari • art food

strawberry shortcake

When I think of summer in Arizona, I think HOT! And what is better than a strawberry shortcake to cool you down?!

This dessert brings me back to my summers in Kansas. I spent many of my childhood summers at my Grandma’s house and she made dessert for us every night.  Strawberries and cool whip were involved in many of those delightful treats.

In no way would I say I am a cook, but I do like to think I have a learned a thing or two about baking. I look at baking as another creative outlet.  Many people don’t know that I love to bake and I especially love anything involving cool whip and fruit.

I combine angel food cake, fresh strawberries, and a whole bunch of cool whip to make my strawberry shortcake. It really is a simple dessert.

Cool whip and angel food cake are lighter than using whipped cream and a biscuit like cake. If I want to get really adventurous I scoop on some vanilla ice cream! Yum!!

What summer sweet do you love to eat?! Does strawberry shortcake make the list?

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