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Over the past few months, idieh design has had the pleasure of collaborating with Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar and the non-profit, The Rescue Train, on a very unique venture to give the gift of love and life to animals facing euthanasia at city shelters. The Rescue Train is a no kill organization that is dedicated to education and to eliminating animal suffering and euthanasia in Los Angeles. The program, The Gift of Love, offers wedding registry, wedding favors, and gifts of life to save animals in lieu of couples registering for the typical wedding gifts such as kitchen products, etc.

idieh design collaborated with the team to develop a brand for the program, including the logo, the overall look of the website, the wedding favors, gift cards, and registry cards.

Whether you are a bride and groom looking for a meaningful wedding favor or a wedding guest looking for a gift that the newlyweds will never forget, check out

And what better time than now for my new puppy (he’s only 3 months!) to make his blog debut. I adopted him from the Arizona Humane Society on February 18 when he was only 8 weeks old. Meet Trey. (Fun Fact: He’s named after Trey Songz. We originally tried for Usher but Trey was NOT feeling it.) He helps me work (or rather distracts me from it) and loves to play. And yes, those ears. We’re not sure he will every grow into them.

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  1. Heidi, did you ever have a dog growing up? I don’t know if I could love an animal…

    Love the design and the mission of these efforts. I’m glad there are other people in the world to rescue animals.

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