Wedding Lovely | Wedding Stationery Feature

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Wedding Lovely Stationery Designer Feature

You guys. As a beaming bride, with less than two months until I get to say “I Do” to my forever guy, I know first hand that wedding planning can be SUPER overwhelming. With so many components, and never-ending checklists, the only way to stay sane is through my Get Shit Done Notepad, and planning sites like Wedding Lovely to keep my head on straight. If you haven’t seen their site, stop reading and go look. Now. To top it off, they decided to interview me for a feature as one of their fave wedding stationers on their blog! How rad, right?! We chatted all things wedding stationery, from my favorite color combo… To some of my most unique stationery sets… To my advice for brides… You’ll just have to check out the blog post for the major down low! And no, I don’t mean like how low Usher gets on the … Read More

3 Steps + 15 Minutes to a More Peaceful Bedroom

Amanda Oliver • girlboss lifestyle

3 Steps + 15 Minutes to a More Peaceful Bedroom

  Your bedroom is supposed to be a sacred place. A place where you go to relax, decompress, and fall asleep peacefully and smoothly. . .Buuuuut, how many of us have a bedroom that is crowded with stuff, from the multiple versions of outfits we tried on that morning, to random things that were placed there because we had no where else to put them? Having a cluttered bedroom is bad on your psyche. From the moment you wake up, it’s like a little injection of stress right as you are starting your day. It leaves you feeling tense and can play out throughout the rest of your waking hours. So the best thing to do would be to clean it, right? Except by the time we get home, we are exhausted, we just want to eat and watch some Shark Tank/America’s Next Top Model/Scandal before falling face down in … Read More

Make Over Your To Do List in An Unheard of Way

Amanda Oliver • girlboss

Make Over Your To Do List in An Unheard of Way

  A website I often quote over at The Color Coded Life is The Muse. They offer amazing career search and job information, as well as listings of insanely awesome jobs that I rarely see anywhere else. I get their weekly emails and awhile back, one of them talked about how you could revamp your To Do list in a “mind blowing” way (their word). Obviously, with that kind of title, I had to check it out. If you couldn’t tell from the name of my personal blog, I love everything organized and in it’s place. And I am a HUGE fan of To Do lists. Mine are often color coded (depending on whether it’s a work item, life item, bill, etc) as well as organized into different sections. However, I often suffer from the always-adding-never-crossing-off syndrome. This has the effect of making my To Do list seem like a … Read More

7 Quick & Simple Steps to Organize Your Mind

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7 Quick & Simple Steps to Organize Your Mind

 “I was always hurtling headlong through the day, checking things off my to-do list, constantly picturing completion . . . Only, when I reached that ineffable . . . whatever . . . would I be totally satisfied.” Does that quote (from the book 10% Happier) sound familiar? When I first read it, I underlined it, starred it and wrote, “YES! THIS” next to it. That was how much that quote resonated with how I moved through life. But if doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be constantly on that knife-edge of anxiety with your never-ending to-do list and demands of your job, family and others. You CAN actually find some zen in your life and not feel as though you are constantly “hurtling” through your day. This may all sound a little woo-woo to you – but hear me out. I promise, I used to … Read More

Taking the Perfect Shelfie!

Sami Davis • lifestyle

Hello Lovelies! Sami from The Unexpected Type here to chat all about the shelfie! What the heck is a shelfie?! Your bookshelf, taking a selfie (sometimes your desk, too!). Having your bookshelves looking extra chic is becoming a priority for interior designers… and the next social media obsessed girl. (Me, me!) I’m a book nerd, so I love the idea of taking time to organize all my fashion books and accentuate how beautiful the covers already are with fun props and goodies. I’m bringing three must-know tips and some inspiration photos for creating your own perfect #shelfie along with some great picks to complete your fancy new look! Read on, designerista’s. 1. Develop a color scheme If you’re having trouble on where to start and how everything is going to go together, start with whipping out a color wheel. You can go monochromatic, which would be sticking with 3-4 tones … Read More

4 Epic Email Tricks For The On-the-Go #GirlBoss

Amanda Oliver • branding

I know for many of us, there are not enough hours in the day to deal with everything we want to do. On the outside, we radiate #girlboss, but it can be a struggle to keep up with everything we have going on. Personally, between my job, yoga, my blog and doing everything I can to help my child husband get through medical school – I could use a life assistant! Especially when it comes to all the emails I get for each of these areas of my life. However, if you’re like me and are saddled with those oh so lovely student loans and other realities, hiring someone to help you out isn’t really feasible. BUT, I’ve discovered four epic email tricks that will be like having your own virtual assistant, but for much less! Background: Have you ever looked at a text message, meant to respond and then … Read More