6 Steps To Clear Your Pet’s Clutter

Amanda Oliver • DIY

6 Steps To Clear Your Pet's Clutter

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am officially obsessed with my dog. (You can really see the obsession on my Instagram.) But, in my defense, look at this cuteness and tell me if you wouldn’t be too! As much as this ball of sassy sweetness warms my heart, the mess and clutter that come from having a pet does not. Here are 6 simple steps to help you get your pet’s mess in order and make you a happy owner! (1) FIND A SPECIFIC HOME FOR ALL THEIR STUFF Select a location to house all of your pet’s items – food, toys, treats, clothes (hey – don’t judge – she is a fashionista!). It doesn’t matter WHERE it is, so long as it is all in one location. Currently for us, it is in the cabinet under the kitchen counter. (2) GATHER UP THEIR THINGS Go around your house, condo, or … Read More